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Fritti (pizza) - ATL

>1 fritto misto, 2 pizzas, two glasses of wine $90 with tip.<

Yow! I've dropped $50 bucks or more before at Fritti but that was a pizza, an app and LOTS of drinks. I've also gone in by myself and had a pizza, an app and drinks for much less than that. What wines did you order? Was that misto a special or are you referring to the Insalata Mista which is only $7 (yes, I'm looking at their menu online)?

My experience has been mainly at the bar and I have found the pizza to be a good example of Neopolitan-style pizza. They vary a bit in quality but always enjoyable. Certainly not life-changing but I think it is definitely one of, if not the best option intown that I have found so far (I still haven't been to Baraonda which also gets raves). The Funghi Fritti is wonderful also (think calamari but with criminis and portobellos and a drizzle of truffle oil). Plus, you have the option of supplementing your meal with items from the Sotto Sotto menu. If you are looking for cheesy New York-style pizza this is not the place but both restaurants are definitely worth a visit.

Triangle Veg Society Thanksgiving feast

Yes! I was just telling someone about this earlier today. A truly wonderful experience and I heartily recommend it for anyone (unless you absolutely have to have turkey or ham on Thanksgiving). I went several years ago when I was still living in Chapel Hill and loved it. I don't apologize for being a carnivore at times but do not feel the need to have meat either and this satisfied all aspects of what I want in a meal. Plus, it was not full of fake meats - tofurkey, quorn, etc. - but a wonderful array of hearty and flavorful vegan offerings. The place was packed and atmosphere was festive. I left stuffed and and my only regret was that my girlfriend and I had committed to another more conventional gathering later in the day. This was all we really needed to celebrate Thanksgiving.- good food, good company and a sense of community. By all means go. I just wish there was something close to this in Atlanta where I live now.

Charlotte: Flying Biscuit Cafe - No Bueno

Not surprising considering the original Flying Biscuit in Candler Park pales in comparison to what it has been in years gone by. The love is just not there like it used to be. Maybe it's too much concentration on formulating franchise-able recipes, or that it's resting on its laurels (like many long-loved dining institutions) but it's just not what it used to be. This is even more apparent in the outposts. These days, when you get down to it, they are just another breakfast joint. Their vegetarian offerings and variations on the standards were sorely lacking in Atlanta when they opened, plus the quality of their biscuits was wonderful, but those things are not so unique anymore. Also, a large part of the appeal was the atmosphere and neighborhood feel of the original and that is hard to replicate in a franchise. I wish them luck and hope they do well because even as they are, they are a much better option than the local Denny's but I can't imagine that they will be able to recreate the experience of the original that spawned it in the new locations.