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Best Pizza in Portland Is?

Coming to Portland and looking for some great pizza. Where should I go?

Sep 06, 2008
skiptown in Pacific Northwest

Sunday brunch in the Tri-Cities: a forlorn hope?

Andys is good food and there is also the Sandstone Cafe in Kennewick and McGills in Pasco. Both serve big portions and great food. Another place is the Coffe Nook in Kenewick but it gets pretty crowded as it is small and very poplular.

Aug 28, 2008
skiptown in Pacific Northwest


The place is called LaFama and the food is great. Three bucks buys a torta that is a meal in itself. They also have a secon one near 4th & court stree just off the freeway.Pasco has many really good trucks to eat from also.

Dec 15, 2007
skiptown in Pacific Northwest

Tri-Cities Update, Anyone?

The Mexican place you are thinking of is called LaFama. Great tortas. They also have a taco truck near 4th and Court in Pasco. Pasco has most of the taco truck foor here and it is almost all good. There are a few Mexican food places serving authentic breakfast that is very good. Anthonys is the most overrated place in town. Bonefish Grill is good for fish. For great Mexican food at at great price go to Keiko's in Kennewick , muy bueno. Thai Spice on Clearwater in Kennewick is a great Thia place.

Jul 22, 2007
skiptown in Pacific Northwest