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Bones for bone broth?

I'm doing Paleo and trying to make bone broth. Which bones do you use and where do you find bones from grass-fed beef? If you are in the Bay Area, could you recommend a source?

Aug 08, 2012
claireaguilar in Special Diets

Filipino food - best around the bay?

I went to Baby's Eatery and Palabok this weekend for turo-turo (take-out) after reading about it on Yelp. It's tiny, can barely stand in front of the counter, but they had lots of good things to eat. I settled on a combination of pinakbet (vegetable stew of green beans, squash, bitter melon, eggplant, in a tomato/shrimp paste sauce) and dinuguan (pork blood stew with garlic, vinegar and chili). And also got an okoi (shrimp and bean sprout fritter) and lumpia (spring roll) to go. Everything was delicious. Especially the dinuguan, which had nice chunks of pork - not alot of inside stuff, but great sauce. The okoi was crisp and flavorful, and they provided small containers of garlic vinegar as a condiment. It was a little initmidating to be there - the staff wasn't too friendly - although they were all munching on freshly fried turons (fried bananas covered in caramel syrup) - I wouldn't recommend eating there (there are only about 4 tables and it is very crowded), but to go it only set me back $9. No tummy rumbles, and it wasn't overly greasy.

Baby's Eatery and Palabok
4609 Mission Street (between Norton St. & San Juan Ave)
San Francisco 94112 (Excelsior)

How is "Niman Ranch" pronounced?

It's always been bugging me. Is it a long "I", or pronounced "Neeman" Ranch?
Just had a great crispy taco last weekend at the Primavera stand at the Ferry Building, with Niman Ranch beef brisket.

May 23, 2008
claireaguilar in Not About Food

Chinese banquet place in Chinatown for 15?

Thanks, all. Perhaps we will forgo the Chinese banquet in Chinatown, and take a short trip to the Peninsula. Does everyone recommend Koi Palace or Joy Luck?

Chinese banquet place in Chinatown for 15?

Any reccs for a business-like dinner, with nice banquet rooms and diverse menu? Dungeness crab dishes, for instance? We went to R&G last year and it was ok, but looking for better.

What to order at Coco500?

Truffled flatbread is amazing - more of an appetizer, but truffle-y and lightly cheesy.

Sonny Bryan's for a group dinner?

We're all from different states, but mostly California, so we know good Mexican, but it's different from Mexican in Texas! Do you have a recommendation? I am kind of set on barbeque, but can be talked into Mexican. The budget is probably $25 per person - so it's not that important to be budget-conscious - just authentic and good food!

Apr 05, 2007
claireaguilar in Texas

Sonny Bryan's for a group dinner?

What do you all think of taking a professional group to dinner at Sonny Bryan's barbeque? First is it all it's cracked up to be? The company for dinner is not a suit crowd, but it's a professional gathering, not friends and family. Is the location at Innwood too seedy, or not appropriate for a kind of fun dinner? Do you have any other suggestions for other Sonny Bryan locations, or barbeque or Southern food for this type of crowd? We'll be around 15 people and we'll be staying at the Hyatt on Reunion.

Apr 05, 2007
claireaguilar in Texas