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Looking for GREAT restaurant open on a MONDAY night

Hello fellow foodies,
I'll be in DC next week for a conference and my anniversary which falls on a MONDAY. I called Komi and Obelisk but they are closed on Monday night. I'm looking for a great restaurant open on Monday night to celebrate my anniversary. American, French, Italian, organic, local/fresh food. Looking for a classy, comfortable, romantic atmosphere but food quality is the most important. I'm staying in Dupont Circle for all options welcome --although something closeby would be great!

1509 17th St NW Ste 1, Washington, DC 20036

Sushi in Pasadena?

Try Gin Sushi on East Colorado. Not the best ambiance but fresh and cheap sushi!

Apr 20, 2008
sovze in Los Angeles Area

What's worth going to 'Ford's Filling Station' or 'Fraiche' in Culver City

Fraiche, no contest!

Apr 07, 2008
sovze in Los Angeles Area

Looking for caterer for LA small wedding

I am looking for recommendations on good but economical caterers for a smallish wedding (75-100 guests.) I have no idea what to expect in terms of cost. If you have first-hand experience in how much the food/service/drinks cost per person in LA, please let me know! I am not looking for lobster or filet, but something more original and low cost. Problem is, we are foodies.... I am also leaning toward family style dinner or "heavy" hors d'oeuvre or a couple of stations.
I am thinking about Auntie Ems. If you have experience with them, let me know!
Please advise!

Apr 07, 2008
sovze in Los Angeles Area

All'Angelo better than Valentino?

I am new to this board. I just posted a question -- looking for recommendations for 3 restaurants --anywhere in the City. Cost not an issue,I'm invited for my birthday and I have asked to pick 3 fabulous places. I've to many of the really good LA eateries but not the the really expensive places. Any suggestions appreciated, especially if you can recommned one fabulous place over an other. I'm told to go to Providence. Is it really that nice?

Apr 09, 2007
sovze in Los Angeles Area

Recommendation(s) for top 3 restaurants in LA? Cost not an issue

My birthday is coming up and I get to pick 3 restaurants --only one will win-- to go to for dinner. I've been in LA for several years but I have not tried the really high-end places. I've been to AOC, Lucques, etc. I am wondering which 3 restaurants I should pick: Providence? Valentino? Spago (?)

Apr 09, 2007
sovze in Los Angeles Area