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Chinese restaurant for party of 50-100 people?

Wondering if anyone has any suggestions.. I'm looking for a chinese restaurant that has wedding/banquet type kind of dishes, for 50-100 people. It needs to serve alcohol and in the area bordered by Leslie/Steeles/Warden/Eglinton.. Can anyone recommend anything? Thanks!

Bomboloni in the GTA?

Thanks for the help, guys! Wow, what a coincidence that there would be an article somewhere just as i'm thinking about them...

Bomboloni in the GTA?

Quite a few years ago, somebody brought some bomboloni (italian doughnuts?) to a meeting and shared them. He said they were from a small restaurant called Bombe Calde that was basically in Woodbridge/Vaughan (?) around Islington and Highway 7. They were great, light and fluffy lemony things, with hazelnutty nutella-esque chocolate in the middle.

I was wondering if anyone knows if Bombe Calde is still there and if so, whether they still sell their bomboloni there... Or does anyone know any other places that make these?

Thanks in advance!