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2011 Food and Resto CLOSINGS

Looks like Vanipha Lanna on St. Clair near Oakwood has closed. It was a nice neighbourhood Thai/Laotian place. Sad to see it go.

Where do you buy your organic groceries?

Looking for a good source for organic groceries in the GTA. Mainly for things like milk, meat, and produce. Preferably something that doesn't break the bank ie. not Whole Foods.

Any suggestions?

Rotel Tomatoes in Toronto?

Looking for Rotel canned tomatoes in Toronto. They're basic chopped tomatoes but with green chiles mixed in. Used them all the time when I lived in Texas but haven't seen them here.

Thanks for the help.


Great New Chowfind

I'm no expert but it's sort of like Thai food only not as spicy. Very good though.

I am surprised by the so-so reactions on here. Because we had a great meal and time there.

Great New Chowfind

Last Friday my wife and I went to Angkor Restaurant (Broadview and Gerrard) for the first time. We just got back from a great trip to Cambodia and this place had food that tasted exactly like what we had on our trip. It was apparently the first Cambodian place in Toronto.

The owner/chef ordered for us. We had a curry and a stir-fry dish. Both were excellent, the curry dish was amazing. The owner, who is Cambodian, was very friendly and told us about how he visits his homeland every year and raises money to help the people back there.

Can't believe I hadn't heard about it before. But we're definitely going to make it a regular haunt. There seemed to be a lot of regulars there when we were there. It's worth checking out. Anyone else been?


Jones Soda

I'm looking to buy some cases of Jones Soda, not just the bottles.

Anyone know where I could buy them?


Sunday Brunch, Midtown

Looking for a good Sunday brunch in midtown Toronto. Yonge and Eglinton or Avenue and Lawrence kind of area, or nearby. Anyone have any suggestions? Also, some plaec that would be open for an earlier brunch, say 9ish. Thanks in advance...

Private Room for 12

Looking for a nice private room for around a dozen people for dinner. Something like one of the rooms at The Rosewater Supper Club would be perfect. Definitely looking for really good food in a nice space. Unfortunately nothing too exotic, don't want to surprise the grandparents. Thanks in advance for the help 'hounds.

Miracle Fruit in Toronto?

Anyone know where I can try or buy the miracle fruit in the GTA? I just read a story about it and it sounds amazing... it apparently temporarily changes your taste buds so sour things taste sweet.