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K-cups for Keurig Coffeemaker?

You can now buy Starbucks K-cups at Starbucks locations in Canada! They also have some Tazo Tea varieties available too.

New on Queen East??? - Ruby Eats, Tavern, Olive & Olive

Hi All,

I noticed a handful of new foodie places that have recently opened or are about to open on my streetcar ride along Queen St East.

Anyone have any details/info on them?

Ruby Eats - Queen E/Broadview area
Olive and Olives (?) - Queen E/Degrassi area
Tavern (?) - Queen E/Caroline area

Any other news on new places opening soon?

Thanks! :)

Sunday Roast or Pub Lunch in Halifax?

Hi All,

We're looking for a pub in Halifax that does a traditional Sunday Roast or Pub lunch.....yorkshire puddings, gravy, roast potatoes and veg!

Any recommendations??


May 30, 2010
tomgrrrl in Atlantic Canada

ISO - Good fish option in Hamilton/Burlington area

Thanks foodiemommy.

Friends in Hamilton rave about Wild Orchid.......I haven't been to either, but I'll check out both menus and see if it's something that would work for us.

ISO - Good fish option in Hamilton/Burlington area

Thanks c.cow......I checked Walkers website and it looks really good! I love the selection and commitment to quality and freshness.

I think we shall be giving this a try!! :)

ISO - Good fish option in Hamilton/Burlington area

Hi All!

My sister and I are both vegetarians and are considering adding simple, white fish to our diets for personal health reasons.

We have never had much fish or prepared it before, so we are looking for a restaurant that prepares fresh, great quality, healthy fish options for us to try and explore.

Ideally, we are looking in the Hamilton/Burlington possibly Oakville area.

Anyone have any suggestions on where we should try to get the best experience?!?!

Thanks for your help!!!

NOTL - bday dinner after wine and chocolate event

Great! Thanks for the recommendations - Stone Road Grille looks great and sounds like what I'm looking for! :)

Any recos on what to order? Any hits/misses?

NOTL - bday dinner after wine and chocolate event

Good Morning!

I am looking for a restaurant recommendation for a birthday dinner in NOTL or Niagara Falls this Saturday night.

We are spending the day winery-hopping with the Wine and Chocolate event and are looking for a great spot to finish the day at.

There are 2 vegetarians in our party.....looking to avoid tourist traps and places that are overly fancy/stuffy. Ideally, I would love to find a bistro/Italian place similar to Gio Rana's or Table 17 in Toronto.

Somewhere with great food and a comfortable, fun, eclectic environment. I know the Fabulicious event is taking place that weekend......but I wasn't overly inspired by the featured restaurants/menus I saw.

Thanks so much for your help in advance!!! :)

Where to find British Food?

Bulk Barn at Lakeshore and Leslie carry a selection of British chocolates and sweets.

Also, the Nutty Chocolatier on Queen East in the Beach carries crips, chocolates, baked beans, soups etc. Might have the biscuits you're looking for.

I was also at Denninger's in Hamilton a month or so ago and noticed that they carried a selection of British goods.

Dinner before Raptors game tonight??


A few girls from work are heading to the Raptors game tonight and we wanted to stop for a quick bite to eat somewhere.

Looking to avoid tourist traps and also have some healthy options and a nice glass of wine.

I tried searching the boards, but couldn't find much.

Any recos??


Vancouver - restaurant suggestions?

I'm staying at the Sheraton Wall Centre, but am renting a car so have access to the whole city!! :)

Vancouver - restaurant suggestions?

I'll be making my way back to Vancouver this weekend for a 3 night visit. Haven't been back since I lived there 4 years ago.

Any suggestions or recommendations on new restaurants to check out? Not looking for expensive/high end restaurants......more local neighbourhood gems with decent vegetarian options.

Some of our favourites were Kam's on Davie, Havana's on Commercial, The Foundation on Main etc.


PYO Pumpkins??

Hi All,

I'm looking to get to a pumpkin patch/farm this weekend to grab some beautiful pumpkins and possibly some apples and other goodies for cooking/baking/carving.

I live in Leslieville and know that Chudleigh's in Milton is very popular.

Any other gems I should consider??

Thanks for the help!

The Duke on Queen East - renovated??

Hi All,

I walked past The Duke on Queen East and Leslie yesterday and noticed that the outside has had a bit of a "make-over" - new paint, new sign etc.

Anyone have any insight into the changes? Are they just remodelling, or is there new management? New approach?


Hamilton (and area) eats

You have to try La is my absolute favourite place to eat in Hamilton!!! The Fattoush salad is amazing :)

I also love Denninger's - a great German deli/market that have small cafes where you can buy a schnitzel on a bun!! YUM!!!

Looking for an English style Sunday Roast

Does anyone have a recommendation for where I can find a pub that serves a great English style Sunday Roast, with Yorkshire puddings?!?!?


Vegetarian Burgers

I'm vegetarian and LOVE the Spicy Bean burgers by Sol Cuisine....available in the "Healthy" section at Loblaws. They are vegan, gluten free and I believe low in fat....but great flavour and texture.

They also do a regular veggie burger which is also quite good. Enjoy!

So what's coming next in Leslieville?

There is also a liquor license application in the window of the old Medical Building at Queen and Curzon. Any ideas what's opening there??

I would love a great, comfy English pub for the 'hood.

Looking for a country pub....

This is excellent....thanks for all of the great suggestions. Can't wait to try them out!!

Looking for a country pub....

With the nice weekend weather on the way, I'd love to drive out of the city and find a nice country pub....perhaps with brunch and a beer garden.

I've tried looking on-line, but have not been able to find anything.

Any suggestions/recommendations??


New Place on Queen East and Curzon?

I was strolling by Curzon St on Queen East this morning and noticed a liquor license application for the old Medical Building on the north west corner.

Does anyone have any info as to what this is going to be??

I would love for it to be a pub with an outdoor patio......we definitely need one in the area for the summer!


PC Insider's Report

We tried the Walnut and Gorgonzola ravioli last night and quite enjoyed them. Very full pillows bursting with lots of flavour....although, a bit too salty for my liking.

I enjoyed the flavour combination....paired with a simple, tangy tomato sauce and it hit the spot. Definitely recommend them!

Can't remember what the other flavours are, but would absolutely try them.

Nov 22, 2007
tomgrrrl in Food Media & News

Hamilton ex-pats: Roma/slab pizza in Toronto?

I know exactly what you're talking about and need to know where to find it too!! It remiinds me so much of my childhood!!

Keeping my fingers crossed that it is available in Toronto :)

Looking to buy Aged Balsamic - Suggestions?


I'm looking to buy a nice and approachable aged balsamic vinegar. I'm never had it before, so don't know where to start. Any suggestions on what to buy and where?


PC Insider's Report

I tried the Buffalo Wings & Bleu Cheese flavour too and really enjoyed them. Nice crunch, zippy the price too! I'm intrigued to try the rest of the flavours.

I'm intrigued to try the lemon tart and chocolate tart after embee's review....sounds great.

Has anyone tried the new fresh ravioli flavours? I think there are 3 different flavours....walnut/gorgonzola is the only one I can remember at the moment.

Also intrigued about the pizzas and dulche de leche spread.....keep seeing it on the adverts on top of waffles, and makes my mouth water!

Nov 16, 2007
tomgrrrl in Food Media & News

Cherry Crisp Recipe

YUM!!!!! I will definitely check out that recipe.....and try the one with peaches too!

Nov 16, 2007
tomgrrrl in Home Cooking

Cherry Crisp Recipe

I have a freezer full of cherries that I picked over the summer (and have depitted). I was thinking about making a cherry/apple crisp this weekend, but have never done so before (I've only ever just used apples,pears,peaches etc). I find that there is a lot of liquid when the cherries defrost....I would love some tips/recipes on how to make the crisp using these cherries.

Do I have to add flour/corn starch to thicken them up? Should I cook the cherries down a bit first?

Any help is much appreciated! Thanks :)

Nov 16, 2007
tomgrrrl in Home Cooking

PC Insider's Report

Hi All!

Has anyone tried any of the new items in the recently released Insider's Report?

Would love to hear any reviews......Thanks!

Nov 13, 2007
tomgrrrl in Food Media & News

Vegetarian Borscht

Thanks everyone!! I am looking forward to trying your suggestions :)

Oct 16, 2007
tomgrrrl in Home Cooking

Panago (pizza) - anyone tried this yet?

I lived in Vancouver for 4 years and it was definitely my pizza of choice out of the chains available.
They have a lot of choice and some great differentiating toppings....I also love their roasted garlic dip. I think you can even purcahase it by the bottle!
If you try it, let us know what you think.