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Dim Sum in Pittsburgh?

My wife and I made the drive to the Golden Palace last Sunday, just so that I could prove to her that one could eat Dim Sum in Pittsburgh. This was not where the locals (yunzers) ate, but instead we found chinese families dressed in their Sunday best, some more casual than others, a comfortable atmosphere, and carts of epicurian delights. Word to the wise, don't be shy to ask the wait staff to repeat (my chicken feet took some extra effort on my part). The Rose Tea Cafe is by all means an even handed winner in a city full of such contenders, but it is also in a class of its own (not a whole lot of Taiwanese/bubble tea joints). For me, a perfect thursday afternoon could be finished off with a coconut black tea, or is it black tea coconut? Oye. Moral of the story, you get what you ask for, maybe more. My wife was so excited we found dim sum...that we dim sum lovin' back at our dum bum. Hey!

Apr 23, 2008
A.E. in Pennsylvania

sushi in the burgh

Speaking of pretentious, I'm going to have to act a bit pretentious myself. I think these posters have given the most fair representation of the offerrings. Umi is "perty", very "new couple" friendly, and as long as you're not preocuppied with the term "Big Burrito" all night, the two of you just might save room for dessert. Kiku needs some props for consistently providing quality sushi to Pgh/ and the Souside. Chauncy's may be a dime a dozen, but Kiku is a beautiful place to induldge the senses (as well as business clientelle staying at the Sheraton). Chaya, as I have posted before, is the most authentic Japanese restaurant you will probably find in the Midwest. A traditional Chaya would serve tea with each course. Chaya does offer a kaiseki and a mini kaiseki (set course dinners) which are well worth the reserv. should you care to treat yourself to something special. I won't comment on Nakama, which keeps getting voted best sushi and Japanese restaurant in all these local mags, sufficed to say, let the kids have their fun. I don't want to be a kill joy. It's just not a Japanese restaurant.

Apr 20, 2007
A.E. in Pennsylvania

Cool, foodie spots near CMU in Pittsburgh

Those are excellent options, particularly Point Brugge or La Filipiano if the weather is just right. One of the most fabulous and intimate restaurants we have in Pittsburgh right now is Bonna Terra in Sharpsburg (I wish I were so lucky as to have the freedom/money to go again). & Your son should know, that what makes something cool is when it is understated... in its purest form (even the smoke of a wood fire contains purity). So, should you want the freshest sushi and the most authentic Japanese food between New York and L.A., then wait in line at the Chaya Japanese restaurant on Murray. It might take you just as long to drive the same distance somewhere else, but if you truly are a "foodie" than you most likely appreciate the tastes of homemade dashi and fresh wasabi and will "stand" the wait. Most importantly, enjoy each others' company.

Apr 04, 2007
A.E. in Pennsylvania