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Lebanese or Armenian bakery

I second the Patisserie Royale ...I forgot about it. I believe The Lebanese Bakery has moved to Birchmount and Ellesmere just north of it on the west side. I have to say it was quite impressive , really nice inside with a fire place and cafe area...the maneesh were amazing.

Lambros?? anyone been?

Heard about Lambos ...scared off by most of the Danforth as far as Greek food. Mezes and Pantheon for Fish are the only ones that we go to now. I heard about Lambros has anyone been?

Persian-style ice cream in toronto?

I know that Tabule restaurant has a lemon orange blossom tastes very similar to rosewater.....also I second Arz bakery they have a Ashta gelato that I love that is like gum with hints of mastic and rosewater, paramount bakery also has homemade gelatos and the same one ashta

King West Dinner - Blowfish?

I've been to Bowfish about 6 times. Menu is great ...however it gets pretty loud in there almost like a club the last few times we went and you have to yell across the table ...not sure it's what you have in mind for your special day. I heard Coca is really good as well as KiWe but haven't been yet.

Churrasco Villa (254 Eglinton East)

Agree the ribs are pretty good but Baton Rouge's are better. Chicken is definitely the way to go and go when they make it fresh.. sometimes I had it and it was precooked and dry make sure you get the piri piri sauce. Those custard tarts are great too.

Where to find the best Greek Easter Food in T.O.?

Yeah ....i had the avolomono soup at Avli as well as some appetizers and the Lamb shank with orzo....honestly it was awful!!! I couldn't believe it and especially for the prices I expected way better. Avyolemo soup at Pantheon is my favorite I wish I new how they made it, it is nothing like all the others!! As well as the Fish there...Pantheon and Mezes are the only ones I go to...i wish Pantheon would renovate though.

Best foie gras in city?

definitely a place to revisit after you graduate...i did the first time I went wasn't able to go out all the time....this time we were prepared. In comparison to TO the prices were good if you look at the quality and portions. Bu,t I kid you not.... it ended up being a very expensive trip for the one wise ...worth every penny.

Tabule - loved it

okay agree with you on the hummus and fried tomatoes. Also the more garlic on everything ..however this is what I don't reek of garlic when you leave like J.
However may I add the following:
Rice --way way better than J
Fried Eggplant - better than J ...maybe you came on an off night it is rarely saturated in oil and use fresher oil
Lamb chops - no comparison way better ,first cut, aged tender ,better quality meat
Beef- better quality I think it is Filet Mignon
Tabule- way better than J fresher, fresh mint , lemon etc
Fatush, Hallum salad - both great don't have at J
Mujaddarra -great don't have at J
Kubbeh- better than J
Cauliflower, falafel - better than J
Shrimps - bigger and deveined -better than J
Desserts- better than J try lemon orange sorbet or Pom sorbet, rice pudding and Knafa
Wine list, drink list --way better than J

Overall , Tabule is my preferred flavour palette by a long shot---the service and ambience is A LOT better as well!!

Best foie gras in city?

Ohh...didn't try L'HIbiscus....saw it but went to Le T' Provencial....actually went there twice because the foie gras was so amazing the chef apparently won a 2005 and 2006 award for best French chef ...the entrance is a little hidden but it is opposite L'Hibiscus.a little further after the lolos. We also went to Le Pressoir ..very good La Sol e luna ( mount Vernon) beautiful space but fois gras was better at Le t' Provencial and Bistro Caribe which had the best lobster. Oh I want to go back already truly the best food ever especially on vacation. I will try L'Hibiscus next time...we will make it a yearly trip!

Sunday Brunch at Tucker's Marketplace (Warden/Eglinton)

2nd the don't bother...nothing really great east for brunch or anything. Hate franchises anyone know of any decent restaurant in the east end?

Places open for lunch on Good Friday?

Tabule Restaurant at yonge and davisville....not Greek but you can still fast if you wish ...middle eastern food.... really good. check out website

Where to find the best Greek Easter Food in T.O.?

You liked Avli?? Haven't been there for Easter but tried their regular menu and wasn't impressed...maybe it was what we ordered. Mezes is my fav on the Danforth...not sure if they are open for Easter but serve great food in comparison what is out there. New one opened on Yonge near Davisville called Ikaros it looks nice might be open...I haven't been though. Bakeries? Truth is nothing compared to moms or Greece. Donlands Bakery and Serano are the best of them. Kali anastasi!1

Best foie gras in city?

Just came back from St Martin ...where I had the best Foie gras in my Grand Case the gourmet capital of the caribean. Since then I'm craving it every day...any suggestions on where in TO to go?


Tabule at Yonge and Daviseville is...they deliver too!! Great food and service!!

any good eats east

I live in Guildwood Parkway....east beaches Kingston and Markham,,,,,,,,,does anyone know of ANY decent restaurants within a 20 minute drive....we've been starving here!