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Pizza & Pasta w/private room & big screen TV on/near the main line

we ended up at Anthony's Coal Fire Pizza in Wayne. While it wasn't a private room, the mgr and staff did a great job accommodating our large group at about 830 on Sat night.

The only downside was a lot fewer TV's (i believe only 6 in total) than what we're used to at other ACFP's.

But still...a very fun night.

Apr 10, 2013
drothman66 in Philadelphia

Pizza & Pasta w/private room & big screen TV on/near the main line

Need a nice pizza/pasta place to bring 20-30 teens & parents and watch a game in a private room or separate area. looking for a menu with pizza, salad, baked clams, chicken parm, etc. Not necessarily interested in a be all things to all people place (no burgers, hoagies etc)...

anywhere on the main line work, but between KoP & Nova work best. An avg of maybe $25/pp is fine. thanks for any ideas

Apr 01, 2013
drothman66 in Philadelphia

Looking for inexpensive but good restaurant / gastro-pub for boys lax team

How much seating is available at PYT or Gunner's run? Could they accommodate at group of 20-25 or so if given enough word (even if the group is split across 2 -4 tables)?

and how is the parking at The Piazza? Decent/Interesting enough place to hang out for an hour after dinner on a sat night? thanks

May 16, 2011
drothman66 in Philadelphia

Fun Dinner for about 30 (adults/kids) around Warwick, RI

Geez dave and busters, a chicken restaurant and a place 50 minutes away?

Dave and busters is a non-starter and if i'm going to drive an hour, i just as soon take them to eat somewhere @ mohegan sun. Is there no upscale sports bar or family style italian spot that can accommodate a crowd?

Fun Dinner for about 30 (adults/kids) around Warwick, RI

Going to be in town (from long island) in mid April with a group (approx 15 Adults & 11 14 year olds + maybe some siblings). Staying in Warwick, but not averse to driving anywhere within 20 mins or so.

Looking for a place for dinner. A sports bar; a red sauce Italian joint; a burger joint, upscale pizza, ribs..whatever. Not looking for a dive, but something decent that isn't a chain or too cheap.

Would be great if we could find a place where there's someplace we walk afterward to hang out at outside. An outdoor market or mall type place...thanks

Timmy O's in Corona - Frozen Custard

Just want to give Timmy O's a pop. Live in Nassau County and had dinner fri @ Michael's Chophouse in Douglaston (ate there several times when it opened under a diff name, but same mgmt - love the space & feel of place. preferred the previous menu. being out of salmon on a friday night @ 8pm is kind of inexcusable. for what it's worth - they also ran out of artichokes which was featured in one of their specials that night)...


Having read about Timmy O's on Chowhound, we took a ride. Tim's story is interesting (easily found via google) and the product (same stuff as Shake Shack) was great. I figured him to be a neighborhood guy, but he actually lives out by me and is a super nice guy. It's a few blocks from Parkside and thus minutes from the LIE and the 108th street exit. Def a destination when u want something creamy, rich and full of flavor. Give it a try...

20-25 in Baltimore (close 2 inner harbor)

In another post, i was looking for a crabhouse, but that's becoming too problematic (cost, location).

Coming to Baltimore in May with a group of 20-25 (9 of them 15 year olds). Looking for a place close enough to walk to the Inner Harbor. Can be a tavern/pub, italian, upscale pizza/pasta, seafood...really anything. Trying to keep the cost between $35-$45pp. A Sports Bar (not ESPN Zone) would be fine. I looked at Porter's, and the menu seems fine, but i'm not sure if they can handle a crowd.

any ideas. thanks

Upscale Pizza/Pasta 5-10 min walk from quincy mkt

TYPO - 13 year olds - not 3 year olds.

Upscale Pizza/Pasta 5-10 min walk from quincy mkt

MY BAD - TYPO. not 3 year olds - 13 year olds....

and by upscale i don't mean Four Seasons upscale, i mean bistro-like with white table cloths, lots of wine choices, casual bar, etc. These types of places are easily found around NYC and the surrounding suburbs.

Upscale Pizza/Pasta 5-10 min walk from quincy mkt

coming to boston from ny with a group of 25 (1/2 3 year old kids). looking for a stylish place where you could get an indiv pie or slice, but also get baked clams, pastas, or a piece of fish where the entrees are in the $15-$20 range. Plenty of these kinds of places in NY and LI, but i haven't had much luck finding one in my trips to boston. last trip (in search of a red sauce italian joint) we tried Mamma Maria's in the north end and were somewhat disappointed in that we were stuck in the basement under a leaking pipe and the vibe was zero. food was ok, but nothing special.

on a similar trip, we've done Maggiano's (in philly) and it was fine in that they accommodated a large group easily, but it's a full service restaurant as opposed to a slightly more casual, but still stylish place. thanks

dinner for 20 in Baltimore

right. my bad...obviously by the dozen.

if not phillips...where else within walking distance of the inner harbor? how long is the trip by water taxi and how many/boat? and cost? thanks

dinner for 20 in Baltimore

right. i'm trying to find a place to make reservations, but i haven't found said place yet. i've since learned that the price of a pound of crabs can run as high as $65 or more. As touristy as it is, i was kind of thinking Phillips made the most sense, but it was out of the price range unless we went the group menu which didn't include crabs. i'm going to see if they'll let us do a group thing, but let those who wanted to order alacarte off the menu do so. that might fill all needs.

that said, any other suggestions? Bo Brooks is kinda out of the way and LP Steamers looks like a smokey neighborhood joint (which is fine, but not what we had in mind when we travel to a downtown locale. thanks

dinner for 20 in Baltimore

Coming from NY with a 15 year old hoop team in late May (unfortunately - Preakness weekend). 20-25 people in total (9 kids). Looking for a Crab/brown paper/mallet place (i guess around the inner harbor) for dinner Saturday night. Not cheap, but not expensive either. $30 -$40pp is about right.

After dinner, we'd look to hang out/walk around a bit. i haven't been to the inner harbor for years; is it dead after 9pm on a nice Spring evening, or will people be out, ice cream stores open, etc etc. thanks

Philadelphia - Sports Bar or just a place 2 watch games

Thanks for the ideas, but I'm still striking out. Chickie and Pete's has nothing available (due to commitments w/ the arena football team)....

Dark Horse is probably too pubby.

In NYC, there are a million bars where we could put find say 4 tables of 6 each with views of 2 or 3 plasmas with games on. Or, there are lots of family style italian places with tv's scattered in the dining room. I'm really looking for something along either of those lines. Cheap beer and $5 burgers isn't quite right, nor is $30 for a bowl of pasta, but something in between works well. I thought Maggianos (even tho it's a chain!) might be a good idea, but no TV's in the dining room (only at the bar). I'm not married to Center City, but it is my first choice. Manayunk or anywhere on the main line could be considered...we're staying in Devon.

How's Smokey Joe's these days? Is that someplace to consider? Last time i was in there it had just been renovated (of course, that was 25+ years ago (when it moved to 40th Street :-) . thanks

Mar 19, 2008
drothman66 in Pennsylvania

Philadelphia - Sports Bar or just a place 2 watch games

Went to College in Philly and knew it well. Going to be in town (from NY) in early April with a group (approx 10 Adults & 10 14 year olds). Staying in Wayne, but driving into Center City Saturday for dinner and to walk around a bit.

Looking for a place for dinner with plenty of TV's so we can watch the Final Four games. A sports bar; a red sauce Italian joint; a burger joint, ribs..whatever. Nothing too fancy as we don't want to dress, but not looking for a dive either.

I would think someplace on South Street or on/around Penn's Landing would be best, but I guess we're open to anything.

Also, If the weather is ok, iI Penn's Landing the best place to hang out with teens? Is is anything like South Street Seaport in NYC or Quincy Market (Faneuil Hall) in Boston? Retail/food/stuff?


Mar 12, 2008
drothman66 in Pennsylvania

Family Style Red Sauce - North End - 20 people

I was looking around Quincy Market, but I think it's easier to try the North End.

Need a casual family style red sauce italian where a group of 20-25 parents and 14 year olds can chowdown on good bread, baked clams, chopped salad, pasta, chcken parm, shrimp oreganata, veal, etc etc. Standard Stuff.

Good food - attire will be shorts. Not looking for anything formal, austere or stuffy, but also not looking for a dive or anything real cheap.

I was thinking mother anna's, but it appears it's not family style and even tho we'd order a ton of food, they frown on bigger platters for groups.

Pizza/Pasta around Quincy Market

How's that area at night? Dead/Out of the way or somewhat vibrant? thanks

Pizza/Pasta around Quincy Market

Boy, Mamma Maria looks much more formal than we're looking for. Maybe I should have been more clear. We're split 50-50 adults/kids and most of us will be in shorts. We're looking for a comfortable, neighborhood place with pretty decent food and where we can relax and let loose a little. More southern italian comfort food/pizza than high end italian.

Pizza/Pasta around Quincy Market

Coming into town from NY. Need a spot which takes reservations for about 20 people/teens around Quincy Market. Pizza, chicken parm, baked clams, shrimp oreganata, various pastas, etc etc. Family Style or not.

Looking for a decent spot - nothing cheap or rundown. Any ideas near Quincy Market or Newbury Street or anywhere we can walk around/hangout after dinner.

10 kids (age:13) w/parent(s) to watch yanks/sox

it's now looking more like 20-25 and the kids are all 13 and from near and around NYC. we've done plenty of dinners with this group and no one's complained about the volume of business we generate (mainly because as the kids are eating burgers and such, the adults are usually sucking down steak and lobster. we rarely have a's not too hard to find spots in nyc, but then again on game nights, boston fans tend to congregate to watch an early june game while ny'ers are ok watching it at home or in a mixed crowd (meaning not everyone around here is a yankee crowd). it's an interesting dichotemy between the cities.

10 kids (age:13) w/parent(s) to watch yanks/sox

What about The Fours near the Garden? Is that area dead in the summer? How long a walk to Quincy Market? thanks

10 kids (age:13) w/parent(s) to watch yanks/sox

need a spot (which takes reservations) on a friday night in june to grab dinner and watch yanks v. sox for about 30 people. we're all from ny (coming up for a hoop tourney). we can spread out; separate tables is fine.

doesn't need to a sports bar per se, but needs a bunch of plasmas and decent enough food (burgers are fine, italian probably better). someone recommended the sportsdepot, but i was looking for something a cut above that food-wise. someone else recommended '99', but would rather stay away from a chain.

we're staying in Waltham, but we'd like to eat in boston proper so that we can do a little walking around the city before & after. i'd guess anywhere in the back bay or around quincy market would be best.

any ideas? thanks