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Good first date restaurant in New Haven

I know there are many choices out there, but what would suffice for a first date?

Colorado Summer Vacation / Restaurant Tour

Hi all:

This summer, my girlfriend and I will be coming out to Colorado for a wedding and afterwards, we plan to visit some of the best restaurants in a few different cities.

I have been to Colorado before, but she has not. Although, I haven't really been to too many "fine dining establisments." I have done some research already of the places I'd like to go and some of the food there. We are from the east coast so I would really prefer to sample "Colorado" food or stuff I won't easily find in CT. For example, I love filet migon, but I probably wouldn't get it out there because I can get it anywhere, unless it is done in a very interesting/different way. Restaurants that serve game would be nice or some delicious Colorado Lamb. Anyway some of my possible stops may include:

Denver: Restaurant Kevin Taylor
Boulder: The Flagstaff House
Colorado Springs: Craftwood Inn

Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated, but we probably won't be traveling south of Colorado Springs or north of Fort Collins so please keep that in mind. Thank you!!!

Mar 31, 2009
Dan06492 in Southwest

Salem / Rockport MA

I will be heading up to the Salem area next weekend. What are good restaurant recs for both dinner and lunch?

Restaurant recs in Southern/Central Vermont

I am going to be going away to Vermont with my girlfriend. We will be in southern and central parts of the state and would like one nice restaurant to eat at. Any cuisine is fine and price isn't much of an issue as long as it's worth it.

Best Places to Eat in Southern Vt

I will he heading to Vermont and would like one nice dinner. Pretty much any cuisine besides Asian. Price really isn't an issue as long as it's worth it. Let me know--thanks!

¿ Freeport - Bath recs ?

Azure Cafe in Freeport is good Italian/seafood.

Branford, CT

Umm... a birthday dinner consisting of 4 adults. Looking for a nice restaurant (good food, decor, serive etc). Either American or Italian cuisine. Price isn't too much of an issue because it's a special occasion, but not overly fancy like jacket preferred. Something business or smart casual.

Branford, CT

What would be the best choice for a restaurant in Branford? Assaggio? Brunello's? Foe? etc.

Portland, Me

What are some the best restaurants/bars in Portland?

Best Steak in CT

For me it's the prime cowboy steak at the Central Steakhouse in New Haven cooked rare, but nicely charred.

Favorite Local Spots

Being from Wallingford, CT, if I want some great food close by in a relaxed atmosphere I go to Yellowfin's Seafood Grille in Cheshire. It has a great, lively bar crowd in a small casual place, but the food is amazing and very innovative. They always have interesting specials like pan-blackened veal porterhouse with picked crawfish, roasted purple potatoes and gorgonzola fondue or Diver scallop stuffed filet mignon over lobster mashed potatoes. Has anyone else dined here and what are your favorite local spots?

Cafe Goodfellas

Possibly my favorite Italian restaurant out of many in the New Haven area. The food is always excellent, service is tops and the movies provide a fun atmosphere. Much better than Tre Scalini in my opinion.

Best ice cream in CT

Where about in Prospect is Big Dipper?

Sweet Claude's and Wentworth are both good as well.

Jun 29, 2008
Dan06492 in Southern New England

Best ice cream in CT

I personally like Rich's in Oxford. Any other bests out there?

Litchfield County

What are some of your favorite restaurants in Litchfield County, CT? This is one part of the state I don't know much about. Thanks!

Jun 28, 2008
Dan06492 in Southern New England

Bespoke/Sabor in New Haven

I haven't been there yet, but want to very soon. However, I'm a little confused about the "two restaurants in one". Are they on different levels? Or do you recieve two menus when you sit down, or do they ask you what menu you want? Any info is appreciated. Thanks!

New restaurant in Branford, CT

Has anyone tried Brunellos in Branford? I know it's the same place/chef/owner as Tenderloin, but how has it changed? I really loved Tenderloin, it was one of my favorite places in CT. Food? Decor? Prices? And do they have a website up and running yet? Thanks!

Forbidden City Bistro in Middletown, CT

Okay, I think that pretty much sums it up. Thanks

Forbidden City Bistro in Middletown, CT

Has anyone been there? Is it a good place for a date? What is the dress code? Any info would be greatly appreciated.

Favorite restaurants in CT

What are some of your personal favorite restaurants in CT?

Some of mine would be...

Tenderloin Fish and Steakhouse in Branford
Restaurant Bricco and Grant's in West Hartford
and Central Steakhouse in New Haven