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LA to Sac on 99

It is a stretch for glbtrtr to recommend Trelio in Clovis. The question was where to stop for lunch. Trelio is never open for lunch, only for dinner after 5:30

Jul 29, 2013
hungerpains in California

moving to bakersfield

Since I love Basque food and culture I take recommending Basque places very seriously.
The best of Basque in Bakersfield is the Noriega Hotel. It is the only place that serves a traditional one sitting in Bakersfield. The food is delicious with the pickled tongue the star. Every night is a different menu. The other patrons are another highpoint.

Benjies is the next best choice, although the experience and food doesn't compare.

Jan 21, 2010
hungerpains in California

best mexican in the OC?

Previous poster recommended La Chiquita on Washington in Santa Ana. This place has been around for close to 50 years and with the new owner (about 30 years) has lnot changed.

A ulnique item to try is the sopito. We love the bean and stringed beef and have been ordering it since 1970. It is amazing and we can't just seem to get past this item!

Jan 03, 2010
hungerpains in Los Angeles Area

Craving Morning Glory

Thank you all. Your knowledge base is fantastic. The Super Bowl Thai is a tiny place just south of Claremont, CA that has a very tasty rendition. I will try the places mentioned when it is the correct season.

Craving Morning Glory

Had fried morning glory in Thailand a few years ago and almost got a morning glory addiction. In Thailand it was served after lighting on fire in pan . I found it in a little place in SoCal, but have unable to find it in San Francisco in restaurants or markets.

I think it is also called On Choy or water spinach. Any suggestions on where to find it?

5 days in sf with in-laws equals mostly chinese food...your top 5 please!

Oh Yes--San Tung

Went there 2 weeks ago to get the dry string beans and dry chicken wings. Very unique for any Chinese place!

Squeeze Inn- worth the detour?

Better hurry if you want to go to the Squeeze Inn on Fruitridge. Part of the charm of the place is the tiny size (think squeeze in). An ADA lawsuit was filed by a Sac. woman (3rd in a year) and the owner has stated his intent to close and possibly move to a larger location.

Jul 13, 2009
hungerpains in California

July 2009 Grocery Outlet - Buck-o-rama

Los Mochis Green Chilis. Fantastic large cans about 1 1/2 pounds for one dollar. These put Ortega to shame. Had them tonight stuffed with cheese and all were beautiful and firm. These evidently are from the Central Valley around Modesto. Got them at the Placerville location so do not know if you can get them in the Bay Area.

Favorite Wineries Amador/El Dorado County

Often overlooked is northern El Dorado County. David Girard Winery is in a beautiful setting above the Gold Rush State Park town of Coloma. Beautiful views of the Divide can be had by walking a few hundred yards up from the tasting room to the garden. It is located on Cold Springs Road about 2 miles south of Coloma.

My personal favorite is the Venezia Winery which is on Highway 49 in Pilot Hill, which is between Coloma and Cool. It is a family owned and operated winery and very informal with a friendly tasting room. By the way the owners are the Venezia family and not named for Venezia, Italy.

Jun 03, 2009
hungerpains in California

3 dinners in Auburn, one in Sacramento

In Auburn the Powers Mansion Inn has been getting some press. They opened their new restaurant a while ago and are open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Has anyone tried it. It might be a good possibility.

May 29, 2009
hungerpains in California

Oakland: Unicos de Cuernavaca Tamal Shop - the best tamales in the Bay Area

Hot all the way to Albany? We picked up about a dozen at 10:00 a.m. Stopped for lunch in Sacramento and did a litle grocery shopping in Auburn. We drove up the mountain to our home in Georgetown and they were still hot enough to eat.

I am used to great homemade tamales when we lived in the Santa Ana area and these beat them all, hands down.

Cheap & Casual (very casual) Italian in the City

Thank you for reminding me about Little Joe's. Visiting The City several times a year we forgot about Little Joe's for quite a while. We loved Little Joe's on Columbus and then their next location on Broadway. We tried the Van Ness store but thought that it was not as good as the past locations.

The 5th and Mission place lacks the atmosphere of North Beach restaurants but I think the food has not changed. I had the calamari saute and it was just the same as it was back on Columbus and Broadway. My wife had the veal parmagiana and it too was identical to the original.

The meal was very satisfying we will certainly return.

Chicago E European [Moved from Midwest]

Although amoncad's post is about 2 years old, I would like to comment on Healthy Food Lithuanian. Being in Chicago for 4 days we wanted to try food which is rare on the West Coast. Amoncada commented on Healthy Food Lithuanian and said he/she heard good things about it. We decided to give it a try and were very happy that we gave it a try.

The place is not large and run by the owner who is a lovely friendly lady who I believe was born here so language is not a problem. I must admit that this was my first experience with Lithuanian cruisine so I am certainly not an expert on the food but we have traveled to many countries of Eastern Europe so I think I have a sense of the subject.

I ordered the combination plate which came with blynai, kugalis, and koldunai. The meal comes with soup or coleslaw. I had the saurerkraut soup and my wife had the coleslaw. The soup was a pleasant surprise and reminded me more of cabbage than saurerkraut.

The combination plate was great and the only problem was that the proportions were large. Even so I managed to eat it all while having a conversation with the owner about her travels to Lithuania and Russia.

I would recommend this place to anyone who wants to try a different cruisine than usual.

Apr 24, 2009
hungerpains in Chicago Area

Indio, CA [moved from L.A. board]

You didn't say what type of food you want, but in Indio you are probably talking Mexican. We really like Pueblo Viejo Grill on 111 close to Monroe. Warning it can get very crowded especially after 6:30 and it is now a huge place. Full bar with good margaritas.

An inexpensive place also on Highway 111 is Ciro's. The pizza is probably their best dish and the place is also very popular with locals.

We like to have breakfast at Macario's on Indio Blvd. The chilaquiles will make eating the rest of the day unneccesary. We also like El Campanario off of Indio Blvd. for mariscos.

Lastly there is a tiny, inexpensive ,popular, and excellent Mexican place right alongside the train tracks on Indio Blvd. that Indio locals flock to. It is El Mexacali. Don't let the outside of the place fool you. It is clean and comfortable inside with extremely efficient and friendly service. Don't worry if your Spanish isn't good they all speak English. One of the cooks who seems to run the kitchen is a perfect example of a Mexican Grandmother. My wife and I love the place and the passing freight trains will keep you alert.

Mar 31, 2009
hungerpains in California

Best Mexican for Sacramento, CA?

I now live north of Sacramento, but grew up in East L.A. and worked in Santa Ana thus I have experienced much in the way of Mexican food.

For those who want an authentic Mexican food experience in Sacramento I would recommend Lalo's Restaurant. Why no one on C.H. has mentioned Lalo is beyond me. Don't go if you are looking for refried beans, hard tacos, chips, and sombreros hanging on the wall. What you will find is a place packed with Mexican families (especially on the weekends} .

Most people there seem to order the consume which comes in large bowls along with a leafy herb which I have yet to identify. After the consume the most popular dish seems to be the barbacoa, grilled lamb done in the style of Estila Hildalgo.

I saw a few people eating the mojajete which consists of beef, chorizo, chicken, and chile in a broth.

The place is noisy and can get jammed. I found the servers to be attentive and very polite even if somewhat limited in English. If you can speak some Spanish it would be an advantage.

Jan 21, 2009
hungerpains in California

6 in 1 tomatoes in palm desert

Palm Desert does not have big ethnic supermarkets within the city limits, but if you drive a few minutes south along Highway 111 you will find Cardenas Market in Indio. It is a fantastic market and part of the Cardenas Chain which is centered in Riverside County.

Nov 21, 2008
hungerpains in California

Best lunch in this area?

My wife and I went to Gold Mountain at about 12:00 on a weekday a few weeks ago. It was probably 75% full. We were seated at the last table in the back right side which was counter to the flow of carts. Also seated next to us was the only other non Asian in the place. We waited for about 5 minutes without a cart appearing. I got up and asked the hostess about seat reasignments since there were some available. She replied in the negative. We left without eating and walked over to Y Ben. We were seated in about 15 minutes with a couple of other customers. All were friendly as was the service and the dim sum was good.

I have now crossed Gold Mountain off our list. We also enjoyed Canton later in the week.

Las Casuelas in Palm Desert- best bets?

The background music is nice. Kidding aside there are many better and more athentic Mexican in the area. Try Soul of Mexico (if they still are in business) off of Jefferson. Nice atmosphere and some uncommon regional food. More down to earth would be Marario's or Los Campaneros in Indio which has a fantastic Siete Mares. Also El Mexicali which is a neat dive on Indio Blvd. or Mamacita on Cook St. for great breakfast especially chiliquiles.

Sep 17, 2008
hungerpains in California

Road trip from Palm Desert to Stockton via Bakersfield

Make the trip to the central valley often from Palm Desert. The Noriega Hotel in Bakersfield does have lunch although I think it might be on the weekend. You will have to contact them for hours. Both lunch and dinner are one seating so you have to be there at a certain time.

We always take Highway 58 from P.D. to Bakersfield. It has far less traffic and is more scenic but lacks decent food. You can stop at the cafe on the south east corner of the intersection of 395 and 58 at the signal. Breakfast is not bad and I think they bake their own pies.

Sep 17, 2008
hungerpains in California

Pollock Pines/ S. Lake Tahoe--Help!

Can't figure it out but no one has reported on Dante on the River which is east of Pollack Pines and a few minutes east of Pauli.

It is a beautiful place with views of the American River.

We stopped for lunch there yesterday and think the Italian food is the equal to any place we have experienced in the Bay Area. My wife had eggplant parmiagina which she declared the best she has ever had. I had the penne gorgonzola which had a rich gorgonzola sauce enhanced with a marinara that was absolutely fantastic. The eggplant came along with fresh vegetables that were yummy and ripe with garlic. It also came with a side of penne marinara.

All meals come with a nice ceasar salad and bread which is baked on the premises.

The wine list consists of many local wines. They serve beer but do not have hard liquor.

The cost for our two meals and 2 glasses of zinfidel was $40.65 before tip. I don't recall the open days but I recall they are open possibly from Wednesday to Sunday, but you had better call to make sure. The phone is 530 293-3457 and the address is 10946 Hwy 50, Pollack Pines.

Sep 13, 2008
hungerpains in California

Grocery Outlet September 2008

Westwood 2000 Syrah El Dorado County!!

I don't know if this is available in the Bay Area G.O., but last week I bought one bottle at the G.O. on Zinfidel in Rancho Cordova. It was so good that I returned and luckily they still had a small supply on the shelf. It is selling for $3.99 and to me it is an amazing bargain. I belong to a couple of local El Dorado County wine clubs and think this is as good or better than I have had at those wineries at a much higher price.

I did some research and evidently the grapes are from El Dorado County but the wine is produced in the Napa Valley.

If it is available at the Bay Area G.O.'s I would highly recommend giving it a try.

Hatch Chiles @ Raley's Market

Just went to the Raley's Market in Placerville. Fresh green chiles have arrived and are $1.00 per pound. Don't know how long they will last since the season is short.

Aug 20, 2008
hungerpains in California

Best Mexican - Madera

I interpreted the Taco Bell recommendation as a joke not serious and certainly not a help in answering your question.

Aug 17, 2008
hungerpains in California

Best Mexican - Madera

I hope this will be helpful which is the purpose of CH. I have found Madera to be a wasteland of decent food. If you can hold out until Merced I have found that Trevino's in downtown Merced more than adequate. Even though it is downtown parking is free and available on the street. It is only 30 or so minutes north of Madera.

Aug 16, 2008
hungerpains in California

Corti Bros. to Close Sacramento Store

According to the SacBee, Corti Bros. has lost their lease and will be closing Sept. 30. The owner says that the business still is profitable and they will be looking for a new location.

I hope that this transpires. Corti's is too good to lose.

Jul 29, 2008
hungerpains in California

Fresno - Never been need suggestions.

We love the Old Basque Hotel for the food and atmosphere. Always have a Picon Punch at the bar before dinner. The food is served at individual tables and is family style typical to Basque restaurants. Come hungry!

Jul 24, 2008
hungerpains in California

La Fornaretta in Newcastle--Sorry Pasadena

If you search the L.A. Board you will run across posts about La Fornaretta in Pasadena and complaints about it closing last year. It appeared to be well thought of by many Hounds and since they opened a new place in Newcastle, my wife and I decided to go for lunch today. Lunch is only served on Friday and Saturday but the lunch menu is very limited and I would recommend that you go for dinner.

The owner is Sicilian and ran a successful place in Pasadena until the Church of Scientology bought the building. The owner and his chef wife retired to Newcastle and after a few months decided to get back in the restaurant business. His wife's family is involved in restaurants in the Bay Area according to the waiter one in Berkeley and one in North Beach San Francisco which is no longer open (De Cocco's).

The food is Sicilian and is in an old rustic fruit shed in Old Town. It is sort of hard to find but it is on Main Street on the east side of the street. The bread served with the meal is fantastic served with an olive oil/vinegar dip.

Prices are very reasonable with lunch in the $8.00 range and dinner about $12 to $15. Service is friendly and the owner who is a very friendly person will probably be present. The wine selection includes local wines as well as Italian.

Jun 27, 2008
hungerpains in California

Current South Lake Tahoe Rest Recs!

I'm not sure what you mean by "fine" dining, but we were in SLT last week and had a great meal at JT Bar Dining Room in Gardnerville NV. The food is Basque and served family style. I had lamb chops (loaded with fresh garlic) and my wife had sweetbreads. Typical of Basque dining you get a bowl of soup, salad, entree, main course, wine, coffee, and ice cream.

The drive to Gardnerville is by way of the Kingsbury Grade and is about 12 miles and around 25 minutes from SLT. It is a spectacular drive with a fantastic view of the Carson Valley at the top of the grade.

Before dinner be sure and have a Picon Punch at the bar.

May 24, 2008
hungerpains in California

Grocery Outlet May 2008

We love Rio Grande decaf. I don't know if it is available at all Grocery Outlets, but we drive down to the Placerville store from the Georgetown Divide just to get it. We drink regular coffee during the day but at night prefer a good cup of decaf that tastes like coffee.

Mt. Signal Cafe - "puffy" quesadillas

We used to get these at a taco stand "Acapulco" on 3rd St. in L.A. (not the chain). The recipe we use to make them is 1/2 jack cheese 1/2 cheddar cheese in chunks. Spread flour tortilla with cream cheese (yes I really mean cream cheese) and add cheese and ortega green chiles. Roll up tortilla and secure with toothpick and deep fry in pan of oil that covers 1/2 of the rolled tortilla. Fry to golden brown and turn over to fry the other side. Fantastic!! but probably not heart healthy.

Feb 22, 2008
hungerpains in California