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Any good eats around Robbinsville NC or area?

Looking for anything either down home or fine. Any suggestions?

Fun dinner for 8 in Charlotte before the Police

Thanks! I'll send on to the rest of the crowd and we will try one of them out. With Carpe Diem and 300 East, would they be walking distance or cab?

Fun dinner for 8 in Charlotte before the Police

Where would you take a fun, rowdy crowd of foodies before the Police concert in downtown Charlotte within stumbling distance of the Bobcat arena?

The Cloister....Sea Island............

If you have fond memories of the way it was, allow those to stay memories because there isn't really a scrap left that was once there. It is grand and huge and lovely, and I agree that the Lodge is a wonderous place. I hear the men's changing room is a secret "club" of cocktails, cigars and something out of the old days. My buddy who runs the place wouldn't even let me peek. The old Cloister is gone but I know they are working hard to maintain perfection. I'll hold on to my memories... they were perfection enough for me.

Recs for lunch and dinner in Asheville NC?

My chef husband and I are going to Asheville, NC for a couple of days for his business. We will need a great place for at least two dinners and since I'll be alone for lunch, something fun and light for that. Any thoughts? Much appreciated and be happy to reciprocate for the Chapel Hill/Carrboro area.

anything good near Atlanta Aquarium

Thank you all! I have fond memories of La Coze back when I used to live in Atlanta and my father has been wondering where they had moved to in the city. Perfect! Thanks again!

Panciuto in Hillsborough, NC

I'll second that! We are actually going tonight my thrid time and they are fantastic. Pasta, bread and desserts all homade. Beats most Italian we have found around here.

Mistaken Identity in Chapel Hill

Thanks! I wanted to know if anyone remembered and I always thought Rick's food was pretty good.

Must-Visit Napa Wineries

Shramsberg Vinyards, for the American Sparkling and there Howell Mountain (Diamond Mountain?) Cab (fantastic history and tour of caves plus a lovely property) and Joseph Phelps for an overall view of winemaking in their tour and tasting program, great site for a pinic (make reservations).

anything good near Atlanta Aquarium

Going to Atlanta to visit with my father, 75, and could use a good close lunch spot. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance.

Mistaken Identity in Chapel Hill

I had read on a comment a while back that Vespa, in Chapel Hill, had given someone consistanly amazing food for the past twenty years, and the person mentioned, some of the best meals of their life. Though, not to knock Vespa, but I believe that they have only been in business 10 years and another place Mondo Bistro was there before. Does anyone else recall?

Easter brunch - Chapel Hill, NC area

It may take a miracle to get a reservation for Crook's Corner but certainly worth the try.
After you eat, it may be nice to take a stroll through the Twin's Garden on Gimghoul Circle. A pair of sister's who have lived and gardened together for many years (they are actively elderly) open their stunning outdoor wonderland for wanderers. Nice way to walk off desert. "The Garden is Open" is a book by pam pease and be found about the garden.