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South Lake Tahoe

I am Tahoe local and these are my recommendations for great food in Tahoe.

For my money the two best breakfasts in town are either Ernies, on the right hand side of Hwy. 50 before the "Y" as you get into town. Get there early, the wait can be murder especially on the weekend. Another breakfast favorite is The Driftwood Cafe, the original location is attached to the Driftwood Inn on Laurel Way (a small side street runs parallel to Hwy. 50 (Lake Tahoe Blvd.) just before the casinos. They also have a new restaurant which just opened in the Heavenly Center and can be seen from the Stateline Raleys parking lot as you face the gondola. Both, have great traditional favorites, biscuits and gravy, omelets, etc.

Unfortunately, I do not know of any place in town that serves lumpia or any type of authentic Fillipino food any more. There is really no good Chinese food either.

The newest, most reasonable and in my opinon best sushi in Tahoe these days is at Off the Hook. It is on the right side of Hwy. 50 (Lake Tahoe Blvd.) after you turn right at the "Y". It is in the shopping center with Whisky Dicks bar and the Fat City Food delivery company (great food delivery from 11-11, not the best pizza, best and biggest burgers in town). The owner used to be a sushi chef at another local restaurant, Waterwheel, but he left to start his own business. It is a local favorite for great food, reasonable food and the happy hour from 4:30-6 Monday through Thursday, select rolls up to $3.00, $2.00 saki, beers and appetizers. Try the Poki salad....

One of the best places for authentic tacos and burritos has to be Taqueria Jaliscos, a hole in the wall absolute favorite for locals with reasonable prices, large portions (burritos) and a terrific hand-cut salsa bar. It is on Harrison Avenue off of Hwy. 50 (Tahoe Blvd.), make a left hand turn as you head toward the casinos and it is directly behind Rojo's BBQ restaurant. And you may consider this odd, but my second choice for delicious, authentic mexican food is on the ground floor of the Lakeside Casino, it is called La Taberna, and let me tell you do not let the fact that it is in a casino put you off. Great authentic mexican food, start off your meal with the addictive tri-colored chips and salsa, they even have a traditional mexican goat dish on the menu if you are feeling really adventurous.

My final recommendation has to be for the Lake Tahoe Pizza Company, must try the whole wheat crust. The best pizza in Tahoe does not deliver, so be prepared to dine in, have a salad bar while you wait...

Hope this helps.

Apr 05, 2007
tahoelocal1 in California

please help-burgers in south lake tahoe

I am a Tahoe local and I will tell you the name of the burger place you are thinking of is Colombo's Burger-a-go-go. It is located on the right side of Emerald Bay Road just past the "Y" and right before Burger Lounge. In my opinion the burgers are not as good as the Lounge and certainly are not as large, but they do make their own bread fresh daily and are quite good in their own right.

Another great burger place in Tahoe, a locals favorite is Izzy's Burger Spa, located on Hwy. 50 (Lake Tahoe Blvd.) on the left side toward the casinos. A total dive, but great burgers.

Apr 04, 2007
tahoelocal1 in California