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Recommendations for Thanksgivng Dinner in a Restaurant

Hi. My family is coming to visit for Thanksgiving and because I'll be 8.5 months pregnant have suggested that we got out for a nice dinner instead of cooking.

I've looked around online for lists of places that have great meals on Thanksgiving and a lot of the places on those lists are now closed or the lists were years old.

Can you recommend restaurants for Thanksgiving dinner in DC or northern VA?

It needs to at least serve turkey as an entree option but other choices on the menu are fine too....but no buffet style places.

Thanks for your help and ideas...

Restaurant in the Village for NYE dinner?

Thanks for the replies....any other suggestions.

Perilla is the only place suggested that has availability - and while it sounds awesome the NYE menu seems very limited for our group.

Any other suggestions?

(Going in a totally different direction )What do you think of DBGB?

Dec 11, 2011
Kbfrancini in Manhattan

Restaurant in the Village for NYE dinner?

HI folks:
I'd love your help for some solid recommendations for a great dinner spot on New Year's Eve in the Village.

Last time we did this we had dinner at Blue Hill in the West Village and it was fantastic! Can you recommend some other great places we could try that would be appropriate for a NYE dinner (followed by meeting friends for drinks at a local bar party also in the Village) it doesn't need to be a place that has a special late seating for NYE, just a great place for foodies to make yummy noises and enjoy the ambiance.

Thanks so much!

Dec 10, 2011
Kbfrancini in Manhattan

Cheap & Cheerful in N. Arlington

Hi gang:

I'm trying to plan a dinner out this week with a couple we're friends with. They are definitely foodie types too.

I'm looking for some suggestions for a place to head for dinner that's "cheap and cheerful". Somewhere the food is still delish and atmosphere is fun!

Also are there any new places in Arlington to try out?

Any suggestions are welcome. I'd like to present them with a few suggestions to choose from.

Thanks in advance!!

DC Restaurants for Wedding Receptions?

Hi Mrs Wheatie:
I'd love to hear more about your experience with the Palomar. The photos of the ballroom they sent to me made the ceiling look very low. Is that the case?

What was your experience like? Did you have around 100 people with dinner and dancing?

Thanks so much!

DC Restaurants for Wedding Receptions?

Thanks so much for these suggestions. Unfortunately my budget is a bit more the Willard is out of my price range.

I have a call into the Palomar already - waiting to hear back.

The Church we will be going with is in downtown DC, so outside the city isn't going to work for us unfortunately.

Any other suggestions?

Thanks again!

DC Restaurants for Wedding Receptions?

Hi all.

I'm newly engaged and considering the possibility of choosing a restaurant for my wedding reception. I will have about 110 people and I was hoping to find a good restaurant to rent out that has a large open dining room that could accomodate a party of our size.

Has anyone been to a DC wedding reception at a restaurant that you've enjoyed?

Or can you think of any restaurant spaces that might accomodate a party like this?

Suggests are very welcome! Thanks SO much in advance!


Personal Chef in Northern NJ?

Hi there:
I would like to give a family member a gift certificate for a personal chef. They live in northern NJ about 30 mins outside of NYC. I've done some surfing and I see quite a few chef's that operate in that area...but I have no idea how to choose one for them. I'd really rather get some recommendations.

Can anyone recommend a personal chef that they enjoyed using or working with previously?

Thanks!! :)

East Village/Lower East Side - Best places to Eat?

we're open to different kinds of food...just want something a bit upscale...but worth the hype.

Oct 03, 2007
Kbfrancini in Manhattan

East Village/Lower East Side - Best places to Eat?

Hi there:
My boyfriend's 40th birthday is coming up...he wants us to head up to NYC so he can go to his favorite pub - Swift (east 4th street). I want to find a really great restaurant to have a nice dinner before we head to a pub-type place.

I'd rather go somewhere that has been endorsed than just pick a place from a Web search. Any recommendations for something upscale and delicious?


Oct 03, 2007
Kbfrancini in Manhattan

Neighborhood Rest. for New York Visitor - Arlington

I recommend Tallula, Sette Bello, or Cafe Asia. Harry's Taproom isn't a bad place to stop for a drink.

HELP! Need to find a Great Pub on the Upper West Side?

Hi...I'm heading to NYC and though I used to live there I'm way out of the loop on what's good there now. Meeting with friends who want to go to a great pub. We have to stick to the Upper West Side (I'm more familiar with the East side)...

Any suggestions?


Apr 04, 2007
Kbfrancini in Manhattan