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Best Burger

If you are in Northern NJ go to the Allendale Bar and Grill. Best burgers anywhere. I've been to most of the places listed here and the ABG beats them all. They serve a burger you will remember forever. And it's a great place for kids. Stay away from the White Manna (unless it's 4 AM and you're blind drunk!) and I also wouldn't go out of my way for Squires. In fact, when I lived nearby I avoided it! A really great warm-weather burger is at the Hoe-Down Grill at Stew Leonards--you sit outside and they grill the burgers over an open-air grill.

Best liquor store in Westchester for fine spirits?

Last year I had to put together a tasting of Russian Vodkas--all exclusive, elusive and hard to get. No one stocks them, but Varmax in Port Chester was able to order them for me. It took only a few days--less than a week to get what I wanted. NY State (like every state) publishes a list of what is allowed to be imported. Because it's NY they allow almost everything to be imported (CT isn't as in-depth). Look in that book and they'll order whatever you want. I researched the brands on line then went to Varmax and placed my order. That's how you get hard to find spirits.

Seeking good restaurants w/BYOB policy

Thanks! Where is Nessa and what is the cuisine? How are the prices?

Seeking good restaurants w/BYOB policy

Know of any good BOYB restaurants in Fairfield County CT? We found a great place for Italian food that allows us to bring our own bottle of wine (Tutti Invitati, in Westport)--and no corkage fee! But we'd like more. Know of any in Greenwich, Stamford, Darien or Westport?