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Amazing new Asian restaurant on Lakeshore/Mandana in Oakland!

I would say primarily Chinese - although some Thai influences

Amazing new Asian restaurant on Lakeshore/Mandana in Oakland!

We liked the Walnut Chicken, Poppin' Pork, Salt and Pepper Calamari and the Changsha beed (lots of cumin and hot peppers)

Amazing new Asian restaurant on Lakeshore/Mandana in Oakland!

We've craved a really good Asian restaurant on Lakeshore for the 10 years we've live in the area. Something on the lines of Kirin or Soi 4. We now have one! It is Lin Jia Asian Kitchen. The owners describe is as "We are an Oakland-based, contemporary, Asian, family-style restaurant. Many of the dishes we serve are what we eat at home. We use organic, sustainable, local ingredients when possible". We've been there twice and the food is really, really good. Fresh, not heavy, and just packed with flavor. HIGHLY recommended!

Wedding Rehearsal Dinner - Oakland?

Looking for a reasonably priced and nice restaurant for a rehearsal dinner for 12 the night before we get married.

Any recommendations? Was thinking about Di Bartolo on Grand Ave in Oakland, but would welcome feedback...

Would prefer to pass on Chinese/Asian cuisine, as we typically eat that several times a week already.


Grand Ave. time warp

Robeert - SO true about that Grand Avenue corridor. We've eaten at Sr Nero's and it's not bad. I have friends who do enjoy the Grand Oaks Restaurant, but the exterior is so dreadful, we've never taken the chance. The Prime Spot (Grand/Mandana) has a very good prime rib and does good chops/steak. Again though, the exterior and the interioris so dreadful, most people won't enter.

Wedding Cake in East Bay?

My Partner and I are ftying the knot and I'm looking for recommendations for a wedding cake? We were thinking Katrina Rozelle in the Rockridge district. Any other suggestions.

50 Guests.

$24.00 tiny Chicken breast from Pizzaiolo

So in my search for the Bay Area's best fried chicken we tried Pizzaolo on Saturday night. I had high hopes as Pizzaolo produces some of the best pizza in Northern California. I'd also heard from Chowhound postings that the semi regular firend chicken entree was noteworthy.

I received what had to be the smallest boneless chiken breast I've ever seen in my life. In addition to the paltry size, it was unsalted and had an odd and unappetizing curry taste.

I'm all for getting what you pay for and realize quality food does not come cheap, but this anorexic breast was a disturbing rip off.

Pizza at Pizzaiolo - DEFINITELY.
Fried chicken - save your money...

Seison Restaurant on Old Town Oakland?

Has anyone been to this Restaurant? I walked by it by chance and thought it looked like a lovely place. The menu looked interesting and it's in a very central location one block off of Broadway.

Please let me know what you think if you've been there.

Dinner at Camino in Oakland..

I had the mussle stew and the duck - both were really good. Partner had the fava salad and the whole fish. Also very good.

Also ready earlier posts about portion size - that has actually really changed. Portions were almost too big.

Dinner at Camino in Oakland..

My Partner and I had a very nice Dinner on Saturday at Camino on Grand Avenue in Oakland. We were a bit surprised with how small the menu was but everything we had was absolutely delicious and top notch! The menu had 3 starters (fava salad, mussel and fish stew and something else I can't remember. Entrees were a fabulous duck, a whole fish and a veggie dish. Dessests were divine too! The service was so warm and friendly. This place is a major find and one we will be back many times to dine at.

Paella in S. F recommendations

We love the Paella at Palamino. Its a staple on their menu and always really delicious. Plus, it's a lovely dining room overlooking the Embarcadero and the Bay and Bay Bridge.

Di Bartolo restaurant, Oakland-anyone been yet?

We live around the corner from Di Bartolo and have gone there more than a few times recently and really enjoy it. It has some very good tsater plactes : calamari fritto, ahi tuna tartare, pomme frites, etc and some good salads. They do a good thin crust pizza in a wood oven and have dinner specials. We enjoy going there- it's very good but not FABULOUS.

BEST Chinese Restaurant in Oakland

Sit down seating. Price not an issue. Would love to find someplace away from Chinatown if possible (parking drama).

BEST Chinese Restaurant in Oakland

BEST Chinese Restaurant in Oakland - HELP PLEASE!!!

We have lived off Lakeshore in Oakland since 2000, and have yet to find an exceptional Chinese Restaurant. Shin Shin on Piedmont Avenue is decent enough but not noteworthy.

Would love to hear from Chowhounds for recommendations.

Feedback on Epic Roasthouse

My Partner and I are going here for our 8th Anniversary and wanted to hear from Chowhounds that have dined at ER. Thanks in advance!

Dinner on Solano Avenue/Berkeley?

Morton - Thanks for the tip for Vanessa's. I checked out their website and we're sold! Sounds great. Looking forward to it tomorrow.

Dinner on Solano Avenue/Berkeley?

Open to any type of food. Price not an issue, very open to all different types: Asian, other ethnic, seafood,

Dinner on Solano Avenue/Berkeley?

Would like to get recommendations for DInner tomorrow someplace on Solano Avenue.

We've tried Rivolli already. Thanks for all suggestions!

Dinner around Beach Blanket Babylon Area?

Would welcome suggestions for a nice place to have Dinner around Club Fugazi in Nortth Beach. We would like to park near the Club and walk to somewhere nice before the show..

Flora 's in Oakland?

I wanted to see if anyone has tried Flora's on Telegraph by the old Fox Theater in downtown Oakland? The owner/chef there are also the owners of Dona Tomas in Oakland, and the advance buzz on the place is great with a pedigree like that.

We drove my it on Saturday and the menu and the room looks great.

Would love to hear from anyone that's been there.


Top of the Mark for Dinner?

Has anyone eaten at the Top of the Mark at the Mark Hopkins? Yes, we know it's touristy, but friends from out of town are staying there and would like to try it.


Restaurant near Nob Hill Masonic Auditorium?

We're going to see Kathy Griffin at the Masonic on California and Taylor in a few weeks and wanted recommendationbs for a restaurant nearby so we can park and walk to both.

Would love to hear from anyone.

Weekend lunch in Oakland

Try Pearl Oyster Bar or Olivetto on the 5600 block of College Ave. Both are open for Lunch at 11:30 on Saturdays.

Both are great options in the Rockridge District of Oakland!~

best french fried potatoes in san francisco?

I think that the "shoe strings" at Zuni are just too thin and really prefer a classic French
pomme fritte. They are sliced no greater than 1/2" wide and DOUBLE fried. That is they are fried normally, then oil is drained and after setting a bit, they are fried again. A dash of salt and you're in heaven....

Le Central makes them and they are divine.

Anyone been to Shen Hua in Berkeley lately?

Thinking of trying Shen Hua tonight and wanted recent feedback. Any other recommendations for Chinese on College Ave or Oakland area?

Best Chinese Chicken Salad suggestions?

After a unappetizing Lunch at Yank Sing for chicken salad, I wanted to put it out there that I would welcome feedback from you Guys for where in the SF-East Bay Area one can enjoy a delicious Chinese Chicken Salad? Sounds simple but I've yet to find it.

Best Pizza in Bay Area

After very exhaustive research - It really all boild down to this list in this order:

1. Pizzeria Picco
2. Dopo in Oakland (crisper crust and not like the readed floppy crust at Pizzaiolo
3. Delfina
4. Pizzaiolo

THE Top Dim Sum Place, please.

Yank Sing in the Rincon Center takes the local prize. Lot's to select from, great service, very, very fresh ingredients. Have been to Hong Kong on many occasions and this competes.

Has anyone eaten at One Market or Farallon lately?

We ate at Farallon about a month ago after going to the theater. The meal was really unmemorable - and not worth the relatively high bill. For appetizers, I had an unpleasent foie gras dish and my Partner had a really basic salad. For entreesm I had a lackluster sea bass dish and he had a "nothing special" soft shell crab dish.

All in all, we left rather blah about it.

Best thin crust pizza in Bay Area?


We've been on a pizza binge in the last 2 days. Dopo, Pizzaiolo and Pizzeria Picco in Larkspur and give the GOLD STAR to Pizzeria Picco. It was shatteringly crisp and tasty. The toppings were varied and interesting. It is definitely worth the drive to Marin. Try it.