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Durkee's Famous Sauce

I make another sauce out of this sauce it is wonderful on grilled chicken or steak.

Pour Durkee sauce into sauce pan add 1 stick of butter or margerine. Then low heat to melt butter. To the durkee jar add a tablespoon of lemonjuice and about 1/2 cup white vinegar shake well and add to sauce. Add garlic powder, salt and pepper to taste. You then add sugar to the sauce this again will be to your taste adding a little at a time to cut down the vinegar taste. It is so good but definitley not on the low cal side. (DO NOT LET THE SAUCE BOIL IT WILL SEPERATE!!!!!)

Dec 20, 2009
womenluvtofish in General Topics

Japanese Food in Atlanta?

This place is not in Norcross. It is the Doraville area on Buford Highway!

10 Best Southern Hotdogs?

My favorite is Brandi's Famous Hot Dogs- Cartersville Georgia and Marietta Georgia
*the chili dog is to die for, the chili is hot*
The Varsity-Atlanta
Nu-Way-Macon Georgia*has been there 1916

Jul 11, 2008
womenluvtofish in Southeast

Japanese Food in Atlanta?

go to and enter atlanta and type in the restaurant name and get the reviews from fellow yelpers. Don't be fooled by all the other sushi places this is the best
Sorry the link did not attach

Japanese Food in Atlanta?

You should go to a sushi place on Buford Highway Called Sushi House Hayakawa. Sit at the sushi bar and have him prepare the chef choice it is around 65.00 and soooo worth it. I have eaten sushi all over and this is the closest to NY City sushi I have ever had. They also have a great sake menu.
The place is small and quaint but this guy works magic. Your boss will not be disappointed. It is located at 5979 Buford Highway @ International
Plaza 770-986-0010. Only open for dinner. The link below are some reviews from Atlanta. They have been written up in the Atlanta Journal. AMAZING. The websit is still under construction but you can look and get the idea. Let me know how it was.

Atlanta - restaurants near the Carter Center

not sure when you are planning this but Agave is great! Cabbagetown near Carter Center
Amazing tequilas not sure on how many they have but is alot and the food and atmosphere is great!

Best Brunch Atlanta - Party of four please

The best buffet brunch by far is the Ritz Carlton Buckhead from prime rib and rosted leg of lamb, filet mignon and all the gracious side and casseroles, to stone crab claws, shrimp, caviar, sushi, all kinds of pastries, cheeses and breads as well as omlette station, eggs benedict, bacon, sausage and the normal stuff though it is jazzed up quite a bit. It is pricey at about 60.00 per head for adults. My husband and I have been many times and there are always well behaved children there with no problems this a must for a special event. I have eaten at several of the brunches mentioned below and many more even though they might be a little less expensive they do not compare. Call ahead for a seating because it does get busy but not overcrowded. I believe the first sitting is around 11:00 or 11:30. Alcohol is served on Sunday but not until noon or 12:30. Go and indulge yourselves and enjoy it is well worth it. The other thing is once you sit down they never rush you. Stay as long as you like.

Cheap Eats near ATL Airport?

The entire state of Georgia is smoke free. however there are some loop holes. If they serve anyone under 18 no smoking. If it is 18 or 21 and older only you can smoke so if you are an avid non smoker as I am beware.

Cheap Eats near ATL Airport?


I second and great atlanta food blogs.
They are Buford Highway foodies. Franks Ma's is great. There is also a great chinese place in Sandy Springs on Roswell Road off of 285 in the northern burbs called Canton Cooks it is like Frank Ma's authentic (order from chinese menu) If you like Pho' They are many on BH. Many great Korean places some are open 24 hours like tofu 88 and hae woo dae for korean bbq. But check out the blogs they list most of the greats. Don't forget to do the gravy and biscuits and oh yeah the grits while here. Welcome and ya'll come back now ya here.

Renaissance Waverly -Smyrna Georgia

The food is really good here. There Sunday Brunch is really good as well. Free Champagne too.

Hidden breakfast gems in the Atlanta area??

try J. Christophers

New to Savannah: Looking for good NON-chain places

My husband I went for the weekend to Savannah and found a great place it is called Billy's Place. It is above a pub. The food is fabulous and the service excellent.
The Pub is called McDonough's the address is 21 E. McDonough Street. You enter thru the side door of the pub and take the elevator upstairs. They serve dinner late until like 11:00 or 12:00 PM which is unusual for Savannah. Dont let the location fool you it is very very nice and they have live entertainment on piano. I would suggest reservations if you plan on dining early. They do not have a web site yet but google it and you will find some reviews.

Jul 25, 2007
womenluvtofish in Southeast

Just One Dinner in Atlanta

You might also try Wisteria in Virginian Highlands. Near Norcross in Duluth is a nice place called Sia's.

Southern Dining in GA

You might also try the Woodbridge Inn in Jasper. The setting is an old home. They even serve ostrich. Excellent food service and wine in a beautiful setting.

Atlanta on Sunday night

Canoe is the only one of the previous restaraunts I mentioned that is open on Sunday but the setting is beautiful and the food excellent. Call and make a reservation and let them know it is a special occasion and ask for river viw seating.

Atlanta on Sunday night

Try Canoe it is on the Chattahoochee River. You might also try The Dining Room at the Ritz Buckhead. Also Anthony's is very romantic. The all are relatively expensive but good food.

What To Do At Korean BBQ? (Buford Hw etc., Atlanta)

Those 30$ items are large soups or stews cooked at the table. Usually instestine or seafood. They are meant for when you have several people sharing.

Dinner & Drinks in Buckhead

I second Bluepointe. However Capital City Grill is good and has a great bar.

My Charlotte Recommendations

I will be in the Charlotte area next week any good recommendations on Sushi, Vietnamese Pho' and Korean

Looking for restaurants ATLANTA

There are many great places to eat in Atlanta. Depending on your taste there is Bone's it has been around forever its on Piedmont near Peachtree in Buckhead. The steak are aged and the lobsters are to die for. Zagat survey 27 food 26 service. Any of the Buckhead Life Restaurant Groups are great. Also for great sushi there is MF Sushi in Midtown It stands for Magic Fingers. It is quaint and great. You may also try Anthony's. It is also located on Piedmont right off Peachtree in Buckhead. Another website to look at is You click on restaurants in the top left corner, it will then list by cuisine. It is accurate. They also have chef reviews. Seegers is gone but it was simply quaint and overpriced. The Dining Room is nice but to me not worth it. If you want a great Sunday Brunch however the Ritz Buckhead is fabulous. They everything from caviar to prime rib. Belive me it is not your average Brunch. But you need to call now for seating they begin seating at 11 am every 30 minutes. The dining area is not that large and it is very popular the cost is around 60.00 each. By the way on Sunday if want champagne or any other adult beverage they can't serve until 12:30. So we always go and get started around 12:00 and the flow the champange. Oh
yeah you may try the Sundial on top of the Peachtree Plaza it is beautiful and the restaurant and bar rotate. I have not eaten there since it changed hands a while back but what I have heard from several people it is now very very good. If you don't go for dinner at least go for dinner at sunset. They do charge a few if you are not dining. But it is worth it. If I think of anything else I will let you know.