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Long Island Eats (low-key)

I think you could throw Garden City, Rockville Centre, and Great Neck in that mix, too. Lots of choices, steps from train stations that are likely within 45 minutes.

Good Burger at a Sit Down on LI?

The Burger Spot in Garden City is actually quite good, with good salads (gasp) to boot. High quality, creative, but not too hokey.


Sign is up. Could be opening soon. Anyone heard anything? Please tell me it's of a different ilk than the rest in town.

Puglia of Little Italy any good...opening in place of City Cafe July

Never been to this place, in the city or East Meadow. Seems they will create a supper club in place of the City Cafe on Stewart Ave. in East Garden City. Worth checking out?

East Garden
460 County Road 111 Unit 3, Manorville, NY 11949

Day Boat Cafe (Roslyn) an excellent meal

The new Dayboat is to open sometime soon in Roslyn, next door to Yuzu. Same owners are the Irvington place.

Any News On Bar Frites in Roslyn?

Anyone been? I like Cipppolini and Toku and Bar Frites was packed both times I passed by. Looks good.

Limani vs. Trata, a little Kalamaki, too

Love Limani, haven't been to Trata. Also, anything about Kalamaki (from the Trata folks)?

1043 Northern Boulevard, Roslyn, NY 11576

Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza to open mid July in Carle Place, LI --HURRAY!!!

Hale and Hearty is great. All fresh made each day. Much better then Panera.

For Sushi, just go into GC and get Mumon or Jin East.

Louie's Pizza in the same shopping center is good. Or go to Grimaldi's in GC, Scotto's behind the Source, or Mama Theresa's in GCP on Jericho Tpke.

Greek Corner is good. Yummy Gyro in WP is good, too. Greek Town Grille was not great in CP (Westbury Rd), but I'll have to try again...just opened. Trodos on OCR across from Source looks very promising.

Oh yes, Sugar in the Staples shopping center looks awesome with a top chef.


New Places in Garden City, LI

Taste was great.

388 in Roslyn

Anyone heard anything about this new place? It's replacing Riodizo.

Coffee Micro Roaster Manhasset

This is great. I'll have to give it a try. Must be new since the website has a bunch of links to nowhere. Any recs?

Mumon...hands down BEST Japanese on Long Island

This is 100% true. I can't understand how it's not more busy. I hope it sticks around b/c it's great. And they run so many amazing specials, too.

Luzzo's Coal Oven Pizza - Westbury

It's now Scotto's. Same chef, similar menu but larger. A bit cheaper (couple bucks per pie). Supposed to be better ingredients, etc. Spoke to Gino Scotto the other day. We'll see. Hope it works out.

Luzzo's Westbury

Luzzo's is now Scotto's. Same, but expanded menu. Supposed to be better ingredients. Same head chef. Lower (not low) prices. Hope it works.

New Places in Garden City, LI

New to 7th...maybe an upscale-ish place called Pure Burger Garden City. Should be good.

double date spot - north shore LI

Never been, but heard good things... - PW

Also, perhaps - Americana Manhasset - Roslyn - Roslyn


Another sushi place is opening in Garden City. I mean, c'mon. Jin East and Mumon are really great places. Some of the best, if not the best, on LI. But another. This, plus Sushi Ya, will be 4 places. What?

This is at 100A Seventh St. Used to be an architect. Anyone know about this place?

Natural Market in Garden City, LI

Just wanted to extole the virtues on Natural one more time.

The butchering in this place is getting better and better. They really butcher. They get whole Murray's chickens from upstate and butcher daily. They get huge sides of beef and cut up their own cuts, like this amazing bone-in prime sirloin. Was on a diet for a while, but now I know, even the bread is great. Much from Tom Kat.

Very friendly and always helpful. Excellent, varied, conventional, asian, etc. Great cheese section, good sushi, great beers.

Prepped food is great all the time. Head chef used to do catering at Fairway.

Still going to Fulton Fish market at 5AM for seafood.

Hope more and more people patronize this place. All the people I tell in town love it.

Plus, free delivery over $50.

Sripraphai is opening a second branch in Williston Park

Yes. And a Google warning.

Any word on Trata Roslyn?

Looking forward to trying this out. Just opened yesterday I think. Love Limani "down the road" so it would be great if this is as good.

Good Eats Near Hofstra?

Tasty Crepes moved to the Country Glen Center (Old Country and Glen Cove Rd.).

NYC To Nassau?

The prosciutto, arugula pie was excellent, crisp. No buff mozz, though. Buff was not bad either, really.

GREAT fried dough/meatball app. Also, excellent baked stuffed artichoke app.


Luzzo's in Westbury seemed like it will be a winner.

I also like Contro Cucina on Glen Cove Rd. in Greenvale. Nice panninis, pies, and apps.

Just tried Louie's Brooklyn on Jericho in Huntington. I really like the Margherita. Huge pie and slices. Not as thin as anticipated but nice crust, good mozz, excellent sauce, a little garlic on the crust. Nice rice ball and sauce, too.

NYC To Nassau?

As of this past Mon. Nice looking inside.

Went in to get menu, ordered some nice strawberry gelato for daughter. 5 flavors change daily, While waiting, Mr. Luzzo and father brought over 2 nutella zeppoles...excellent. Bartender gave me a slice of his own pie...very nice sausage pie...good sauce, crisp crust, excellent sausage.

Will be going there for a "real" meal soon.

Sripraphai is opening a second branch in Williston Park

Called Queens. Should be open middle of October.

NYC To Nassau?

Anyone notice the small, though notable, NYC additions to the Nassau scene? I, for one, am quite excited, but what do you think is prompting this? Here's just a few places.

1) Luzzo's in Westvury
2) Trata in Roslyn
3) Sripraphai Williston Park
4) Crumbs in Woodbury
5) Ethos in Great Neck

Favorite Long Island Restaurants

Some bakeries etc. in there too.

Garden City: Mumon, Jin East, Grimaldi's, Asian Moon, Wild Fig, Paninoteca, 7th Street Cafe, Dolce Cafe, Waterzooi, Novita
Garden City South: La Bottega, Cafe Borocco, Umberto's
Mineola: Circa, Mi Ranchio Express, Mo' Joe Coffee
Roslyn: Thyme, Diane's (Restaurant and Bakery), Besito
Americana Manhasset Area: Cippolini, Toku, Limani, Il Mulino, Bryant & Cooper
Great Neck: Ethos, Peter Luger's
Carle Place: Greek Corner, Schwartz Chocolate, Cardinale Bakery, Hale & Hearty, Louie's Pizza, Lemonleaf
Westbury: Cafe Formaggio, Little Mexico, Azerbajian Grill, Canz Bar and Grill, Pollos El Paisa
Woodbury: Nisen Sushi
Huntington: Prime, Oaxaca, Honu
Hempstead: Pollos Mario, Pollo Campero, El Porton
Franklin Sqare: Croxley's

I can't think any more right now.

Looking forward to trying:
Porto Vivo in Huntington
Cupcake Corner in Garden City
Trata in Roslyn
Brooks and Porter, San Marzano, Burger 9 point 5 all in Merrick
Luzzo's in Westbury
Sugar in Carle Place (replacing Ciao Baby)
Maize Cantina in Commack

Favorite Long Island Restaurants

I really enjoyed the couple times I went to Toku. Overall good experience...fine service, great vibe, nice menu, good food...both cooked and not.

I also love Cippolini in the same Americana. Great, simple trattoria-type food. Similar attributes to Toku...same owners.

El Tango Steak House, Great Neck LI

Anyone been? Any comments?

Nassau County Italian with Good Ambiance, Food & Prices?

Just tried Circa, on Jericho in Mineola. Excellent.

For $12.50 lunch special (on Sat, too), we got a nice salad served in a bowl with 2 ice cold plates (nice touch). Nice bread basket. Wife got 3 baked clams, I got 3 fresh ravioli. Main I got nice grilled pork chop with potatoes in a nice butter, sweet onion, hot pepper sauce. Wife got excellent Chicken Franchese. Dessert was some ice cream and a big cannoli.

3 apps, 3 entrees, 3 desserts as salad for $12.50. Nice place, too.

Great food and deal.