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El Chile Coming to Northwest Hills

This cannot be true! Dare I hope? El Chile is one of my favorite restaurants and I happen to live very close.... I've always thought the Mesa Hills location was terrible, so it's interesting that they'd choose to go there, but ah well...

To answer your question, the BEST thing on the menu at the original EC is the Chicken Mole Enchiladas. The sauce is to die for. I also love their Chilango spicy margarita. They have a great brunch menu.

Apr 16, 2008
MBrox in Austin

one Tex-Mex meal in Austin

VIVO would be my suggestion on Manor. It's kitcshy in a cool Austin way and has great food. I like their puffy tacos.

Apr 01, 2008
MBrox in Austin

very special romantic birthday dinner

We love going to Bistro 88. The food is fabulous and the fact that it is in a strip mall and has glow in the dark battery-operated jellyfish in an aquarium in the middle of the restaurant is definitely "memorable." Not sure what you're going for in regard to being memorable, but for me, the Miso Sea Bass there is like eating candy... It's where we go for all our special/ romantic occasions. We even got engaged there.

Mar 26, 2008
MBrox in Austin

Downtown eating: not expensive, Mexican or chain?

My family is divided into northies and southies (part of town, that is). Whenever we want to go out to dinner together, we try to meet somewhere in the middle downtown. We seem to always wind up going to Z Tejas, for some reason. It's consistently good and a good location/easy parking. Can you recommend somewhere in the immediate downtown area you like that's not Mexican, expensive or a chain (we love Mexican, but for this particular meal, my elderly grandma will be joining)? Maybe something in the $11-20 entree range, but no more. I find Moonshine rather meh... that's the suggestion currently on the table.

Thanks in advance...

Mar 26, 2008
MBrox in Austin

"Taste" - new wine store/bar on Cesar Chavez @ Guadalupe?

There is an article about it in this week's business journal (no idea why keying in Birmingham here :)

Feb 14, 2008
MBrox in Austin

Need Wedding Cake: Austin, Texas, HELp!

I third Michelle's Patisserie. She was very reasonably priced for the gorgeous and tasty cakes we got. She has a kick bones tres leches cake!

Dec 10, 2007
MBrox in Austin


I am coming into this post far too late, but wanted to say that the vanilla cupcakes with the vanilla frosting are to die for at Lucys. I am not a huge fan of her cakes, otherwise, but the cupcakes do it for me.

Michelle's Patisserie makes a great tres leches cake. We had her make one for our wedding cake. Strange to say, but Hula Hut has my favorite tres leches cake in town. Yum!

Oct 11, 2007
MBrox in Austin

Has anyone been to J. Black’s Feel Good Lounge on W. 6th?

Have you ever been to the Side Bar over on Red River and 7th? Has kind of the feel you were talking about.

Aug 03, 2007
MBrox in Austin

Lamberts- huh?

we went to Lamberts for the first time last night. while we were pleased with the overall quality of the food, it was not a particularly impressive experience. service was terrible. our waiter was mia for most of the meal. after waiting about 25 minutes for our main course, waiter was still mia and when we did track him down, we had to ask for cornbread after seeing it on other people's tables. the sides were $6 and supposedly "family style" which to me makes me think of a large bowl you share. no. try a side dish size. a large bullet of ranch style beans with a little feta on top? when we got our main course, the portions, too were very small.

i don't mind paying a little more for a nice meal, but I thought that the "wow" factor was missing in this place, as well as some sustenance. Here's a tip... if you want a great bbq/southern type meal in Austin, go to the Salt Lick or Hoovers.

has anyone else been there?

Apr 04, 2007
MBrox in Austin

One dinner in Austin, where to go

i'd recommend fonda san miguel an interior mexican restaurant- a bit pricey, but perenially one of austin's best-

or for a more casual dining experience, go to el chile on manor rd. just north of downtown. their mole enchiladas are lick-the-plate worthy and you can try a spicy margarita, if you are so daring.

it has sort of a chain-ish feel, but hula hut is all-austin. it's a Mexo-nesian restuarant on lake austin. great chips and salsa, great atmosphere and fab thai bbq fajitas. bet you don't have mexo- nesian in boston. enjoy austin!

Apr 03, 2007
MBrox in Austin