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You can buy them at Whole Foods or Trader Joes or look online and see who carries them near you. I love Tofurkey Roasts! I usually baste them during the baking process so that they don't dry out. I've used orange juice and brown sugar and also a basic olive oil and herb glaze. I like to bake root vegetables with it. GOOD LUCK and have fun!!!

Dwntwn L.A. dinner before Opera

Planning a night out with my husband and want to find a great, unique, interesting place to have dinner prior to the opera at the Chandler Pavilion.
Downtown and veggie friendly.

Tamarind Ave. Deli...yum and yay!

Just had a stellar Tuna Sandwich with Swiss from the Tamarind Ave. Deli, which just opened. Great fresh meats and cheeses, VERY simple NY style deli, awesome chewy baguette. SO HAPPY to have a good sandwich shop in the 'hood. Super friendly, not super fast, but I didn't care. Sandwiches run around $8.

1471 Tamarind Ave., Hollywood, CA 90028
just off Sunset by Sunset Gower Studios.

ISO Good Healthy Tasty Takeout in Hollywood

Looking to feed myself at lunch time in Hollywood and not gain 5000000 pounds in the process.
Anyone know good/great/amazing healthy, veg, or vegan places in Hollywood that do take out.

Shhhh... Dumpling Master.

Yeah the handmade noodle with shrimp are pretty rad.

I need to fix my La Pavoni espresso machine!!

I just called and they said they can't repair a La Pavoni machine.
He said something about Fears or you know anything about them?

Dueling Dumpling Houses Open In Monterey Park

I'm so excited! Thank you! I love to eat dumplings on Saturday night, then cruise 99 Ranch Market for fun snacks.

Shhhh... Dumpling Master.

I didn't tell you, but, Dumpling Master at 423 N. Atlantic Blvd in Monterrey Park has the best pan-fried veggie dumplings I've ever eaten.

Scoops on Heliotrope

sweet!!! Anymore news on this??!!

I need to fix my La Pavoni espresso machine!!

Help! I am trying to find a shop or a person here in the Los Angeles area who can repair La Pavoni espresso machine. I figured fellow fine coffee drinkers might have some tips!


Help me cater my lunch!


I am catering a lunch for my daughters birthday party in Silverlake on May 3rd and need to find GREAT place to supply all the nibbles for 40 people, many of them young children.
I am thinking gourmet sandwiches and other morsels. I REALLY REALLY wanted Auntie Em's but they are booked, so if you have any suggestions of places similar or better, that would ROCK. Money is not really an issue.
Thank you!

Best "Indie" Chocolates in L.A.??

thank you kindly!

LA for 4 days--Vegetarian friendly

hey Jennifer...
I'm a veggie and my fave places to eat in L.A. are...
Paru's Vegan Indian on Sunset
M Cafe on Melrose and La Brea
Polka in Eagle Rock (crazy Polish amazingness!! Best perogies ever.)
Fred 64 on Vermont in Los Feliz (great diner)
Cafe 101 on Franklin near Gower (also great diner)

Enjoy your and stay!

Best "Indie" Chocolates in L.A.??

Hey Chowhounds...
I want to buy my honey a big box of artisan chocolates for X-mas and was hoping you all could school me in the best independently owned chocolatiers in L.A.
Thank you!

New! Best! Amazing in the SFV...

thank you kindly

New! Best! Amazing in the SFV...


New! Best! Amazing in the SFV...

Thank you Diana! If I make one writer happy every other day, I'm winning the war.

New Restaurants in the East SFV??

I was wondering if anyone has seen any new restaurants open up in the East San Fernando Valley. Any style, any price, just make it good and make it kinda close.

Scoops on Heliotrope

THE BEST EVER EVER EVER...i love how he starts handing you samples the minute you walk in...+ so inventive and unique. It make me happy.

The Great Greek

I am, no joke, eating take out from Great Greek as I type this!!! I am lunching on the Vegetarian Platter which includes Hummus, Tabouli, Tziki, Baba, Feta, salad, spanakopita, rice, veg, fava beans....OH MY GOD SO GOOD!!!! Eat up!

New! Best! Amazing in the SFV...

Hello Chowhounds!
I am a coordinator for a tv show in Studio City and it is my job to make sure the writers are happy every single day. One of my jobs is to coordinate lunch and dinner for a staff of 12-15 people daily. I am hoping you all could give me some suggestions of great NEW, BEST, and AMAZING places within a 5 mile radius of Studio City that I could treat my writers too. THEY LOVE it when I give them a menu for a place they've never been.

Usually we try not to spend more than $15 per person per meal and the place should be able to accomodate take out orders for 12-15 people.

Thank you!!!!!

best place for a three martini lunch in SFV

SO...We actually ended up going to Hungrey Cat in Hollywood on Sunset.
And it was amazing. The best Fish Tacos ever and the cocktails were a huge a short drive back to the valley. THANKS TO ALL WHO RESPONDED!

best place for a three martini lunch in SFV

I am taking a client out for lunch tomorrow...she loves to drink and she loves to talk...happily, I love to drink and love to listen.
Any suggestions of a great place near Studio City to have great cocktails, a superb lunch, and not get hasselled by the wait staff to pack it up after an hour?
Hollywood and West Hollywood ok too.

Candy Bars Worth Crossing State Lines For

I am CRAZY about Twin Bings!! I grew up in Nebraska and always buy a few for cupboard back home in LA.

Apr 25, 2007
Monkwell Slovenia in Features

Frugal First Date Tonight In Studio City/NOHO...where to go??

I have a first date tonight and want to impress but don't have tons of dough.
Anyone know of any great places to nosh anywhere in NOHO??

Killer East Indian food?

I have not only found one great Indian place in two years in LA, Paru's on Sunset.
PLEASE enlighten me!
Also...what dishes do you love there?
Thank you.....

Pinkberry-Studio City location, was just there!

Want crave-able? (is that a word?) Studio Yogurt right around the corner (on Laurel Canyon and Ventura) from Pink Berry usually has at least one flavor of "Eskimo" brand frozen custard....holy shnike is is creamy and amazing! But's actually dessert and not an "after workout treat".

Pizza:Studio City/Sherman Oaks

well...they deliver and it is actually a good thin crust. I like it... have tried a bunch of delivery in my area and this the best pie I've found that will come to my door. + The ceasar is good too.

Pizza:Studio City/Sherman Oaks

I live in the Stu (my nickname for Studio City) and have discovered that Big Mama's and Papa's Pizza has great thin crust pizza for delivery. I get it every week while drinking cheap champagne and watching America's Next Top Model...but don't let that fool you, I know a good thin crust pizza when I taste it.

Cold Press coffee at Kaldi in Atwater Village

This sounds awesome! I remember Toddy being brewed at the coffee shop I used to work at years ago in Nebraska, but kind of forgot about it, also, wasn't aware of the lower acidity! Anyone know how to make it with out buying a bunch of stuff?