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Asian Court update

Wife and I went for dim sum a few weeks ago, we both enjoyed. In fact, we went to Jesse Wong's Hong Kong for dim sum the week after to compare, she preferred the flaovrs of Asian Court. Personally, I liked the variety of Jesse Wong's better, but it's nice to have Asian Court around.

Flemings or Capital Grille in Bmore?

On friday, I want to try a steakhouse I haven't been to yet in Baltimore. Flemings and Capital Grille are those two steakhouses (loved Capital Grille in DC, just haven't been to the Baltimore one). (I've read/heard terrible reviews about Jordan's, so I'm not going there on my dime.) I couldn't find anything on this board about Flemings in Bmore. Any suggestions? I've been to all three Ruth's Chris steakhouses, Morton's, Prime Rib, and Shula's, looking to try something else.

Reasonably-priced DC steakhouse

do a search on this board, there are tons of steakhouse debates. there's almost universal agreement that the best bang for your buck is ray's the steaks in NoVA. i'm not sure how close it is to a metro, but their sister restaurant, ray's the classics is just a few blocks from the silver spring metro.

il mulino- good food, awful service

me and my 3 co-workers went for restaurant week- they were out of 1/2 the RW items, so we ended up ordering off of their regular prix-fixe menu instead (3 courses for $27, as opposed to $20.08 for RW). the food options on the p-f menu were pretty expansive, and we were all happy w/ the food we got. i had fried calamari appetizer (good), sliced steak (cooked as rare as i requested), and flourless chocolate cake for dessert. (great). however, the service was the worst ever, to the point of being comically bad. our waiter was so awful (who looked like horation sanz from SNL) we wondered if we were on a hidden camera show. sadly, we were not. and the guy was not horatio sanz.

this exchange at the beginning of the meal is illustrative of how awful the service was- my dining co-worker: "can you help us select one these 3 barbarescos?" waiter: "um, sure. all 3 of those wines are made from grapes. the $30 bottle is the cheapest. $70 is the most expensive. people usually order the $45 bottle." co-worker: "is there anyone else who can help us?" waiter: "why? what else would you need to know?" it only got worse from there, so there's no point boring you guys w/ the details. anywho, the food itself made it worth going to on someone else's budget. one of my co-workers had a ravioli w/ champagne sauce that is really really good. dessert was terrific too. if you go and get seated in fake-horation sanz's section, ask to move. the food is worth going.

Thanksgiving dinner in Baltimore: here's my list - please help me pick

My experience at Corks was awful. I don't know why people keep recommending it. Overpriced, boring food. ugh.

Irish pubs in downtown D.C.?

2 places I can think of- Mackey's over by the Farragut North/Dupont Circle area, and Fado, over by Gallery Place/Chinatown. I'm not vouching for the authenticity of either one, I just know they are "irish-themed."

Best Restaurant Made Drinks in Bmore

I believe Captain Larry's has 1/2 price Dark & Stormy's when it rains...

Looking for a good chinese restaurant

What about in the city? I live in Locust Point- anything worthwhile that might deliver? The 3 places I've ordered from are awful- Sun Hing, Hunan Empire and Taste Chinese.

Bobby Van's

If you go to Bobby Van's, your best bet is to NOT order steak. My boss LOVES Bobby V's for some reason, so we end up going there a lot for lunch. But, he never actually orders steak. I will say, I am always happy with all their non-steak items. Their service is top notch too. I feel the quality of their meat is inconsistent, and even when you get a nice marbled cut of meat, they burn it, regardless of how rare you order it. Not a nice crusty sear, which I appreciate, but actually carbonized- like someone dropped it into a campfire and then took a few minutes to fish it out.

Anyone heard of this new Balto Restaurant?

Is this a joke? a "white table cloth" restaurant in the 3000 block of GREENMOUNT? I'm seriously not trying to be funny or jerk here. I went to Hopkins and am very familiar with that neighborhood- has it changed that much since I graduated 4 years ago?!!

Aloha Tokyo- anyone been?

Saw in the Baltimore Sun food blog that it was supposed to open today- new Japanese place in Locust Point. Anyone know if they did indeed open, and if so, how's the food?

Baltimore Cupcake Company...

I am usually the who suggests BCC when people ask for a cupcake/dessert recommendation. However, my wife just had a really weird/bad experience there- she dropped in to pick up 15 cupcakes to take to a BBQ, and was lectured in a really obnoxious tone that she "really needs to call ahead for such an order" because BCC is "soo busy."

Am I right to be annoyed? If your business is cupcakes, is it too absurd to assume that you can handle a person coming in to buy a dozen or so cupcakes without getting attitude? Shouldn't you be happy that people want to buy a dozen at a time? My wife didn't say anything b/c she wanted the cupcakes w/o spit on them, but seriously, what's with the attitude? You get written up in Baltimore Magazine, and you turn nasty? Not cool BCC, not cool....

Five guys near JHU?

A Big Daddy Pub Burger at CVP is great. Been a few years since I've had one, but I remember the trick was to never put it down- it falls apart b/c its so juicy if you do.

I still really like 5 Guys, the problem is the inconsistency between the various franchises. Some have soggy fries, some press all the juices out of the burgers, some give you the true 5 Guys experience.

Breakfast in DC. Where are you?

Over by GW, downstairs from Lindy's Red Lion is Lindy's Bon Appetit, a carryout place that serves a nice greasy, inexpensive breakfast. Not sure how early they open, but not bad for $5....

around the 2000 block of I Street NW...


Not even 10am and I'm craving one! How about in Baltimore- any good cheesesteaks? Any place actually use cheez wiz?


yes, please report back. maybe my so-so experience was unique.


Not sure what price range Jes is looking for, but there are a few places I would be much happier going to for dinner. Saffron (though I saw the chef is leaving soon, not sure when), Tio Pepe, Charleston (very expensive), Brewer's Art, B bistro, Prime Rib, Capital Grille, Pazo (may be too noisy for a nice romantic dinner).

As far as other places to avoid- Nasu Blanca (ok, but overpriced) Morton's (worst service i've ever received), Louisiana (again, just ok, nothing spetacular).

Maybe I'm too picky, but I don't think so. I just think that when you commit to spending $20+ per entree, and more for appetizer + wine + dessert, you shouldn't leave a restaurant feeling like the meal was just ok. Corks is just ok.


I posted about Corks a few weeks ago. My wife and I went and ate off of their "10 year anniversary" menu. So disappointing. Nothing was particularly bad, it's just that nothing was great. If you're going to dinner for a special occassion, I would look elsewhere. I just don't understand how that place stayed in business for 10 years. A decent duck salad appetizer, a very forgettable steak for me and a boring fish dish for my wife. Dessert that was fine, some chocolate thing that was also very forgettable.

Crab Feast for 75 in Baltimore?

We got 2 bushels to go from LP Steamers this past weekend for a Memorial Day crabfeast and they were GREAT. Very heavy, bigger than I expected, good flavor. I've had hit or miss experiences w/ them in the past so I was weary when my wife suggested it, but I am thrilled we went w/ LP Steamers for carryout.

Obrycki's is just ok in my opinion- I prefer the Old Bay style seasoning to their black pepper-heavy version. I think their location is not nice enough for a rehearsal welcome-to-town party- inside is fine, but the outside can be a bit too Baltimore for some.

Bo Brooks is a nice location, nice for out of town guests.

My friends are having the exact same thing as you are- "rehearsal dinner/crabfest," and they're renting the entire patio at Captain James Landing...


Well, I must say we were pretty disappointed last night. Not because the food was bad, it just wasn't great or even good- it was just so so. For $100 on dinner for 2 people, there are many places you can get great food. Wine was fine but very pricey. The suggested duck salad was the best thing we ate, and even that didn't blow us away. My wife had the trout w/ mushrooms & a porcini buerre blanc which was very average, and my filet (they served filet instead of hanger steak) was over-cooked (i asked for the steak medium-rare, it came out cooked all the way through) and just boring. dessert was devil food cake w/ chocolate mousse- the devil food cake was bland, mousse was ok. the service was fine, but ultimately, i just wonder how they managed to stay in business for 10 years. did the place used to be great? with so many better options around, i just wonder why anyone would go there.

Taiwanese Hamburgers

ah...those are VERY good. didn't realize those steamed buns were called "taiwanese hambugers" :). good luck finding a place around DC, my asian grocery exploits always take me up to rockville pike, unfortunately....

Taiwanese Hamburgers

What makes the hamburger Taiwanese?


Going to dinner at Corks tonight. Any particular recommendations? I see they're doing a 10 year anniversary menu, does anyone know if that means they won't have their "regular" menu going too?

Fogo de Chao

hilarious DanielK. have to agree.

as far as Fogo goes, it's a fun event. you go to see how much meat you can stuff into your body. food coma sets in early, but you have to fight through it and eat every kind of meat that comes to your table. don't waste your time @ the salad bar, though it is great.

Celebratory dinner for 2 in Baltimore

I have to agree- if price isn't a concern, Charleston is by FAR the best restaurant in Baltimore. Incredible food, great service. Can't be beat.

Recent Saffron visits?

Haven't been in two months, but my wife and I loved it the few times we went. She always got the same thing- scallops over risotto, though just looking at their menu online, it's not on there. The fois and duck are great and some seafood stew that i can't remember the name was awesome (imagine an asian flavored cioppino, if that makes any sense). i was impressed that the chef was actually in the kitchen cooking, which i shouldn't be impressed with, but I find it's kind of rare, isn't it? anyway, definitely go, this post reminds me that I want to go back soon.

Red Square in Baltimore

I went a few months ago for my brother-in-law's birthday party (his wife and her whole family is Russian). I don't know the name of any dish I ate, but they were all pretty good. Since it was a party, there was tons of food- chicken, lamb, fish, all sorts of veggie dishes including tons of pickled stuff and even some sushi, which I found a bit odd. I guess this probably doesn't help you much since I can't identify anything, but my point is, I had a good experience there. Oh, and I drank way too much vodka.

Best Foie Gras In DC/VA/MD?

Agreed- the preparation of the foie at Charleston is just awesome.

Where to get a good, but small cake in Baltimore?

Baltimore Cupcake Company down in Locust Point on Fort Ave. Best cupcakes ever, they put Magnolia Bakery in NYC to shame. Never had their cakes, but if it's the same batter and frosting, you won't be disappointed.

Lunch around McPherson Square/White House?

Thanks for the places. Keep them coming :) . Got a "philly cheesesteak" from Breadline today. Not at all philly-style, but pretty good. Lots of things on their menu looks great, looking forward to going back. Also, I was told to go to the Burrito Cart Guy, but then I found out there's 2 of them. Anyone know which one is worth it?