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Help! Dad's in Naples and I want to gift him with a nice dinner!

Thanks for the suggestions. Campiello and Trulucks both seem like good options as far as ambiance goes.

Dec 11, 2011
Ratatouille in Florida

Help! Dad's in Naples and I want to gift him with a nice dinner!

No suggestions?

Dec 09, 2011
Ratatouille in Florida

Help! Dad's in Naples and I want to gift him with a nice dinner!

Hey folks,

I live up north, and my dad and his fiancee live in Naples and I was going to gift them with tickets to the philharmonic orchestra... but then I found out yesterday they were going to see it this weekend, so now I have no idea what to get them!

Last year I got them a cruise on a catamaran, so I can't do that again, and the only thing I can think of now is to find a nice restaurant they might not have been to and purchase a gift card for them.

So do any of you have suggestions for an exceptional place which sells gift cards online?

Dec 08, 2011
Ratatouille in Florida

Christmas gift ideas for Naples resident?

Thanks. I ended up purchasing a 2.5 hr sunset cruise on a sailboat for them which ends in a champagne toast. The alternative was this nice new italian place in the area, but the cruise was only $25 more than what I would have had to pay for them both to have had a good dinner at that place. Ended up being $55 a person + tax. Didn't include dinner, but the boat only holds six people and will be quiet because it's a sailboat. I figure that makes up for it.

Dec 17, 2010
Ratatouille in Florida

Christmas gift ideas for Naples resident?

No other ideas?

Dec 16, 2010
Ratatouille in Florida

Christmas gift ideas for Naples resident?

Hey chowhounds,

My dad and his girlfriend live in Naples and I'm kinda stuck for a christmas gift to get them. I'm not wealthy so I've gotta keep it less than $100. I know they like wine and italian food, but I'm not familiar with the area and I don't know wine.

I was thinking maybe a gift basket of some kind with wine and cheese, or a gift card to a particularly nice italian restaurant. Maybe something with a view of the ocean? Or maybe there's some kind of inexpensive evening cruise with dinner I could send them on? I know in NH, where I live, you can get a nice dinner on a train in the mountains for like $50 a person. So maybe there's something like that on a boat down there.

Any ideas?

Dec 13, 2010
Ratatouille in Florida

St. Patty's Day ideas

I went there today because I hadn't heard of them and I saw your post. I can't comment on the service since they were so busy, but as for the food...

I had the Shepherd's Pie, and it's described as "a blend of ground lamb and beef, with onions, mushrooms, carrots gravy, and herbs, topped with potato and baked".

But what I got was ground beef in a watery stew, topped with mashed potato, and with tiny bits of carrot thrown in. (And I mean tiny... take a shedded carrot, and dice that. Now add a teaspoon full to the dish. I got that much carrot. Maybe less. ) If there were any onions or celery or mushrooms in there, I didn't see them. At least there were some carrots in the side of veggies that came with it.

Also, I didn't get offered a choice of demi salad or irish slaw, nor was I offered rice, even though the menu says all entrees are served with these.

As for the taste of the dish, it was okay, but it was seriously lacking in variety and lamb would have been much tastier. It didn't hold a candle to a shepard's pie I prepared at home once using Alton Brown's recipe here:

I was really hoping that this time I'd found a place that served Irish cuisine which was actually great. This was merely adequate. The best I can say about it was it was better than the slop they serve at the Shaskeen and Wild Rover in Manchester.

As for atmosphere, I can't really say it had much, but it was 3pm, and maybe the place looks nicer when lit up in the evening.

North Conway, NH

I was in the White Mountains region yesterday and decided to use my iPhone to check Chowhound for breakfast suggestions in the Lincoln area. Unfortunately, due partly to a slow connection that hampered my searching, I didn't find any good suggestions, so I tried this place called Peg's I think it was. At first they sat me at the bar, but the seats were uncomfortable, so I had them move me to a table. Then at the Waitresse's suggestion I ordered their stuffed french toast with apples. While the apples were good, the french toast was like a texas toast, really thick, and was filled with cream cheese. And while the apples were tasty and went well with the cinnamon flavor, it was all just too bready and the cream cheese didn't go with the apples well at all. Also their "famous" maple syrup came in a little plastic cup like they had to ration it, and it wasn't nearly as good as that expensive brand I get at Hannaford's in the maple leaf bottle. Too much like fake maple. Too much sugar, not enough maple flavor.

Then that evening I went to the Muddy Moose after finding the suggestions here. That was a big dissapointment. If you've ever been to a Bugaboo Creek, that's pretty much how this place was decordated, and how it feels. I don't know if it's a chain restaurant. but it feels exactly like one, and the food is like one as well.

The place filled up fast after I arrived, and was full of screaming kids. I had considered sitting on the back porch, but chose to sit inside after I saw that it was just a deck with some tables, and no roof or fencing, on the west side of the building so you're baked in the sun as it sets, with the umbrellas they provide doing nothing. I guess if it was after sunset it might be more pleasant to sit there, but then you wouldn't be able to see the mountains.

I ordered the Venison Pasta, and it was terrible. The sausage was really tough and had these stringy bits in it, and I didn't like the flavor of the sauce either.

The bartender who was also waiting on my table was nice enough to offer me a replacement however, so I got the trout because it was lighter fare and I'd alread filled up on bread and some pasta. The fish was much better. Had a nice lemon flavor. But it was served with some carrots which had some kind of honey or cinnamon flavor to them which didn't really go with the fish.

However, he also brought me a 20oz beer when I asked for a "just a pint". So I docked him points for that. A bartender ought to know better!

Best maple syrup!

For the longest time, I thought like most people probably do, that maple syrup is maple syrup. I mean, it's all pure stuff that comes from a maple tree, right? How different could it be?

But one day I decided to try this brand I found in the natural foods section at Hannaford's called Arnold Farms Pure Maine Maple Syrup. It came in a glass bottle shaped like a maple leaf, and had a pretty steep price tag. But I figured I'd reuse the bottle with the cheaper stuff.

I didn't feel like cooking any french toast that week though, but I did have a hankering for that maple flavor, and I was curious if there was any difference between this expensive brand and the stuff I usually get when I go to a diner or something and order real maple. So I tried a spoonful, and boy was I surprised! You could practically drink the stuff, it's that good.

After trying it, I paid more attention to how the stuff I got at the local diners tasted (the stuff from the little bottles they charge you extra for, not the fake stuff they give you free) and there was simply no comparison. The diner stuff was much sweeter, (too sweet) and a lot more like the fake syrup.

Of course, I haven't tried a ton of different brands, nor have I gone to a maple sugar house to get some fresh stuff, (I don't even know where there'd be one around manchester nh) so maybe there's one that's even better out there, but my eyes have certainly been opened as far as the potential greatness of something as seemingly simple as maple syrup.

Taipei & Tokyo vs Chen Yang Li

Over the past year, I have heard a lot of Chowhounders say nice things about Chen Yang Li in Bedford.

After eating there a number of times, I've got to wonder what those people were thinking. I haven't once had a meal there that I was happy with.

Take their mongolian beef or chicken in black bean sauce for example. On first taste, these dishes were good. But then I noticed this bitter flavor that was out of place, amongst all the good flavors. I don't know what causes it, but I've gotten this flavor myself every time I've tried to make stir fry at home without using premade schezuan sauce.

Things only got worse from here. The last two times I went, I tried tangerine chicken and mango chicken. Oh my god. I know corn syrup when I taste it, and these things were chock full of it. The mango chicken was so sweet as to be inedible. The tangerine chicken if memeory serves was only slightly better, probably because of the sweetness being offset by the tangerine zest.

Anyway, I just don't know what people see in this place. Sure, it's fancy dining, and the waiters are attentive and nice, but foodwise, I've gotten much better at far less fancy chinese places.

Taipei & Tokyo for example, on the same road in Bedford, near the Wal*Mart, is mentioned here very rarely. Yet the food they serve is far better. (I know they have three places but I'd hardly consider that a chain.)

I ordered the the Chicken w/ Black Bean Sauce when I went there recently, and while I was at first taken aback by a lack of actual sauce, I realised it was plenty tasty enough without it, and the presentation was very nice as well, with a nice variety of vegetables and good bits of chicken and even a few little beans sprinkled in there for good measure.

And the next trip, I ordered the chicken with spicy sauce and that was even better and had enough sauce for my rice.

Also, it should be mentioned that these entrees were only $6.25 for lunch, and they came with tea, soup, and and appetizer chicken wing or egg roll. How can you beat that?

Cotton, Manchester NH (July 08)

I went to Cotton last night to see if they had any new entress on the menu (I didn't see any, and I never order appetizers so I wouldn't know if there were changes there), and while normally the service is great, last night I had some of the worst service I've ever had, which ironically was exactly the opposite of what you describe.

I was seated at a table, but my waitress didn't come over for at least seven minutes. Then after placing my order she brought my drink over quickly, but then didn't show up with bread for another seven minutes. Then three minutes later the meal shows up. The waitress did show up in the middle of my meal asking if I'd like another drink, but when I finished the meal it was another seven minute wait for her to show up before I could order dessert. Being near closing time at this point, most tables were empty, yet once I finished my dessert I had to wait another five minutes for the waitress to come by with my bill. It seemed like they had assigned this waitress the bar area, but also to me in the main dining area for some reason.

Oh, and to top it all off, the steak I paid $30 for came with an unappetizing mixture of what appeared to be swiss chard and mushrooms as the vegetable. I hate swiss chard and mushrooms. If I wanted mushrooms, I would have ordered the mushroom sauce on my steak. Every other vegetable side I've ever gotten from cotton has been squash/zuchinni, green beans or something else yummy.

I don't think Cotton is going downhill though. This is one bad experience out of many good ones. My main issues with them are the fact that they haven't changed the menu in two years and they don't have their amazing fish chowder on the lunch menu all the time.

Cotton, Manchester NH (July 08)

Are you sure Cotton has switched up their menu? Their website says they have the exact same entrees as they've had for the past two years I've lived in Manchester.

why no Market Basket in Manchester?

No, that's Hannaford's.

good sangria in New Hampshire?

I am not a sangria conniseur, so I don't know what makes a good sangria, but I can tell you that Olive Garden has a fruity one which I found tasty, and Bertucci's has one which I think has cinnamon in it which I found revolting.

why no Market Basket in Manchester?

There's a Market Basket in Londonderry, just off Exit 4, behind the Wendy's. Not much closer than Nashua, but maybe it's more on your way somewhere.

Also, I just checked Google and there's THREE Market Baskets on the same stretch of road with less than a mile seperating each. What the hell!

Hot Pot around Manchester NH?

Where would I go for this? I haven't had it before, but I saw an ad in the paper for some place locally that was serving it, and a friend has raved about getting it in Boston.

I can't remember the name of the place that advertised it locally, unfortunately.

Late night eats in and around Manchester, NH?

I'm a bit of a night owl, so I'm always struggling to find places to eat later in the evening, after 9pm. I'm looking for any place, where they serve food late, chains or pubs included.


Here's a few I can think of:

Red Arrow - Open 24 Hours

Murphy's Taproom - Advertises its kitchen as open till Midnight, but I've found they'll shut it down earlier on slow days.

Friday's - Serves food till midnight.

Cremeland - Open till 10pm

Aloha - Chinese food place on Hannover St. Serves food till midnight.

Cactus Jack's - For completeness... Is open till midnight, but I think the food is awful.

El Mexicano Jr - Open rediculously late, like midnight or 1am. I wouldn't walk around this part of town after dark though. :-)

Famous Dave's - Closes at 10pm Sun, 11pm Mon-Thu, and 12pm Fri-Sat

Anyone else have anything to add to this list? Even if they only serve till 10pm, it'd be helpful.

Memorial Day Road Trip- First Time to Maine (HELP!)

I didn't say Portland didn't have any good places to eat! :-)

Memorial Day Road Trip- First Time to Maine (HELP!)

If I'm not mistaken, this one at the north end of Hampton Beach has been reccomended here:

Me, I usually just eat at the Sea Ketch:

Sea Ketch has three floors, with a smal bar on the third and dinner and lunch served on the second. Indoor or outdoor dining. Food's not bad. They serve fish and pasta dishes, as well as stuff like burgers.

Memorial Day Road Trip- First Time to Maine (HELP!)

I would say the same things about Hampton Beach. :-) The only redeeming features of it are the marsh you pass through on 101 on your way there which is pretty in the evening, and that three floor restaurant/bar where you can eat overlooking the ocean. That and it's close to maine and rye beach which is nicer.

Don't hate me because I didn't like one small stretch of Maine. :-) I didn't say all of Maine isn't worth seeing, I said that one stretch wasn't.

My father's been up to Bar Harbor and he says it's beautiful. I was just dissapointed that I couldn't get that so much farther south. I plan to visit Bar Harbor this summer sometime. I didn't go this week only because the weather wasn't supposed to be nice.

Memorial Day Road Trip- First Time to Maine (HELP!)

Hey now, she's not wasting her breath. I appreciate the feedback.

Maybe I should have gone down some of the side streets, but it was a long drive, and I was dead set on seeing Portland, which I imagined to be something it's not. I left around 9am, had breakfast in Maine, and by the time I headed home from the lighthouse it was around 6. Perhaps I would even have enjoyed Portland if I hadn't gone through Old Orchard and all the intervening streets with no oceanfront to look at first. Also it might have helped the place look prettier if it was morning or evening rather than the afternoon with the sun high overhead.

As for Maine folk considering anything south of Portland to be Massachusetts... surely you jest! I could see them saying that about the area between Kennebunkport and Portland, but Kennebunk itself, and York, and Kittery? Beautiful areas. Nothing Massachusetts about them, unless you're comparing them to Rockport, which is also a beautiful area.

Memorial Day Road Trip- First Time to Maine (HELP!)

Kidding about what? Not liking Maine north of Kennebunkport?

This is the exact route I took up. I didn't deviate from this line, except on my return trip where I took Highland Ave back to I95:

By all means if you have a suggestion as to where I went wrong, someplace I missed that I should have seen, I'd like to hear it.

As for my impressions of Portland... Commercial street looked like Nashua to me. And the outlying areas which I passed through on my way back were like the outlying areas of Nashua. Sure, you might see a nice church here and there, but it's framed by an old Getty gas station and a McDonald's. Not my idea of Vacationland.

Driving up the coast of maine I expected to see more seacoast, more scenic areas, more cottages right on the rocky shores, and more fishermen. You get that stuff around York, and Kittery, and Kennebunkport. But past there, you're driving down streets with ordinary trees and houses on either side. Except for the occasional glimpse of water, you'd think you were in Windham.

Memorial Day Road Trip- First Time to Maine (HELP!)

I went to Maine yesterday, and had breakfast at the Goldenrod before heading north to Portland via the seacoast.

I must say, I was dissapointed in my breakfast. The last couple times I'd gotten eggs, but this time I got french toast. The french toast was thin and soggy and tasted strongly of egg. And the real maple syrup I ordered with it wasn't very good compared with the brand I buy. Tasted like fake maple. Also they didn't have any blueberries available even though they're on the menu and they were serving blueberry pancakes and what looked like little fresh baked blueberry pastries. I guess next time I go there I'll stick with the eggs which are a safe choice. The bacon was still nice and thick and good at least.

As for Portland... a word to the wise. Beyond porpoise cove, maine is a wasteland. It seems all the mansions and scenic ocean drives are south of there. Old Orchard Beach can be summed up as RUN DOWN CARNIVAL. Literally. I didn't even stop.

When driving by, if you make the mistake of heading that way, you'll head down this narrow little street that feels like you're in a cheap amusement park with no view of the ocean even though you're right next to it because on the right there's this wire fence all along the sidewalk behind which is a bunch of carnival rides blocking the view. And to your left are a bunch of little run down shops.

Past that, there's nothing worth seeing the rest of the way up to Portland. And Portland itself was pretty run down. Very industrial, but not in a cool way like parts of Boston. A lot of the infrastrucutre looks like it hasn't been upgraded since the 70's. Old rusty fire hydrants which haven't been painted can be seen along the highway leading up to it, with yellowed sidewalks. Some of it is being redone and is landscaped nicely, but the downtown area which wasn't too bad wasn't all that interesting.

The best part of downtown was going to that restaraunt on a boat, which I can't remember the name of. That was really nice inside. I tried sitting outside before moving back inside, because they just had plastic furniture out there, whereas the inside is really swanky, and to be honest the view outside wasn't worth looking at. But the inside... wonderful. Lots of neat nautical stuff like diving suits. But the prices! Ouch! The entrees were almost all over $20, some as high as $30. I managed to get away with spending only $30 for baked stuffed haddock which I didnt enjoy very much and a beer which was also a poor choice. The food was nicely prepared, I just didn't enjoy the taste of the fish. I'm sure they have plenty of tasty items on the menu.

The only reason to travel all the way to Portland in my opinion though isn't that restaraunt. It's the portland lighthouse, at fort somethingorother. The park that surrounds it is huge and nicely landscaped. There's stuff for kids to do, like swing sets, and some fields for sports. And there's several stone forts to explore inside. Also a gutted stone mansion with bike trails behind it. You can even grill on some barbecues they have right on the beach. The lighthouse itself also has a gift shop and a museum in it.

So it's something you might want to take a look at after you pass through kennebunkport and get back onto I95. If you're on your way somewhere else, like Bar Harbor.

Oh and a word of warning about I95: Tolls tolls tolls. Going from York to Manchester I paid over $3.00 in tolls, and I paid $.75 on my way up, and I only avoided paying more cause I drove up the seacoast.

Authentic Mexican food Southern NH

I don't know when El Mexicano is open, but they do have beer, and it's more counter service, but they do have three tables next to it and if you sit down they'll hapilly walk the two feet to the table and take your order.

Authentic Mexican food Southern NH

I don't agree. I think the beans at La Carretta are bland, and if I recall the rice was only so-so, and everything else was either too greasy or wet resulting in soggy tacos.

And Magraritas while more flavorful is practically inedible for the same reason most fast food joints are. Low quality beef and chicken + canned crap.

The best mexican I've had in the area are El Mexicano and Hermano's in Concord.

edit - Sorry, I don't mean La Caretta. There's some mexican place off Elm St I was thinking of. I have only eaten at La Caretta once, and I did not enjoy the food, but I don't remember what I ate and I think it deserves another try eventually.

Authentic Mexican food Southern NH

Manchester is perfectly safe huh? I live right next to Centra High School, and a murder happened less than a block from me last year, and I live right on the edge of the good side of town.

There were 13 murders in NH last year, and 4 of them, almost a third, were in Manchester. And Manchester's violent crime rate is twice that of the rest of the state.

It seems like every time I pick up the paper lately I'm reading about some guy who was beaten unconcious and robbed, right near where I live.

While it's true that NH's violent crime rate is only 25% that of the national rate, Manchester's is twice that.

But you're right, Boston is more dangerous. Mass has a violent crime rate equal to the country's average, but Boston itself has a rate twice that. But most of that is in the south west part of Boston. Were you hanging around Roxbury?

Memorial Day Road Trip- First Time to Maine (HELP!)

"Continuing up Route 1, you'll hit York Coner, where you'll want to take a left onto Route 1A."

Right, not left. :-)

Memorial Day Road Trip- First Time to Maine (HELP!)

Where to go:

First up is Kittery. Kittery is a small downtown area, next to a marsh, right over a huge green bridge from NH. It's on RT 1, which is the road you want to be on to go up the coast. There you'll find the Kittery Trading Post, which has clothes, hunting gear, and a small gift shop. And right next to that, where I always stop to eat, Bob's Clam Hut, where you can see a mural of Elvis in a fisherman's raincoat, singing into an ice cream cone while standing in a rowboat, and inside, an even better one featuring Gilligan, The Skipper, and Ginger enjoying some of the hut's cuisine. The rest of the town is full of retail shops which are probably of little interest.

Continuing up Route 1, you'll hit York Coner, where you'll want to take a left onto Route 1A. This will take you to York, and if you stay on it, to York Harbor. You'll pass by Long Beach. But don't stop there. Just past that, take a right onto Nubble Road, and you'll head out onto a little pinnensula at the end of which is Nubble Light House, and some little cottages. After yout stop there, keep following the road around the pinnensula, through the narrow streets, till you hit ocean ave, where you'll see Short Beach. Stop here, and walk around town, where there's many small gift shops and an arcade. Here you'll also find The Goldenrod, a place which appears from the outside to sell taffy and candy, but inside has a restaraunt where they serve a great breakfast:

In town, away from the beach, you'll also see what looks like an amusement park. This is the York Zoo, which I'd also reccomend checking out. Just walk through the amausement park, no ticket for entry required, and on the other side of it you'll see the entrance to the zoo itself. The zoo is large, and near the entrance has bears, an elephant, a duck pond, an aviary, and behind that, a butterfly house which is not to be missed. On the other side of the park you'll find lions, tigers, kangaroos, prarie dogs, antelope, deer, emus, crocodiles, reptiles, and many other species. You can even have your picture taken with a python draped around your neck.

From there, continue up the coastline, up Main St, and onto Shore Rd, across a short bridge. Follow shore road all the way up the coast to Ogunquit.

I don't remember what's in Ogunquit exactly, but just before you reach it, you'll pass Perkin's Cove Rd. It's easy to miss, but it's just after a neat looking motel on the right, there'll be a turn on your right which you should take, and that same road the right fork takes you on to also merges with shore rd, in a sort of triangle. If I remember correctly, the intersection which is just after the ideal road to take is pretty weird and has only a blinking yellow light. Just after it is a gas station on the right which has a no-uturns sign. If you see that you've gone too far!

Perkin's Cove is home to many small shops, some docks, and a neat bridge which goes over the cove. There is a candy shop in town with the best chocolate I have ever tasted! Get some of the dark or regular chocolates they have in bags. All sorts of fillings to choose from. Stuff will melt in your mouth, and you'll probably finish a bag in five minutes, so get some extra to take with you. There is also several seafood places here. I have not eaten at them, but they look good.

And just at the entrance to perkin's cove, on the left side of the parking lots for the cove, is another don't miss, the entrance to "Marginal Way"... A nice smooth walking path which is about a 30 minute hike along the ocean past many mansions. The path has several benches if you need to rest, and many scenic views. It ends at a little building shaped like a light house.

Once you're done with Parkin's cove, if you've done all that stuff, you'll probably be near the end of your day if you started in the morning, and didn't take the time to go to the York Zoo. If you did go to the York Zoo, maybe you should stay in town and have breakfast at that candy shop I mentioned? There are some nice cottages at the lighthouse, but those might be weekly rentals.

After Perkin's cove, you'll merge back onto RT1. Keep following RT1, and you'll soon hit a fork where you should turn right onto RT 9. This will take you to Kennebunkport.

Just before you reach it though, on your right will be Sea Rd, which you should take to get to Beach Ave which continues along the ocean and past several beaches, then turn back inland, taking you back to RT 9, which you will need to take a right onto. Somewhere along the ocean here is the Bush mansion, on the right. You can't really miss it, there'll probably be lots of people stopped. I think it's brown. It's built on a rocky shoreline. Just before it is a little church on the right hidden behind some bushes. And just past the mansion a little ways is another tiny on the left which is made of stone and neat.

Continuing this way, you will soon pass over a bridge, and arrive in Dock Square, which is another place you don't wanna miss. Stop here! Lots of neat little shops in this area, plus several eateries, docks, and even a horse drawn carraige. I don't have any reccomendations for eats in this area, but there's several restaraunts and I think I read a few in the area are good.

If you don't want to eat here though, head just a little past Kennebunkport, you'll find Cape Porpoise. A nondescript area which one might easily pass by without another look, keep going straight, and you should merge with Peir Rd. This will take you back towards the ocean, and end at a somewhat scenic peir in a cove. Here you'll see a small fish place, and to the right of that, a larger restaraunt. The larger restaraunt is the one you want to eat at. If it's not open, or if you're in the mood for a little less fancy dining, walk down the ramp to the bar under the restaraunt. I found this place by accident and while it is a tiny place, it's very nice, and the food is excellent.

And so we come to the end of my reccomendations. I haven't traveled further than this up the coast. Just beyond cape porpoise is goose rocks beach and biddeford pool, which both look interesting from the shape of them on my map, but I don't know anything about them. And past that is Old Orchard Beach, which I hear is less quaint and more like a biker area, which is also a tourist spot.

Hope this helps!

Oh and if you have any interest in submarines, you can go inside one if you stop in Portsmouth just before the bridge into Maine.

And if you like antiques there's also many little shops along the way I mentioned with those.

6' subs ? Any BIGGER?

Tie it to the roof of your car?

Manchester, NH - Best options for solo dining?

Murphy's makes very nice looking dishes, but my main problem with them is that there seems to be something wrong with each dish I try.

For example, the beef stew has so much onion in it it's like a french onion soup. I like onions, but not THAT much.

And the shepard's pie would be excellent except there is some odd aftertaste to it which makes it inedible. I have no idea what would cause that, but I've tried it several times now. I didn't notice it the first time I tried it but the second and third time I tried it it was definitely there.

Even something as simple as chicken tenders they seemed to mess up. The batter tasted burnt. It didn't look burnt, but either they had the oil temperature too high, or something they put in the batter shouldn't be fried. I've been to a few places where they have this problem with the batter. Wild Rover's, if I recall, has the same issue with their fish and chips.

Lastly, the potato leek soup was just boring to eat.

I feel kinda bad about panning their food because I've met the owner a few times and he's really nice, but I've tried to like their stuff and find something I can enjoy with some regularity, and the only thing I've tried so far which I haven't found fault with is the cajun salmon, and that's delicious, but you can only eat the same thing so many times before you get bored of it.