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Title Last Reply restaurant in Downers Grove

Lest I seem too glib, I should add...I *really* want this place to do well, but I've heard too many poor to mediocre things from sources/people I trust and lately our nights out are too few and far between to try somewhere that's not getting uniformly good reviews. If I start hearing better things, then I'm there in a flash!

Jan 15, 2008
bpardue in Chicago Area restaurant in Downers Grove

Sounds like the perfect setup of a "Ramsey's Kitchen Nightmares" episode!

Jan 15, 2008
bpardue in Chicago Area

Just for fun--"Alinea/Moto To Go"

Just for the fun of it, what if the techno chefs opened "To Go" places, a la Trotter's To Go? Any thoughts? A new type of spork? Space age to-go containers? Edible receipts?

Dec 02, 2007
bpardue in Chicago Area

Salbute closing

Dec 01, 2007
bpardue in Chicago Area

Any reviews for Stillwater in Downers Grove?

Haven't been to Stillwater in DG yet, but the initial things I'm reading are middling. Any opinions?

Nov 26, 2007
bpardue in Chicago Area

dessert: hot chocolate or tru?

Can't speak for HC, but my wife and I did the dessert tasting menu at Tru a few years ago and were absolutely blown away. Frankly, it was more memorable than the full meal we had there a few years later (which was no slouch of a meal!). 5 "courses," each course consisted of two different items on your plate, and each person had completely different menus, so if you're sharing, you do 20 different desserts. Oops, forgot the amuses, palate cleansers, mignardese cart (go crazy!), etc., so bump that up to about 30 different items. If you opt to do this, eat a TINY dinner a couple of hours before. A good amount of chocolate, but lots of other good, decadent tastes as well.

Jul 14, 2007
bpardue in Chicago Area

Will downtown Downers EVER get a really good restaurant?

Some recent news came through one of the papers--Sun or Reporter--that DG's supposed to get an Egg Harbor in one of the new buildings and some sort of fresh market (don't know exactly what that means). Not exactly the fine dining I hoped for...although I've always liked EH, but at least it's some sign of food life. Telling that it's not in one of the older buildings, I guess.

May 14, 2007
bpardue in Chicago Area

Riviera Returning to Arlington Heights

Even the old owners! I know some people have varying opinions on the place, but in the 10 years I've been working here, it's been a very enjoyable spot to grab a quick lunch...and the townsfolk seem to love it.


Apr 03, 2007
bpardue in Chicago Area