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EDx Harvard Course Science & Cooking: From Haute Cuisine to Soft Matter Science

I'm also taking the course! Yay.

Oct 08, 2013
Lisitasan in Home Cooking

New to Brussels- where do I shop for food?

I'm living in Etterbeek and enjoying the exciting options in nearby Matonge. Does anyone have any suggestions for the best value as far as markets go? I'd also love suggestions of good asian supermarkets, butchers, spice shops. I'm looking for local secrets!

pioneer valley pick your own, rare fruits

A gem. Thanks, BZ! I do, however, have one word of caution to those who visit Birdhaven in search of berries of another color.

The gentleman working there seems happy, even eager to part with the currants and gooseberries that make up the margin around the netted blueberry bushes. But be warned- caution should be exercised with the woman working inside- who was downright angry that we'd been allowed to pick them. When the two convened in the room, it was painfully awkward and I couldn't help but feel some guilt surfacing beneath my glee at having hit the berry jackpot.

To those who are tension averse and seeking currants, I would suggest avoiding the woman working the counter inside!

Hickory Bill's...where'd it go?

Bummer. Thanks!

Hickory Bill's...where'd it go?

Looking for quality BBQ in Western Mass/Berkshires...previous CHOW boards point to Hickory Bill's, but web sleuthing seems to indicate that it's either moved and invisible or gone for good.

Does anybody know what the story is?

Wanted: Winies and Foodophiles in Northampton

I haven't formally been in a group myself- but I imagine a group of three plus, meeting about once a month or every few weeks to share bottles and some grub. We could negotiate how to format the meetings - but I think it would be fun to drink regionally. Have a night with several bottles from the Loire, for example, or a tasting of a few bottles from the same producer. I'm pretty open to suggestions, just looking for an excuse to drink and talk wine with other interested folks in any way. Do you have any ideas?

Wanted: Winies and Foodophiles in Northampton

I wonder, is there any interest in the Northampton/Pioneer Valley area in starting a wine tasting group? I'd love to join one already in existence, or else get one started with some fellow wine enthusiasts.

Bourdain: Love Him? Hate Him?

I take him with several grains of salt and love him flaws and all. For a guy who looks like he could be the lead in a midnight theatre production of the Rocky Horror Picture Show and wears earrings, the man has serious machismo. That's my biggest bone to pick.

Sep 11, 2007
Lisitasan in Food Media & News

baking assistance...

I've tried the grating butter tip- and in my experience the result was a bit too crispy and not as flaky as after cutting the fat in- I think the pea sized 'crumbs' of butter are really essential. I do think it helps to start with frozen cubes of butter, however.

May 31, 2007
Lisitasan in Home Cooking