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Bar that shows hockey in Phoenix/Scottsdale

majerle's sports bar in old town has solid food and lots of tv's playing hockey.

Jan 23, 2013
tmoney in Phoenix

Weekend in Milwaukee......where should we eat??

Roots for brunch or anything. really cool vibe, view, food

Oct 18, 2012
tmoney in Great Lakes

Places to buy caviar in Phoenix area?

i saw a good selection of caviar at beverages and more on scottsdale and shea.

Dec 23, 2011
tmoney in Phoenix

Minnesotan Seeking I'itoi Onions

Johnny's selected seeds is a great resource. also go to a farmer's market and ask bob or maya and they would be able to get some for you.

Apr 04, 2011
tmoney in Phoenix

Scotch - where to buy

AZ Wine Co on scottsdale rd just south of thomas has a great Scotch collection. Ask for Robert.

Feb 19, 2011
tmoney in Phoenix

Scottsdale Circle K/Wine Shop. What's up with that?

go to the circle k at the london center on 44th and camelback. they stock dom p and the likes. it is incredible selection.

Apr 18, 2010
tmoney in Phoenix

Where to buy Espelette Pepper in Phoenix

you can only find it on the internet in phx. i have looked everywhere. it is very pricey though. $125 a pound. it is AOC certified chile pepper

Feb 16, 2010
tmoney in Phoenix

Daniel Boulud Brasserie to close, Las Vegas

I had cocktails and a few snacks at the bar on Tuesday and the place was packed and everyone was fully committed to a great experience. I think they are professionals and will do a great job until the end. I had dinner at Bartolotta and did the tasting menu and it was spectacular on Wednesday.

Oct 30, 2009
tmoney in Las Vegas

Corned Beef Hash Phoenix

i like kasman's deli on scottsdale rd and pinnacle peak. great bagels, eggs and hash and a coffee. breakfast of champions. it is best i have had in az

Aug 25, 2009
tmoney in Phoenix


just got back from cabo and had some great dining experiences.

1. don emiliano in San Jose. flawless meal prepared with love from master chef margarita. Sampler of tamales, hibiscus and agave flower quesadilla with pumpkin seed paste, mano de leon diver scallops with bride's mole, mango and nut dessert, great wine list. i COULD dine here every night and much more reasonable priced then many high end restaurants in baja. corkage is $20

2. taquiza tacos: opens late but the best tacos al pastor ever. i think i ate 10 before i waived the white flag.

3. nick-san sushi is great. the scallops dynamite appetizer, fresh tuna on crispy wonton, Japanese octopus, everything was good except i didn't care for the halibut.

4. Amarone at the marina. great gnocchi with prosciutto and caprese salad. that was all i ate but it was the best gnocchi i have had in a long time.

5. Sushi at the bistro at PB Sunset. very fresh and great portion. sunset on the patio with a glass of clase azul and a cuban cigar. works for me.

happy eats

Aug 13, 2009
tmoney in Mexico

Guiseppe's on 28th or Pasta Brioni?

i found la fontanella's on indian school. and maybe 36th st. great homemade food been around a long time and i just found it. great service and great food

Aug 05, 2009
tmoney in Phoenix

Fine's Cellar... No answer?

I called and no answer. Anybody know what is going on?

May 28, 2009
tmoney in Phoenix

Copper River Salmon, $14.99 pp at Albertson's

the high prices are fetched for the copper king salmon. albertson's usually sells the less expensive coho or sockeye varieties. King and ivory king are the true test of copper river salmon.

May 28, 2009
tmoney in Southwest

Looking for a truly authentic Italian restaurant (Scottsdale, AZ)

i just had a great meal a La Fontanella on Indian School and $0th st. after the desert botanical gardens outing and was pleasantly surprised. great people and great food.

May 17, 2009
tmoney in Phoenix

Need help quick for today (PHX)

i like the brunch at lon's probably best value in town and great setting. also great ormat for groups.

Apr 19, 2009
tmoney in Phoenix

PHX: Second locations for Lux and Welcome Diner

i agree i came off a little harsh in my statements, but i am excited to see some responses to the point of view. i guess that i end reading reviews in the valley chowhound, az rep, phx mag etc. that is too premature on judging a new spot and would like to see more valley wide enthusiasm for such indie places. i think that chow hound is a great venue for us foodies to communicate and share experiences good, bad, indifferent. i am just sick and tired of quotes of brad thompson's staements that phx is not a real city and he needs to find a real city to open his restaurant. as well as chefs gregory casale, wiliam bradley, sandy garica, pacifico mata, fernando divina, Micheal Mishkin, James Mcdevitt etc. note seeing either the support or enthusiasm to keep their interest. they are extremely talented chefs that the valley sorely misses and needs to evaluate their position on local talent. too many people out here tend to offer lip service but don't follow through on their actions. West of the Western blows Scottsdale Culinary Festival and Taste at Kierland out of the water. We need to reverse the trend of seeing lines out the door of maggiano's and cheesecake factory and put all those butts in methode bistro, mosiac, see saw, eleve and plenty of others before we lose any more talented chefs to other cities. I call phx home and want to have awesome restaurants here. I think if we can make people have the awareness to support Indies we will become the food city we foodies dream of. sorry about the long rant. i really love food

May 25, 2007
tmoney in Southwest

PHX: Second locations for Lux and Welcome Diner

I wish that everyone wasn't so negative on the perspective of an owner opening a second location and quality going down. Everyone in this town wants more independent restaurants coffee bars etc. and doesn't give anyone the benefit of the doubt to get started on the right foot. This town needs to embrace and support people that are going to take the risk in the area of expansion to help facilitate growth as well as to help work the kinks and dynamics of owning and operating multiple locations. if you need everything to be perfect from the start that is only capable by an overfunded dumb downed concept chain establishment. Independents are quirky, hardworking and forward thinking and just typically need a little extra local support and time to have multiple locations operate properly. Let's help support Lux and Welcome Diner and promote the growth of our city's culture.

May 24, 2007
tmoney in Southwest