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Best Ice Cream in los angeles????

Fosselman's. The only place I know of in Los Angeles where the ice cream actually tastes like cream.
I recommend the lemon custard especially when served along side of a scoop of Dutch chocolate. Also the Burgundy Cherry is a treat when they make it.

Feb 25, 2011
Glennn in Los Angeles Area

Someone explain The Fascination with Tommy's and Pinks?

I haven't been to Pink's since I realized the way they keep a long line formed in the front of the stand is to slow down production of the food. Nonetheless, I do like their chili dogs. They use the Hoffy NC7 (natural casing 7") wiener which gives the hot dog that distinctive "crunch" when you take a bite. Top a simple chili dog with some onions, an Orange Crush (in a vintage-style bottle), a few yellow chili peppers and it somehow magically works--especially past midnight.

When I feel like eating a really good hot dog, I go to the movie theatre at The Grove. I know it sounds weird but check it out yourself and let me know if you agree or not.

Apr 03, 2007
Glennn in Los Angeles Area

Wine pairing for Gorgonzola pizza?

I agree that it will be extremely tough to find a red that this pizza will work with. I like the way Gorgonzola and an oak-aged Sonoma chardonnay work together. Esp. if the pizza is heavy on the Gorgonzola and light on the prosciutto.

Apr 03, 2007
Glennn in Wine

Lunch at Tacomiendo Review

I prefer tacos dorados as you do. Try Mario's Taco's in Pico Rivera. The tacos are stuffed with shredded beef first and then fried so the shells look like a plump golden clamshells. They somehow pry them open without cracking them to stuff them with cheese, lettuce and a very simple but tasty stewed tomato salsa (not at all spicy). You can only make the taco better by adding their house salsa which is very hot (hiccup hot) but very tasty. I always say that a taco is only as good as the salsa that the restaurant offers to put on the taco.

I used to live blocks away from Tacomiendo but I would drive to Pico Rivera when I wanted a really good crunchy taco.

Apr 03, 2007
Glennn in Los Angeles Area