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Thanksgiving dinner out in St. Louis

OK this is about a year late but as I contemplate Thanksgiving this year I reflected on what a great time I had last year. My wife and two small childres all went to Harvest for Thanksgiving dinner and had a great time. The food was very good and they had many traditional Thanksgiving dinner options. My kids were treated very well and really enjoyed the experiences. I don't know if they are doing it again this year but I would recommend it. In fact, my wife and I commented about how great it was to lounge around all day and have family time and then just go out to dinner instead of all the stress of preparing a big meal. A great experience.

Thanksgiving dinner out in St. Louis

Does anyone know of a restaurant in the St Louis area that is serving a traditional Thanksgiving Dinner?

Babbo's pistachio semifreddo [Moved from Manhattan board]

Has anyone been able to find a receipe for this out on the net or in any of Mario's cookbooks? I would kill for it (or perhpas simply buy the cookbook if it was in one).

Oct 10, 2007
chateauneuf in Home Cooking

Where to eat in South Haven, MI

There is coffee house/ice cream parlor/sandwich shop there that has killer-good sandwiches. We went there for lunch many times last summer during our vacation. I can't remember the name but if you ask around I bet you can locate it.

Eating on Mackinac Island

I have always enjoyed a lunch at the Bistro on the Greens at the Mission Point Resort.

It is an outdoor cafe type of a spot with good food and a great view/atmosphere. On a nice day you can't beat it. Plus it is a little less crowded that some of the other places more along the main drag.

Clayton Farmer's Market-STL

I'm not sure about Clayton but the Tower Grove market is supposed to have grass fed beef, pork and lamb. Check out the vendor list.

BTW, what do you consider the best true farmer's market in the St. Louis area? By "true" I mean produce and such sold by the folks who grew/raised it.

FYI, I consider Soulard to be a wholesale market not a farmer's market.

Agar Agar-need some help

The foodsubs link above is a godd description of how to prepare it. You have to bring to a boil to get it to set up.

I use this when vegitarian friends dine with me and I'm preparing something that would require gelatin. For example, I use this with vegetable terrines. I would caution you that agar agar is a stiffer gel than gelatin so I usually use a bit less in terrines and such.

Apr 18, 2007
chateauneuf in Home Cooking

Recommendations for Twin Cities Personal Chef

I'm looking for that full service type of thing where the chef does the shopping, cooks at their home, and then cleans up.

Recommendations for Twin Cities Personal Chef

After cooking for 50+ years my mother declared the "kitchen closed" and expressed her desire to only cook when she felt like it. My father on the other hand still expects meals to be prepared on a daily basis. So, my siblings and I would like to retain a personal chef to cook a few meals a week for our parents thereby releiving my mother of the need to cook every day yet still address my father's appetite.

Can anyone suggest a person chef for the northern suburbs of the Twin Cities? I also welcome comments about what such a service costs.


need advice on kitchen appliances,

I have a Dacor dual fuel range and am quite happy with it.

As far as hoods go I have a recommendation. I just put in a Sirius hood last summer and love it. It does not have the panache associated with it like a Miele but for the cost and the features you get I would highly recommend taking a look. Super easy to install as well.

Apr 09, 2007
chateauneuf in Cookware

Cooking Vacations

I'm a foodie/hobby chef and my mom is one of those classic cook types who is not flashy but can make just about anything tase great. To celebrate her birthday I would like to take her on some sort of cooking vacation. I'm not really restrained by geography as this is a BIG birthday for her. I have heard some good things about these types of cooking vacations in Tuscany and France but would welcome any comments/recommendations.

Apr 05, 2007
chateauneuf in Not About Food

Ann Arbor Restaurants

I used to live in AA and miss some of the fine foodie things they have there for a smaller town.

Zingerman's was mentioned already and I agree especially for purchasing deli items like cheese and jamon serano.

You have to check out the farmer's market there. The market is the main thing I miss most.

In Kerrytown there are some gems. Monahan's seafood market and Sparrow meats - not restaurants but should be noted if you are a foodie. These are good if you want to cook at home.

My favoraite restaurants were Eve, also in Kerrytown, and the West End grill. Another nice place is the The Common Grill in nearby (to the West) towm of Chelsea.

May I also recommend Mr. Spots if you are a chicket wing or cheese-steak lover.

Eating near Washington University

For convenience, cost and taste I would go with Saleem's. I'm a huge fan of the simple garlic pita chips and hummus