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best loose (or bagged) chai?

thanks for the tip... one of these days when i've got a little time on my hands i will experiment with making my own mix.

i was at peet's yesterday and picked up a tin of their masala chai -- will see how that goes in the meantime.

Jul 27, 2009
fiacrackaBANG in General Topics

best loose (or bagged) chai?

What is your favorite brand of loose or bagged (non-liquid) chai for brewing at home? Preferably something I can find at a grocery store...

Thanks CHs!

Jul 22, 2009
fiacrackaBANG in General Topics

Lindsay Gets Cleansed by Kombucha

At first I also had the experience of thinking it was a new type of iced tea drink and hated the first bottle I bought. However recently I've come around and am really loving the GT drinks, especially the Gingerade raw kombucha flavor, and the mango Synergy flavor. I haven't tried all of them.

At some point I'd like to try brewing my own but my life is too hectic right now... also the prospect of having to deal with the "pancake" kind of grosses me out!

In the meantime, I'm drinking about 1 GT bottle a day... per a tip from a friend, I've been buying them by the case at Whole Foods -- they give you 10% off when you buy a case. Still very pricey, but I really like the feeling it gives me and I can find other places to cut back my budget.

May 11, 2009
fiacrackaBANG in Features

Napa Valley Martini House

the dinner i had here with friends last summer was delightful! unpretentious, as others have mentioned -- they weren't snooty, the sommelier (also, very young but i can't recall his name) was helpful, and the best part for me was that they were so accommodating for me as a vegetarian. my friend and i had the tomato and mushroom tasting menus, respectively, with wine pairings, while our bfs ordered off the menu and shared some bottles of delicious wine suggested by the sommelier. we had a late dinner at 9ish and were there until almost midnight, sipping and chatting in the garden.

i am looking forward to returning to martini house in a few weeks to celebrate the same friends' wedding. they live in l.a. and decided to honeymoon in napa. we are also going to chez panisse for the first time the night before! i have lived in the east bay for over 4 years and i still haven't eaten there.

V-Day in Rockridge: Citron vs. A Cote?

Despite having lived in North Oakland for over 4 years, my boyfriend and I have never been to either of these restaurants.

I know that A Cote is tapas, while Citron has a French slant, so obviously there are differences in terms of menu. We will be definitely be dining on the later side, as I still have not made reservations. :)

I do not eat meat or poultry, only fish/seafood, and my boyfriend is an omnivore.

Both places look lovely from the outside, so I don't think that romantic ambience will be lacking from either.

Where should we go? Thanks CHs!

Aunt Mary's Cafe- Temescal [Oakland]

my favorite dish here so far is (by far) the red flannel hash. it does not have any corned beef (which is good, cause i'm a vegetarian) but instead a great combo of potatoes, beets, and other root vegetables. the gravy on top is sooooo good and the yolky poached eggs make it truly delicious.

today i tried the buttermilk pie, which i have never eaten before anywhere and it did not disappoint. it's a cheese-cakey kind of texture and the crust was nummers.

Celery Root and Squash Gratin with Walnut-Thyme Streusel

this was SOOOOOO awesome... a huge hit at the thanksgiving potluck i attended. celeriac is definitely a conversation starter.

Nov 27, 2008
fiacrackaBANG in Recipes

Teen/Mom cooking classes?

my mom just reserved my bf and i a spot in a knife skills class at kitchen on fire in october for our birthdays -- i'm really excited.

my aunt has taken classes there with my 14 y/o cousin and they both enjoyed themselves...

Trader Joes Greek Style Yogurt 0%

anyone know who makes this for TJ's? shame on me for not remembering that site that has guesses as to who makes what for TJs...

Jul 21, 2008
fiacrackaBANG in Home Cooking

vegetarian slow cooker recipes?

yum! thank you for the recipes guys.

Jul 09, 2008
fiacrackaBANG in Home Cooking

calories of bubbles in bubble tea?

Can you re-post that link? I just went back on WW and trying to be good, but a friend invited me out for a boba later...

Jul 09, 2008
fiacrackaBANG in General Topics

vegetarian slow cooker recipes?

anyone have some good ones?

i've made some chilis so far and had one ill-fated artichoke attempt. the easier the better; i keep seeing recipes online that involve pre-cooking and i'm looking for some chop it, dump it in kind of stuff.

Jul 06, 2008
fiacrackaBANG in Home Cooking

ISO Temescal Farmer's Market Rec's

the pretzel bread is so delicious! i actually found my way to this thread looking for the name of the bakery. i went to the market this morning and bought a loaf after having a bite of the pretzel croissant my friend got -- embarrassingly i forgot to note the name!

Oakland Kosher vs Tel Aviv Kosher Market and Cheap Matzah Hunt

i hope they still have some -- i'm heading over to 51st and broadway safeway this evening to replenish my matzo supply. went to the new WF on 27th street on friday and was told by an employee that there was a "huge passover display" in the front of the store. i get there, and it's the end-cap of 1 cash register... haha guess i can't expect the bay to compare to l.a. when it comes to jewish stuff.

i bought a box of that organic matzo but it was $4.99! for one box! zomg.

Best restaurants in Eagle Rock?

If pizza works, you must try Casa Bianca on Colorado. You will probably have to wait but it is so worth it. I was born and raised in Hollywood and never knew L.A. pizza could be this good until I was a student at Occidental.

Casa Bianca Pizza Pie
1650 Colorado Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90041

See's Candies

the dark chocolate covered nut brittle is AWESOME and i also love the dark molasses chips, it's kinda like violet crumble. and the vanilla lollipops are also delicious. and i also miss the PB ones.

Feb 10, 2008
fiacrackaBANG in General Topics

passover baked goods in SF or Oakland/Berkeley?

As a transplanted L.A. Valley Jew, I was a little shocked to find out that many grocery stores up here don't have much in the way of Passover.

Tonight I am specifically looking for macaroons or other dessert items -- and preferably not the canned Manischewitz kind. Are there any bakeries that might still have macaroons for tonight's dinner?