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Il Bazzali, Beaubien (foot of Little Italy)

LOVE LOVE LOVE. They are open for dinner now, not sure which nights (Wednesday to Saturday?). As opposed to lunch which is very much Italian, dinner service is a mix of French and Italian. There are (to die for) hand-made primi, and the secondi are French. We started with salmon tartare, FA-BU-LOUS homemade gnocchi in a mushroom sauce (enormous portion), and shared a very well-executed veal chop because we were told to save room for dessert. And glad we did! We finished it off with tiramisu and a stand-out pavlova-type creation (instead of meringue it was a giant macaron). Fresh berries, homemade raspberry coulis, stevia chiffonade. Yum. Came out to about $85, w/tax, before tip for 2, which is so reasonable, especially considering that beautiful chop. What a bonus that it's byow!

They do private events for 15 to 25 sit-down, a bit more capacity if cocktail dinatoire. I will definitely call upon them if the situation arises. I just need to remember to ask them to dim the lighting for dinner service, the brightness seems like a hold-over from lunch. Decor is thrifted/handmade/upcycled, fits right in with the hipster strip of Beaubien it's on (285 Beaubien East, corner Henri-Julien).

Decarie and Jean Talon area

A bit further away, there's Tropical Paradise which has fabulous Trini doubles

Portuguese Chicken - which is currently the best?

It's fair.

Dim Sum in Chinatown


Café Via Dante menu


Cabane a sucre Au Pied de Cochon

not necessary. they provide.

Opening/Closings January to March 2014

"Le Maitre du Dumpling" chinese dumplings at 77 Jean-Talon Est at Sainte-Dominique. I've got high hopes that this will become a good pitstop post-JTM. Not open yet and the windows are covered up so you can't really see inside. Will keep monitoring and report back :)

Jiu Xiang Yuan (Parc Ex). New Dumpling Resto

I've got a name for you all "Le Maitre du Dumpling" at 77 Jean-Talon Est. Not open yet and the windows are covered up so you can't really see inside. Will keep monitoring and report back :)

Jiu Xiang Yuan (Parc Ex). New Dumpling Resto

@lagatta, That's it. On the north side of Jean-Talon, between Ste-Dominique and Casgrain. Right now I think it's a central (?) american place and the dumpling place. To be confirmed... @Zeim1, I will let you know.

Jiu Xiang Yuan (Parc Ex). New Dumpling Resto

I did takeout last night too! I also had the wood-ear and zucchini which was delicious and the shrimp and egg which was very good (although my recollection of an egg-y dumpling at Mei Xiang Yuan was a bit better). My only beef was the extra 0.50 for a steamed order: if you don't pay, do they come boiled and all broken apart?. Both my dumplings were classified "veg", ie would not hold together if boiled. All in all, thrilled that there is now a dumpling place closer to home. BTW there is a sign for another dumpling place that is not opened yet on the ground floor of those condos corner St-Dominique and Jean-Talon.

Birthday Dinner for 12 - Suggestions?

Do you mean Pastaga?


My vote goes to TK Resto Bar

Anything food worthy in and around Anjou ?

Akita (6985 Jarry East, in the old Thai Japon place) has very decent sushi (best I've found in the area). The owner/sushi chef was previously at Shodan. I did not try anything from the kitchen.

Martelli Pasta

I saw some last weekend at the Bourassa in St-Jovite.

Martelli Pasta

have you tried Berchicci?

HUGE hamburger restaurant (feeds 4-6 people?)

Copoli? Their's would feed 3 at most.

There's the Monster sandwich at Zaz Bar and el Zaziummm? They give you a T-shirt if you finish it, but it's not enough to feed 6 people!

prepared foods? for everyday eating

at comptoir du chef, with the loyalty card, the 13th meal is free (kpaxonite, maybe you have an old card?)

after 2pm on Friday, it's buy one, get one -50% at the Metcalfe branch (don't know about the other ones)

Mid priced tasting menu?

Mezcla, 400 Coups and Park come to mind in your price range although the portions are just normal as opposed to large.


I think what you are looking for is also called dukkha or dukkah. Epices de Cru has a version.

ISO Montreal's best milkshake

Au Pied de Cochon's, made with home-made maple syrup toffee

Fresh Clams?

Kim Phat

Anything food worthy in and around Anjou ?

- capucine (in the marie-victorin cegep sports complex)
- burger at Ciociaro
- pasta-a-go-go
- panini at pizzeria etcetera

Great value - Grilled Fish/Seafood- Espadon -7505 St Hubert

Iwaki Jardin

I didn't notice

Iwaki Jardin

well hello again :)

Iwaki Jardin

This place was amazing. 6 courses for $25.95. The quality and variety you get are absolutely amazing, especially considering the price-point they offer. The service I got yesterday was very attentive, not slow at all, but there were only 2 other patrons aside from the two of us. The courses were served on plates to share, except the noodle salads (we each got a bowl). We were served, much to our delight:

- a 1st course of amuses: melon salad served in a shooter glass, potato salad presented in a half cherry tomato, salmon tartare in an endive leaf, a few edamame, a few gorgeous slices of lemony octopus dressed in a miso sauce, and a plump shrimp sitting on top of a wakame and cucumber salad

- chilled soba salad

- white tuna tataki (was not escolar!!)

- sizzling beef plate

- four delectable bite-sized seafood okonomiyaki

- a beautiful bowl of chilled somen

We also ordered two extra dishes ($9 each) and left it up to the chef to decide what we would be eating (not because the portions were too small, but because my dining companion is an ogre). We got:

- some lovely gyoza and a sort of meat patty (porc?) dressed in a sweetish katsu sauce

- agedashi tofu with minced pork

Washed everything down with some Asahi.

Only downside: with this stiffling heat wave, sitting in the tiny locale without AC would have been very uncomfortable, there was not even the slightest breeze with the door wide open. We opted for the terrasse. I hesitated to share this jewel with you all, wanting selfishly to keep it all to myself, but these people deserve great success. Run, don't walk, to Iwaki!

Places that offer an affordable steak

Marven's. With the sides, and considering their generous portions, the plate is enough for 2!

Is little sheep still open?

New Vietnamese hot pot all-you-can-eat on Jean-Talon between Sainte-Dominique and Casgrain (don't remember the name). A few Vietnamese restaurants have come and gone in that location, which is the ground floor of a condo complex built a few years back. think I remember seeing something like $19 per person. I have not tried it but it was about half-full of people yesterday, which is a good sign considering it's a huge space.

Bar with Poutine plus good beer/cocktail selection

Yes. Their online menu is not current, it seems.

Bar with Poutine plus good beer/cocktail selection

+ 1 for Vices et Versa (pourvoyeur does not have good beer)