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trying to remember name of restaurant in 2nd A.

That's it. It was Mori's!! You can tell by the same mirrors in the pic and website. Thanks for all your help. Excellant detective work!!!

Nov 16, 2008
musteatnow in France

trying to remember name of restaurant in 2nd A.

i looked at Vaudeville, but it's interiors have marble, not wood

Nov 15, 2008
musteatnow in France

trying to remember name of restaurant in 2nd A.

I ate at a restaurant in the 2nd, and can't for the life of me, can't recall the name of it. It was located on a corner of a fairly busy street. The Bourse (stock exchange) was within eyesight. The door was glass and had the name of the restaurant on it. I believe there was a capital "V" or "M" or "W" on the door.
Inside the walls are all wood with rectangle mirrors on the walls. It was fairly pricey with entrees averaging around 40euro. I know it's not alot to go off of, but any help would be appreciated!! Here's a blurry photo....

Nov 15, 2008
musteatnow in France

3 nights in Paris - some tough restaurant decisions

I will be in Paris for 3 nights and am trying to decide between restaurants.

1st day, land at noon, so will just need a dinner reservation
2nd day. Gus Savoy 100euro lunch..need a dinner suggestion
3rd day - need both a lunch and dinner suggestion

I would prefer to balance a lighter meal, with a heavier meal (not a big lunch followed by a big dinner,)

I have been eyeing the following restauarants:
Atelier Maitre Albert
Chez Denise
Chez L'ami Jean
Violin D'ingres
Cafe Constant
Les Cocottes
Le Souffle
La Regelade
Le Severo

Any help in arranging a balance between lighter/heavier meals given these restaurants, or any others comparable would be much appreciated!

Nov 04, 2008
musteatnow in France

Dinner with younger client

Looking for a good dinner reccommendation for a dinner with a younger client. Thinking about something fun/sceney but must have great food. A few that come to mind are Esca, Veritas, Alto, Blue hill, Craft, Cru, Megu, Kobe Club,Ouest, Telepan or Amelia (new). Any thoughts or suggestions?

Apr 03, 2007
musteatnow in Manhattan