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Eats Near Shoreline Ampitheatre

Going to see Journey this Saturday night at the Shoreline. We are looking for a good, not too fancy place to have dinner beforehand. Any suggestions?

2 Days in Boston....

Thanks. We are staying on Tremont Street, I believe that is Beacon Hill? We will have a car, we do have a kid (12yrs old) and we like all types of food. Looking for good seafood and local favorites. Nothing fancy, but not junk food. I hope that helps.

Mar 19, 2008
tigersmom in Greater Boston Area

2 Days in Boston....

Spending 2 days in Boston, hopefully 1 day in Salem. Looking for good things to eat, somewhat cheap and local. Any ideas?

Mar 19, 2008
tigersmom in Greater Boston Area

Looking for Fun and Food in Kent, Litchfield, Goshen...

Wow! Thank you! This is very helpful.

Eats in Santa Cruz?

I am going to Santa Cruz next month and I am looking for places to eat near the Boardwalk or around that area. Thai, Chinese. I have two preteens with me so nothing too fancy. Any ideas?

Mar 10, 2008
tigersmom in California

Looking for Fun and Food in Kent, Litchfield, Goshen...

We are traveling from SF to Goshen CT this summer (late June through July 4). I am looking for restaurants, farmer's markets, places to go and fun things to do in that area. We went to a fair in Kent some years back, but I am not sure what month that happens in or if they still have it. Any suggestions would really help.


Can anyone give me their latest feedback on Ame? I was thinking about the tasting menu but wondering if that is the way to go. I get about one high end meal a year and so I want to make the right choice. Any info would help, thank you.

Somewhere to eat in the Outer Sunset?

Does anyone know of anywhere new or interesting to eat in the outer Sunset? Not in the mood for Chinese or Thai.

A place that will teach you to cook?

Try Emily Dellas. Her classes are fun. there is usually a group of no more than 8 per class. Some now each other , some don't. The classes are about 2 hours long and you eat what you cook. I have had some luck there. Good thing to do as a couple.

Pho Near or On Polk Street?

Thanks! I forgot there are places on Larkin. I will try that..

Pho Near or On Polk Street?

Any one know of a good pho place somewhere on Polk Street between Broadway and Geary?

Visiting Tokyo...with a wheat allergy

Friends of mine are giong to Tokyo in the spring and one child has a wheat allergy. No bread, pasta, soy. Any suggestions on places to eat?

Nov 16, 2007
tigersmom in Japan

Dried Mixed Mushrooms In Bulk...Where? [Moved from Home Cooking board]

Where can I find dried mixed mushrooms in bulk. I can't get to The Berkeley Bowl. Is there anywhere in SF? I assume it will cost me an arm and a leg.

Good dried bread cubes?

Thank you..this info is really helpful. I have to break out of the white bread mode but I don't want to get too earthy!

Nov 14, 2007
tigersmom in Home Cooking

Good dried bread cubes?

Sounds like making my own is the way to go! I had never thought of using a more rustic bread. I have been married to the sliced white bread for so long. A yummy whole grain Acme bread would be nice I think. Thanks!

Nov 13, 2007
tigersmom in Home Cooking

Good dried bread cubes?

I have always made my stuffing with fresh bread cubes. I wouldn't even call them cubes, more like little torn up pieces of bread. This year I am thinking of trying out dried bread cubes. I don't like those herb ones that taste stale. Is there a brand out there that is better than the rest or should I make my own?

Nov 12, 2007
tigersmom in Home Cooking

Whole Foods type store on the southern end of town?

Does anyone know of a Whole Foods type store in Daly City or around that area? Those of us who live on the southern end of the city as far as I know, have limited choices for shopping of that kind. Don't you think a Whole Foods or Trader Joe's would fit very nicely in the old Tower Market space in Stonestown? Perhaps there is a hidden gem somewhere I don't know of..

Good burger in the Inner Richmond?

Happy Chef on Geary and......2nd? It's across the street from The Toyota dealership. It is a funny place. Some Asian dishes, some American dishes. They are super nice and my burger was yummy.

Pie crust woes

Perhaps your oven is not hot enough to start. I tend to start with a 425 degree oven for the first 15 minutes of cooking to really blast the crust. then turn it down to the temp you want. It provides a crispy, flaky crust. I also use a butter/shortening combo as well as adding a Tablespoon of cider vinegar as I prep the dough. An hour to chill the dough seems too long. 30 Min should do.

Oct 17, 2007
tigersmom in Home Cooking

Making Gingerbread Houses

I want to make gingerbread houses this year to decorate. I used to have a recipe for dough that was not meant to be eaten, but lost it. Does anyone know any sites or have any recipes for non edible gingerbread dough?

Oct 16, 2007
tigersmom in Home Cooking

I Hate the Noah's Bagels in Berkeley, Telegraph & Durant

As a New Yorker living in SF for 20 years I am ashamed to say that I have out of desperation purchased more than one bagel from Noah's. I have been disappointed every time. Not to mention, they ALWAYS get my order wrong. Never leave without checking your bag first. The store in Laurel village is dirty, overpriced and smells bad. Go to House of Bagels on Geary or better yet...order some bagels from H&H Bagels in NY and stick them in your freezer.

Oceanview Asian Market on Alemany

It is actually where Albertson's used to be. The place is huge. The prepared food looked a little questionable, but it was late in the day. There is no other place around there like that and from the crowds that I saw, I think the store will do very well. They do sell non Asian items as well but not too many.

Dinner with the family...Help!

My husbands family is coming to town and I am looking for a nice restaurant the request was...not trendy, not loud and good food. These are older folk who are pretty picky. Can anyone suggest something? I don't think price is an issue, but I don't want to offend either. Any neighborhood will do. The menu should be safe but not hotel food. These people are hard to please. I feel like I have to impress here otherwise I wouldn't be such a pain! Thanks!!

Desperately seeking chicken wings

I 2nd San Tung. The original chicken wings are to die for! YUM! Good luck...


I was being sarcastic.....


Ame was poo-poo'ed...not sure why. I'll save that one for the next time I get to go out in 10 or 20 years! OK! Boulevard it is!! Thanks everyone for all your help and I'll let you know my thoughts after the fact.

Boulevard...thoughts? I am not so sure. How about Chaya Brasserie? I think I am obsessing over this...

Boulevard vs. Jardiniere

Ok..I have narrowed it down to Boulevard or Jardiniere for my anniversary dinner. I actually already made a rez at Boulevard, but I am willing to look at other options. We have a show to make by 8pm as well that night. Which one would YOU dine at? As you can tell, we don't get out much so I want it to be a memorable meal. Thanks Chowhounders.


I was thinking of trying Boulevard in the next few weeks. The reviews out there have been pretty positive but I would hate to spend tons of $$$ for a mediocre meal. Any thoughts on this? Can you recommend something else in that area? Thanks!

Anniversary Dinner

Thank you for the suggestions. I will check these places out.