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"Rare" ethnic restaurants?

I usually just look at these posts and for the past couple of years since the birth of this chowhound-now-chow site. However I don't tend to reply, didn't even officially register until last week actually, but I do disagree with some opinions that may be taken as facts, so here I go...

Anyhow, short cutting to your topic..

First off, AREPA is a colombian not venezuelan food, this was found out after much research in both countries. A colombian staple since the days of the Gran Colombia (then included Ecuador, Colombia, Panama and Venezuela).

And now for your feature reply..

If you're looking for a carribean, central or south american latin treat there's just about any bakery, cafe or restaurant when you take the 7 train to Queens and get off at 82nd Street - Jackson Heights station, personally I would walk east or north of this station for better culinary experiences of the local cultures, but really you could walk in any direction and find something muy rico!!! Specifically I would recommend LA NUEVA BAKERY or LA NUEVA CAFE on 37th Ave around 84/85th Street (one block north of Roosevelt Ave), also RICO PAN on Woodside Ave and 59th Street off the 61st Street station in neighbouring Irish-laden Woodside.

As for a trendy experience of traditional Venezuelan food I would recommend the great EL COCOTERO on 18th Street between 7th and 8th Aves in Chelsea, Manhattan.

As for a trendy experience of traditional Colombian food I would recommend the great BOGOTA LATIN BISTRO on 5th Avenue bewteen St. John's and Lincoln Places in Park Slope, Brooklyn.

Note that although both restauarants and countries like to label their respective cuisines as their own, in actuality they are very similar to each other.

As for the CARACAS AREPA BAR, it's a nice take on the arepa but quite expensive for the small delicious serving that you get, and fits in well as most places that are located in the now too-trendy-but-still-a-dump East Village.

And as for THE AREPA LADY, she is actually from the region of Antioquia (where the eternally bloomful city of Medellin is located) in Colombia or so she says.

While on the 7 train line..

Irish pub fare anywhere east of the 61st Street station on either Roosevelt or Woodside Aves. in Woodside,

Pakistani, Bangladeshi and North Indian immediately north of Roosevelt Ave off the 74th Street station.

Asian galore cuisine in any direction off of last stop Main Street in Flushing.

Good luck and welcome back!

Apr 01, 2007
alexenrique in Manhattan