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Turns Out Everybody Loves Bacon and Fries

The ironing board scent shouldn't be a head scratcher. You smell leftover starch on an ironing board. There's starch in potatoes. Makes perfect sense to me...

Apr 20, 2012
trueqwest in Features

Does anyone know where to find Thai Chilies in manhattan?

Thai chilis should be available at the Manhattan Food Exchange in Chelsea Market (looks like a huge fruit and veg store)

Feb 20, 2010
trueqwest in Manhattan

looking to try something new in W Village/Chelsea

I just went to Spice Market for Restaurant Week. Loved it! I do recommend NOT getting the egg noodles dish though...a little spicy for most. Everything else my date and I had was wonderful.

Feb 20, 2010
trueqwest in Manhattan

Pangasinan Salt in Manhattan

I recently had a dish topped with what the server called Pangasinan salt from the Philippines. When I asked where I could get it, unfortunately the server said it had to be special ordered. I was hoping to use it this weekend for a dinner party I'm hosting.

Does anyone know where I can find it, anywhere in the 5 boroughs?

Sep 16, 2009
trueqwest in Manhattan

kitchen uniforms

As a cook, I normally order my supplies- aprons, cooks pants, etc. However, I'm in a bit of a bind and have to get new pants withing 2 days, at reasonable cost. Besides Bowery Kitchen at Chelsea Market and JB Prince on 31st St, can anyone recommend places to go buy kitchen attire?


Aug 25, 2009
trueqwest in Not About Food

Fried Clams and Oysters

I've had some nice and tasty fried clams and oysters at Mary's Fish Camp in the West Village on 4th and Charles.

Apr 08, 2009
trueqwest in Manhattan

Where Would You Eat After 2 AM In Manhattan?


You can't go wrong with Chinatown, especially Wo Hop's or Noodletown.

I was at Shilla in K-Town just the other night at 3am, and having some spicy Korean beef really hit the spot.

I forget the name, but there's a Yakitori place near the corner of St Mark's Place and 3rd Ave, across the street from the St Mark's Ale house. Good cheap eats, easy to get to, maybe someone here will know the name (I always end up there drunk after B-Bar)

Good luck

Jun 04, 2008
trueqwest in Manhattan

Where to find Tasso in NYC

Hey guys, I looked through the archives and couldn't find anything recent. I'm making jambalaya for the Superbowl this Sunday, and need Tasso. Before I order from Cajun grocer, is there anywhere in the city that carries the wonderful spicy ham?

Jan 30, 2008
trueqwest in Manhattan

Tapas? Wine bar? A Voce?

Down on Bond Street near Bowery, Restaurant Mercat. I have never had a bad meal there, from the patatas bravas to the noodles in sepia, serrano ham, sardines, grilled shrimp, duck breast- wow, I'm getting hungry just writing this. Good wine selection too, just look up when you arrive to see the display.

Sit at the little bar in front of the kitchen if possible, the cooks make a great presentation and show of preparing your food. They usually pass around a porron, both for themselves and for anyone sitting in the area. Enjoy!

Jan 01, 2008
trueqwest in Manhattan

Resto - Astonishingly Disappointing

This is surprising. I was just there Thursday night and had a wonderful experience.

My friend and I started with the bitter ballen and lamb ribs and found both to be quite tasty, not overly greasy.

My friend had a squab special while I decided to stick to the basic menu, the steak frites. I will tell you, this is the first time all year that someone's finally gotten my medium rare order down- I usually end up with medium or medium well regardless of how I describe medium rare to the waitstaff.

I'm sorry to hear that you all had bad experiences there, but from the talk I heard, people seemed pretty happy with their dishes. I'm sure I'll be there again in '08.

Dec 31, 2007
trueqwest in Manhattan

Best in Chinatown?

For Brunch, I'm a big fan of Golden Unicorn.

For dinner, I just can't get enough of Joe's Shanghai. be careful eating the buns!

For a late night nosh, it's gotta be the dumplings at Wo Hop's. Downstairs, of course.

Dec 30, 2007
trueqwest in Manhattan

A northerner with smoked pounce, please help!

Thanks for the help everyone! I hope I didn't insult anyone (I love Louisiana and try to go down every year), but the package was printed "smoked pounce" from Luke's Meat Market in Ville Platte. It's still frozen, but I'm going to thaw it out this weekend and try making it in my cast iron dutch oven. I'll have a full review for y'all next week sometime.

Aug 23, 2007
trueqwest in New Orleans

A northerner with smoked pounce, please help!

Hey all,

A good friend of mine from New Orleans (originally Baton Rouge) brought me a whole smoked pounce, telling me how good it was at a Villa Platt food festival he went to recently. Excited to try it out, I've been looking online for tips on prep for my new item. Google search brings up NOTHING, except for mention in a few smoked meat festivals. I remember he mentioned it's a backwoods down home thing, not a mainstream food item.

Can anyone help? It's in my freezer (just got it yesterday) and I don't know how to cook it (is it already cooked? Do I just let it thaw?), serve it, or what to drink with it (Abita? Turbo Dog? Wine?) Please help, as my instructors here in NYC don't even know what it is-although when I find out, they expect me to serve them a portion...

Jul 03, 2007
trueqwest in New Orleans

Top Chef Miami-Ep: 2

Joey and Sara N are graduates of the Culinary School I'm currently attending. While I'm satisfied with Sara's performance, I'm not so sure of my support for Joey. Either with the clashing with Howie or Hung(who was right in saying that Joey didn't have a copyright on the watermelon drink), Joey isn't displaying the professionalism necessary to make his school proud.

Jun 21, 2007
trueqwest in Food Media & News

Muffaletta on a Monday?

I just got back from New Orleans last night at midnight, and I can confirm that Central Grocery is in fact closed on Mondays. Actually, a good portion of the French Quarter seems to be either closed, or open really late- something that didn't help this traveler looking for a Muffaletta for his 5pm flight home.

Luckily, a friend of mine living in NOLA pointed me to Luigi's, just 2 doors over from Central Grocery. Better prices, more/tastier olive salad topping, and (what I feel personally) fresher bread make for a BETTER muffaletta than CG makes. You should have seen the looks I got from people on the plane who had to settle for their airline pretzels...

Apr 24, 2007
trueqwest in New Orleans

Dim Sum or not to Dim Sum - that is the question?

Having been there many times, I will vouch for Golden Unicorn in Chinatown, on E Broadway (I think it crosses Catherine St, I'm too lazy to google it and look it up). What I like about it, besides being inexpensive and tasty, is that the carts have pictures on them, so even if you're an inexperienced newbie, you can see what you're getting.

I hope I don't get any flack for being negative, but I had a really bad experience at Ping's on Mott St. I was there for Chinese new year, seated downstairs, and felt like I was being ignored. I know they were busy, but carts just rolled by my table and I had to beg and scream for attention.

I hear Dim Sum GoGo on Bowery (or is it E Broadway? They run together) is pretty good. I wish I could tell you, but on Chinese New Year 2007, the line was so bad that I couldn't even get into the restaurant, and I'm a 200+ lb powerlifter. :-)

Apr 05, 2007
trueqwest in Manhattan

Where to Find the best Falafel in NY?

I know it isn't midtown but I also sing the praises of Mamouns. Shwarma, Baklava, falafel and everything else, I have never had a bad time ordering from either the village or east village locations. Some have told me it's arabic fast food, but it's sooooo good, especially after 2AM (open 'til 4).

Besides, it's only a A, C, E, train away from midtown :-)

Apr 05, 2007
trueqwest in Manhattan

Visiting NYC with 2 teens

My 16 year old cousin just came up from Hawaii and her tour group took her to Top of The Rock, the restaurant at Rockefeller Center. It isn't expensive, something like $18 per person to get up there. Really, what you're going for is the views of NYC and Central Park. Check out the website here

Places that teens would also find interesting are South Street Seaport, obviously Times Square, and Check out the NYU area of The Village- around West 4th Street. Some fun shops and restaurants there.

Remember, NYC is an island. It might be a little chilly but check out some of the boat tours- I've been on them, even though I'm from the area, and found them fun and informative:

If its running, try "The Beast." There's nothing like it anywhere; I know it runs in the summer months, but it should be running soon...

If you have any other questions, I'll be happy to help.

Mar 31, 2007
trueqwest in Manhattan