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Nashville - Looking for Carneceria w/cooked meats

My girlfriend and i are new "Nashvillians" transplanted from Michigan. I can't believe the number of Latinos around here ! Which means lots of authentic ethnic restaurants and markets ! We are looking for a meat market or "Carneceria" that sells a variety of cooked meats (asada,carnitas,pollo, etc) by the pound so that we can make our own taco's @ home. We found one that only sells prepared Barbacoa - It was really good, but we are looking for more variety. We are in the Paragon Mills area- just off of Nolensville pike. Thanks for any info.

Feb 22, 2010
bigcab in Kentucky & Tennessee

Detroit (Dearborn) Spice Search

Looking for best place ( Rafal Spice is closed) for Morroccan Spices and/or Curry spices..anyone ??

Detroit - fresh Chicharonnes/Pork rinds ?

No, I forgot about the honey Bee..Thanks !

Detroit - fresh Chicharonnes/Pork rinds ?

So I am finding some success with my low carb diet, i am using pork rinds or Chicahronnes for a snack substitute just to get over my little hunger bumps. I have found some fresh Chicharrones at E&L supermarket on W.Vernor, does anyone else know of anyone else that offers them "fresh & hot" ? Thanks in advance.

Skirt steak in Detroit Metro

Your going to want to visit the Honey Bee Market or E & L market in mexicantown for the real deal !

E & L Meats
6000 W Vernor Hwy
Detroit, MI 48209
(313) 554-2140

Honey Bee Market
443 Bagley St
Detroit, MI 48216
(313) 237-0295

Blue Star Café, Detroit?

The Fly Trap Restaurant Ferndale MI

I, too had the huevos rancheros...very eclectic menu, and a great name for the restaurant..very adventuresome and eclectic, cool little restaurant. AND my huevos were delicious


I noticed a "CURRY DOGS" street side hot dog stand, while visiting a friend in Berlin for a few days last year. I never got a chance to try them. Is anyone familiar with a curry dog ? What is it ? Do you like them ? Thanks....

Feb 11, 2008
bigcab in General Topics

El Rancho - Detroit (Steak Tacos)


5900 W Vernor Hwy
Detroit, MI 48209
(313) 843-2151

El Rancho - Detroit (Steak Tacos)

I'm not saying that I'm an expert on the subject..but i will say that I've had more than a few "asada" tacos in SW Detroit. The Steak tacos at the El Rancho restaurant are REALLY good. Every bite has a marinated,buttery, steaky taste to it. Do yourself a favor, if you like real steak flavor..try these !

Secret Wing Joint- Detroit Area-Know any?

I've had BW3's (enjoyed em) been to Hooters (over rated)- Looking for more authentic Buffalo, NY style, perhaps a few places that are under the radar and do a great wing ( NO WING DINGS !) Thanks !

Lazy Bones in Roseville, Mi

I've had the rib tips and jumbo wings from Lazy Bones..Both items were "oh my God..these are good" kinda good. I think your guests will be hounding you with "Where did you get this" questions. Wings are Big and meaty, and the tips are meaty too and fun to eat. your party is gonna be a hit.

Turkey Grill, Detroit: Anyone Know It?

Get inside...I used to get the Cajun fried turkey drum stick with french fries. Served with a side of "michigan cream sauce" sort of a zip sauce. nice people work there. It's good..try it.

Brand of hot Dog served by Sams Club ? -Detroit

Yeah I asked the cashier if I could buy them in the stor...She replied "only by the case" maybe she wasn't too bright though, She said the BRAND was Kosher (twice). Probably "BEST" kosher though..thanks.

Any great Cheap Eats in Port Huron, MI?

Hey Jeff,
Check out the links to "Palms Krystal" and the eating experience had there by an independent blogger..known for their fried chicken but soups and daily specials are good too. (Carry out has a seperate enterance and parking on the back of restaurant if you go. Third link is to Vantage pointe, a new ship watching center ( cafe is inside) . Check out the "freighter" (cute name for fritter) enjoy Port Huron !

Gyros in metro Detroit?

Try the "Golden Fleece" in Greektown. Carved off the spit.

Brand of hot Dog served by Sams Club ? -Detroit

Had a GREAT Hot Dog at Sams Club snack bar yesterday. When I asked the cashier what kind it was She replied " Kosher" ( a type not a brand) . Any ideas what brand of Kosher ? It was a big dog with great taste. You could only buy them by the case at the cafeteria counter.

Honey Bee Market in Mexican town (Detroit)

I like the fact that they have invested $$ into their business...the new market is large and clean AND FRIENDLY ! I'm a white boy from way North of 8 mile, and the folks at this market are always sooo nice and helpful.

Detroit: Chicago style hot dog ?

Juicy Red Hots in Dearborn.....

Vienna Beef, neon relish, sport peppers, poppy seed bun (steamed) and celery salt.

Port Huron, MI restaurant for Anniversary Dinner?

Skip the Hotel restaurant..(unless your having their Sunday brunch) try the Bistro 18882 underneath the twin spans of the Blue water bridges, nice ambiance, reasonable prices, and good food, within walking distance of the front doors of the Edison Inn ( The bistro is across the parking lot) . Rec #2 would be the Fogcutter ( an old standby in Port Huron for special events, with an updated menu that covers all the bases. Check out the bar ( the restaurant and bar are located on the 6th floor of the Port Huron Office Center) it has been updated too, quite cozy ! Happy Anniversary !

HELP! New to Detroit (city of Macomb), need recs

Hey Welcome to the "D"

This link should get you started. It's from the Metrotimes (Detroit area arts & Ent. weekly) look for the search function on this page, you can search by food type, city, price, etc. Good Luck !

Hardwood Lump Charcaol - Detroit

Thanks..I didnt think of Nino's

Hardwood Lump Charcaol - Detroit

Looking for 100% hardwood lump charcoal (NOT the COWBOY Brand sold at Lowes) in the Detroit area. I've got a new smoker and have been reading various BBQ blogs stating that the brand I have been using (COWBOY) is junk. Anybody in the know ?? Thank You in Advance.


Thats a tough one. IMHO there are few street vendors in the downtown area...serving hot dogs and sausages from a cart. I don't think any of them have any type of following. Greektown is a traditional stop for tourists (Astoria Bakery). Thee really is not one concentrated area of vendors or street type food. people do seem to crave our coney dogs though.

Cubanos in Detroit?

from the Detroit news Restaurant critic/reviewer :

Comments from Molly Abraham
The first Cuban restaurant in the metro area offers an a menu of Cuban-influenced rather than strictly authentic dishes. They range from the Cuban sandwich, a press-grilled blend of roast pork, ham, Swiss chees and pickles on specially made Cuban bread, mango and jicam salad, fired plantains, grilled sweet corn, ropa vieja (shredded beef in spicy tomato sauce over yellow rice) and cornmeal cakes stuffed with goat cheese, avocado and tomatoes. Appropriate drinks include sangria, mojitos, limeade and of course, Coca Cola. The good old American hamburger is also an option. The cafe is patterned after the Cafe Habana in Manhattan and its rustic setting is just right for the colorful menu. Part of the Bastone restaurant complex, it has its own entrance on Fifth Street around the corner from South Main, and it serves breakfast - such dishes as huevos rancheros and a Cuban version of French toast - as well as the other two meals. Its small, quarters include an open kitchen with a few stools at a counter for those who like to keep an eye on the kitchen, as well as more secluded booths and tables.

Cubanos in Detroit?

Vicentes downtown detroit. Make sure you do mapquest, it is a little hard to find (one way streets) but was a nice find when I visited. Moderately upscale/casual...not a hole in the wall.

Eastern Market Detroit Michigan

I ate at Butchers Inn a few months ago. I ordered a BleuCheese burger. The Burger was outstanding, so much so that i commented to the chef how great the meat in the burger tasted, he told me that the meat was probably "walking around" the day before, as He buys his ground beef fresh every morning at one of the area butchers.

Restaurants Near Detroit Airport

I drive a limousine/sedan to and from the airport several times a day from Port Huron, I sometimes spend hours "at the airport" or close to it. Here are a few "finds"....
The Beirut Restaurant on Merriman rd (next to Subway North of Big Boy) Top notch lebanese in a strip mall (try the Shish Tawook sandwich). The Wheat and Rye also on Merriman..a little further North of beirut. Big Sandwiches and burgers in a boisterous bar atmosphere.

Broasted Chicken in SE MI

I believe Chicken Shack uses a pressurized deep fryer..probably a time saver. Why else would there be a lid on top of the fryer.

Detroit-- best corned beef or pastrami sandwich?

House of reuben IMMEDIATELY came to mind when I read your post...You Will not be disappointed ! Huge sandwich, with piled high corned beef at a price you won't need the powerball to afford. The place is owned by Armenians (fyi), try their grilled chicken, and the beef barley soup is awesome too ! Go hungry ! They have another location in a remodeled taco bell west of freedom hill on 16 mile (sterling heights ?) Two more reccomendations #1 eph mcNallys ( eclectic sandwich shop in Corktown and a new location on Woodward Downtown. #2 Gratiot Central Market (There is a sandwich shop (hambones ?) located in the market that specializes in STACKED Ham sandwiches (I think they offer Ruebens Too) . Enjoy !

Apr 10, 2007
bigcab in Great Lakes