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Filipino Catering in Chicago area for Milwaukee party

Does anyone know of a filipino caterer that could provide for a large party in Milwaukee? There is a serious lack of filipino food in MKE and I was hoping to have some lechon and other dishes on hand. Thanks hounds!

Mar 27, 2012
rommelwood in Chicago Area

Rehearsal Dinner in Milwaukee

Can anyone recommend some downtown spaces for a rehearsal dinner next summer? My fiancée and I like the Harbor House on the lake, but I thought I check here since chowhound has turned up some gems for me in the past.

We'll probably need to seat about 40-60 people. And I don't think we'd want a space that any fancier the Harbor House. Thanks!

Dec 09, 2011
rommelwood in Great Lakes

Las Vegas - Fun Group Dinner?

Can anyone give any recs on a festive Friday night place for a joint bachelor/bachelorette dinner before we split off into separate stag/hen parties? We're looking for something in $40-50 range w/out drinks and close prox to the party scenes on the strip. Preferably not Asian fusion but we can be convinced if it's worth it.

Thanks hounds.

Mar 04, 2009
rommelwood in Southwest

Favorite Eats, Moderate Price?

I'm sure this will set off a firestorm, as does any request for favorites or lists. What are your go to restaurants in the $50-$75 pp, including alcohol? Any cuisine, Any neighborhood.

Dec 03, 2007
rommelwood in Manhattan

Bourdain at Les Halles?

Has anyone been to Les Halles recently? How much involvement does AB have with Les Halles since No Reservations not to mention his frequent guest spots on radio etc? Has anyone noticed a drop off (or, rise for that matter) in quality?

Sep 27, 2007
rommelwood in Manhattan

25th anniversary A.C. Please help!

Can someone explain the abbreviation "OP"? Sorry, I'm new to the boards here.

Sep 27, 2007
rommelwood in Mid-Atlantic

Molyvos..any feedback?

Agreed. I went to Molyvos a couple times last summer for lunch and I thought the food was heavy and oily. I can't speak to Pylos

Sep 26, 2007
rommelwood in Manhattan

Bourdain: Love Him? Hate Him?

Does AB do any regular cooking in New York anymore? At Les Halles or elsewhere?

Sep 17, 2007
rommelwood in Food Media & News

Midtown Sushi with Soy Paper?

Can anyone recommend a relaxed sushi place in midtown? Midrange prices and up. I like sushi wrapped in soy paper instead of seaweed so that would be a huge plus.

Thanks hounders.

Sep 17, 2007
rommelwood in Manhattan

Top NJ Restaurants?

I'm a new hound (well, longtime foodie. just new to the board) and I'm moving back to NJ after a long hiatus. Are there any lists floating around of the top restaurants in the state?

Not that I'm a slave to lists and rankings, but I find that they are a useful starting point to see a) what's out there and b) who is doing the reviewing.

Thanks in advance, hounds.