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First time in Montreal - late november

What an odd coincidence--came across your post while looking for recommendations for Thanksgiving mother and brother and I are heading up to Montreal Wed - Friday and we happen to be staying in the same place as you! Joe Beef and Au Pied de Cochon were on my shortlist as well.

Cocktails Before Little Fish

I was just there for the first time post-Katie on Saturday night and had a great time. Phoebe is making some excellent cocktails.

Sep 15, 2009
ethorson in Pennsylvania

New BYOBs-any worth a try for an anniv dinner?

I went to Nicholas for my own anniversary dinner a month or so ago...the food was very good but I wouldn't recommend it as a "special occasion" place; it's brightly lit and not particularly atmospheric. That being said, I hope I don't scare any non-anniversary-celebrating people away--it is definitely a great neighborhood restaurant and I plan on returning.

Oct 27, 2008
ethorson in Pennsylvania

Brunch in Old City/Queen Village?

I haven't been there myself, but people say brunch at National Mechanics in Old City is great. The menu's on their website.

National Mechanics Bar & Restaurant Old City Philadelphia
22 South 3rd Street, Philadelphia, PA

Sep 28, 2008
ethorson in Pennsylvania

Dinner in South Philly before the Phillies Game

You can also bring your own food to the game (at least, no one has ever given me any problem when I've done it), so you could grab some Sarcones and eat at the ballpark.

Aug 05, 2008
ethorson in Pennsylvania

Philly Bar(food) Crawl

I would suggest choosing an area first and then deciding on specific bars. Philadelphia Weekly's list, although far from perfect, is a good start.

Here a few pub crawls I've undertaken with a fair amount of success (the first one on each list has especially good food):

South Philly: Royal Tavern, Dive Bar, Pope, finish off at Cantina or 1601.

Center City(ish): Jose Pistolas, Good Dog, Nodding Head, finish off at Bob and Barbaras

Old City: Eulogy, Sugar Mom's, National Mechanics, finish off at Khyber

If you want more upscale drinks, do Chick's and/or Southwark in South Philly, and if you want divier then sub in any of the Midtowns.

May 29, 2008
ethorson in Pennsylvania

Baby Shower Luncheon in South Philly

Try giving Pat Bombino's a call. They just opened up on 9th and Catharine a few months ago. I live about a block away and I've eaten there a few times. The food is quite good and I believe it's within your price range--plus, given that they're still trying to get a foot in the door, I bet they might give you a good price on a fixed menu-type option.

I would stay away from Maggiano's. The food's all right, I guess, but I find the atmosphere pretty chain-y and depressing.

Mar 26, 2008
ethorson in Pennsylvania

The Search for Perfect Banh Mi

I live at 9th and Fitzwater and adore banh mi, so I've been to a bunch of the places nearby. Cafe Nhuy on Christian between 9th and 10th is definitely the best, but it's been closed for the past month or so (I think the owners are on vacation--it's scheduled to reopen around the 20th of March). I actually think some of O Sandwiches are decent as well, although their special (ie the one with the coldcuts) is a bit lacking. I've only had Huong Lan once, but their bread was sub-par. Good luck--report back if you can!

Mar 17, 2008
ethorson in Pennsylvania

Lorenzo Pizza's Cheesesteaks?

I live about a block away, so maybe I'm biased, but I think Lorenzo's cheesesteaks are fantastic. They're especially good if you go on an "off" time--ie not during one of the weekend rushes.

Mar 07, 2008
ethorson in Pennsylvania

Romantic, not-too-expensive birthday dinner in Philly?

Mr. Martino's in South Philly. It's BYO, Italian, very cozy (dark wood paneling everywhere), you can make reservations, fantastic atmosphere, and the service is always friendly. I've been there now for both a birthday dinner and an anniversary dinner, and both times have been great. Oh, and cheap--appetizer+meal+dessert hovers around $30 a person.

Dec 01, 2007
ethorson in Pennsylvania

Palo Alto gift certificate ideas?

Thanks, everyone! I actually went with Fraiche, mostly because of their emphasis on organic/local (he's very aware of/involved with those issues). They didn't have anything about gift certificates on their website, but I emailed and the owner wrote back right away and let me know they'd be more than happy to help out. The minimum gift card order is $25, and you can do any denomination at or above $25.

great tacos in CC

I'm thinking of meeting up with a group of around 10 or 15 people there on a Thursday night--not for dinner, just for drinks, maybe some eating-at-the-bar. People who have been there, do you think their bar area can accommodate that kind of crowd?

Sep 26, 2007
ethorson in Pennsylvania

Palo Alto gift certificate ideas?

My best friend just moved in with his girlfriend in Palo Alto. Also, it's his birthday! I want to get him/them a birthday/housewarming present and I was thinking that a gift certificate to someplace local would be perfect.

I'm only looking to spend around $40-$50, so probably a bakery/cheese store type shop place would make more sense than a restaurant. I'd like it to be something they can bring home and enjoy in their new place.

I live in Philadelphia, so I'm not too familiar with the Palo Alto options. Any help would be much appreciated (and I promise I'll return the favor when you need to know where to get the best cheesesteak/soft pretzel/water ice!).

Dinner in/around Penn Quarter

I'll second Oyamel...I'd recommend making a reservation, though--even on weekdays at the bar the place can be pretty crowded. The food at District Chophouse and Brewery is mediocre, but I really enjoy their beers.