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What to do with smoked pork butt?

Sorry to kick up dust on an old post, but I found this through Google, and I feel the need to bow down to every one of you that posted and responded.

I don't know if Georgia smoked pork butt is much different from a Quebecois product, but I'm sure going to try some of these recipes this weekend. There's only two of us in this house, and the leftovers of one heck of a smoked pork butt in the fridge. (We picked up a smoked pork butt this past weekend at our local butcher.)

Toodles to all, going to go freeze some of that beast and get to cooking on some of the others...

Sep 06, 2012
miznic in Home Cooking

How Do You Say "Pho"?

psh. I say get the bowl of pho in front of you, stop worrying, and slurp.

Sep 30, 2009
miznic in Features


And it really doesn't taste all that good, either. (Regular OR Diet)

I sure wish these people would get off the frickin antioxidants thing, already.

Jun 02, 2009
miznic in Features

Filipino/Asian markets in Cocoa Beach?

You rock. Thanks for the info. :D

Mar 31, 2009
miznic in Florida

Kids Making Drinks

In reading the commentaries and such, the only conclusion I've come to is that some need a drink, and some need to lay off the drink.

Mar 31, 2009
miznic in Features

Filipino/Asian markets in Cocoa Beach?

I'm headed to Cocoa Beach in May and would like to bring some taro back... any idea if there is a Filipino or Asian store I can find that at?

Any info would be much appreciated. :D Thanks!

Mar 29, 2009
miznic in Florida

Suggestions for Macon/Warner Robins area?

Doggone it, I KNEW I meant to add a few places to my "to-chow" list... lol! Thanks for reminding me!! (Oh, Saigon House in the same strip mall where Emilio's is at? Wonderful place. Yummy yummy yummy...)

May 10, 2008
miznic in General South Archive

Suggestions for Macon/Warner Robins area?

OK, well, it's been a year since I posted that, and almost that since I moved here. Chow-hounding through Houston County has been a riot, for sure.

Some observations:

- For Italian food - Johnny Carino's (yes, it's a chain) was a huge, huge disappointment. I did try Santina's on Russell Parkway very recently, and that was outstanding.

- Tried local favorite Nu-Way once. Neon pink hot dogs, frankly, scare the blue hell out of me. lol Their patty melts are wonderful, though.

- Someone suggested Lane Packing on 96... I make it a point to stop there regularly. Thanks for the tip. :) (And if they're out of peach muffins at any given time, I probably bought the last of them.... *whistles*)

- White Diamond (Bonaire), Georgia Bob's (WR) and Grillmaster (Perry) BBQs - I absolutely can't stand liver, but if any of those places had that as the only thing they have left - I'd probably buy it. Hell, I'd probably buy the rest of it out.

- Indian food: Brindavan in Macon (off I-475 and Eisenhower) - never again. Shahenshah in Warner Robins? Again. And again. And again. You get the idea. I haven't tried the latest offering - Ali Baba - but ohhh, I will...

- My Sister's Cafe (Perry, off Sam Nunn) - kick-butt breakfasts (take a friend and a wheelbarrow so they can take you outta there), but lunch?.... not so much.

- Edenz Vegetarian Restaurant opened on Russell Parkway here in WR, and closed not very long afterwards. Damn shame too. They had some wonderful veggie burgers, and the whole menu looked promising.

- Incidentally - out of all the places here in Houston County - Warner Robins is murder on new restaurants. If you're not the 'hot thang' right off the bat - there's a heck of a chance of flatlining before a review or a blurb has been mentioned in the Macon Telegraph.

I still haven't been very satisfied with grocery-store replacements for Wild Oats/Whole Foods - but both Kroger and Publix has been wonderful with ordering the tofu I was getting in Tampa, as well as other vegetarian items. And at the rate Warner Robins is expanding, it's going to be Box-Store Central around here - so a Wild Oats/Whole Foods thingamajig can't be too far off...

So thanks again to everyone that's left suggestions - I aim to try more and of course, report back here... but here's hoping that a closet Chow-hounder might be moving to the area, and looking for just such a post... :)

May 08, 2008
miznic in General South Archive

Best Pecan Pie (in Georgia?)

If you're going south of Macon, into middle GA, try Lane Packing, just outside Warner Robins and Fort Valley in Peach County. From I-75, get off at exit 142 - make a right turn, and go 5 miles west on GA Route 96. Lane Packing is on the right. It's a touristy kind of place - but this place has the best pecan pie AND turtle cheesecake I've ever had.

And don't get me started on their pecan bars. You have no idea how much effort it takes not to stop there on my way to work... lol

Jan 21, 2008
miznic in Southeast

Oahu - Hale'iwa shrimp truck

I knew I'd seen something written about that before. One of the commenters on this particular entry from Ono 'Kine Grindz - the entry itself can be seen here: - left the recipe below. I've never tried it, but heck, it sounds like something I'd like to attempt this weekend.

Good luck!

Posted by a fellow named Mike in the comments for that post:

1/3 cup Olive oil, garlic, 1 lemon juice, salt, pepper, 1tbs paprika, ten cloves garlic, chives (optional) and 1/4 cup dry white wine (use mirin for substitution). These are all for marinading.

1 1/2 pounds large shrimp (about 16


1) In very hot pan, fry shrimp first until half cooked and pink. Set aside.

2) Let pan cool down and set stove to 3. Add in chopped garlic and sauté slowly
without browning them. Use the smell whether you over cooked the garlic. Once
garlic is nice and soft, add in the shrimp. Add in the rest of the chopped garlic for

Jun 15, 2007
miznic in Hawaii

Tampa Airport/Brandon food

Boizao's across the way too - If your boss can kick a few dollars more, that one should be okay.

Jun 13, 2007
miznic in Florida

Cheap Eats in Tampa

Well, hmm.. Antojito's on Howard and Columbus in Tampa has some great Cubans... and the rest of their food is good, hearty and cheap, too. I relocated from Tampa recently and find myself missing this particular place... this one, and La Teresita. The Snack Shop is a good stop, too.

Jun 08, 2007
miznic in Florida

Suggestions for Macon/Warner Robins area?

Hammerhead, you rock. :) I finally made the move here to WR and had the displeasure of eating at a place on Watson that called itself a country buffet - the food was really lousy and had left me thinking there had to be SOMETHING that wasn't a chain and that was a lot better.

Funny that I'm running into this post tonight, as we're looking for a place to have some dinner. Carino's is a chain, but you know something... I'll be there if it means good food! lol

Thanks, Hammerhead. You're a wealth of information. :)

Jun 03, 2007
miznic in General South Archive

Brazilian-style steakhouse coming to Tampa

lol - holy crow, 18 cuts of meat? Picanha included?

(Any responses determine whether or not my fiance and I are going back to Boizao for lunch before we move to GA in a week!)

...Argentinian steakhouses? Isn't there one in Ybor City...?

May 19, 2007
miznic in Florida

Brazilian-style steakhouse coming to Tampa

I went to Boizao not too long ago - I almost DIDN'T go because someone had told me it was something like $37 a head. Boy, was I shocked.. the service was phenomenal, the food was outstanding (on both the buffet and the meats)... Maybe it was just me, because it was my first time at a churrascaria (sp?) - but here it is, almost two weeks later and I can still taste the picanha as if I'd eaten it a minute ago. Nummy. :::licking lips:::

May 16, 2007
miznic in Florida

Suggestions for Macon/Warner Robins area?

Thanks to both of you. :) I was in Warner Robins over the weekend to sign the lease on our new home, and was pretty impressed with the number of mom-and-pop places there. (And the fact that Publix was there, also!) Looks like I'm going to have a good ol' time chow-hounding my way through Warner Robins. lol

May 16, 2007
miznic in General South Archive

Suggestions for Macon/Warner Robins area?

OK GA chowhounds! - Come on out and fill a gal in on what's what in your neck of the woods. I'm moving from Chain-Restaurant Central (oops, Tampa Bay) to Warner Robins in the next few weeks, and want to know good places to grub at. I think I'm chain-immune at this point, so if you all have some good down-home suggestions (read: non-chain!), please holler up. :)

(I'm also looking for good alternatives to Wild Oats and/or Whole Foods. I'm a carnivore, but I do love tofu and organic stuff. So, if you know of any natural foods stores in those areas, post up!)

May 10, 2007
miznic in General South Archive

Ex-Californians: Great Mexican Restaurants in Tampa Bay?

I'm from SD too, and it's been really hard finding something that even comes close to the stuff I used to get in SD. El Taconazo comes pretty doggone close; I tried Miguel's, but the jury's still out on it. (Love their queso fundido though. Reminds me of the stuff I'd get in Tijuana.)

But someone has yet to point me to where I can get those big, big burritos that I used to get from places like Roberto's (and Alberto's, and all those other plays on their names)... now THOSE, I crrrrrrrrrrrrave...

Apr 19, 2007
miznic in Florida

Brazilian-style steakhouse coming to Tampa

Makes me wonder if jaz and chris64 isn't the same person. The posts sure are similar. (One more reason not to take a particular restaurant seriously. The guy almost sounds like he works there.)

Apr 14, 2007
miznic in Florida

Graduation brunch/lunch near USF: North Tampa

Brunch? Try First Watch on Fowler. Yeah, it's a chain, but they've got some great food there. Otherwise, you're out of luck unless you go further north to the New Tampa area, or south toward Channelside (in which case I'd recommend Jackson's Bistro), or Westshore/SoHo (any number of places there).

Apr 14, 2007
miznic in Florida

Brazilian-style steakhouse coming to Tampa

Strange, out of all the Brazilian places mentioned here, I haven't seen one mention of Brasa Grill on Waters - I've read a few reviews (Creative Loafing/Weekly Planet) and, and both have given the place a thumbs-up for their rodizio.

Has anyone else tried this place? I'm curious about the rodizio, and was just trying to figure out which place would be better.

Apr 04, 2007
miznic in Florida

Reading or Morgantown, PA

Hotel suggestion - if you're looking for something historic - there's the Abraham Lincoln on 5th and Washington; though, Wyomissing/Berkshire Mall area has some good hotels, too. I personally prefer Country Inn and Suites on Park Blvd., behind the outlets.

Restaurants: For breakfast, the Antique Airplane inside Best Western Dutch Colony (Perkiomen Avenue) is my favorite - never been there for lunch or dinner. Dan's is great, and so is Austin's.

Maybe it's just me, but I found the PA Dutch places around the area to be a bit too heavy for me. I know they specialize in good, hearty food - but maybe it was just too hearty for me.

Mar 31, 2007
miznic in Pennsylvania