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Long Beach--recent updates?

The Crepe place is great. I really do not like Abe's - very dirthy. However, in Island Park there is a great gyro & greek place called Pete's Pitaery - very, very good and fresh. Duke Falcon's is very good. If you want Japanese - go to Nagahama - very good.

169 E Park Ave, Long Beach, NY 11561

Duke Falcon's
36 W Park Ave, Long Beach, NY 11561

Long Beach--recent updates?

The Thai place next to Gino's is Chaba - very, very good and very reasonable. There is a new place called POP's great new place but I would check it out for lunch more so than dinner - little trendy right now. Another good place that just open is Bania Social Club (where the old Tiki Bar was) - good tapas and great drinks. Also, Popstarz is a great new dessert place -with unique pops and gelato - very tasty and the owners are very nice.

All you can drink brunches in Long Island?

There is a good one in Long Beach called Whale's Tale -- $20 all you can drink brunch cocktails plus food.

Not to miss on Long Island, anything goes

I have one good suggestion that someone from the area reco over the Frisky Oyster -- Shrimshaw -- amazing seafood. Another good place we go when we are in the area -- Cliff's Elbow Room -- must get the marainated steak.

Good places to sample and buy tea in Tristate Area?

Teavana is also at Roosevelt Field in Garden City, NY

If you are going into the city, one of my favorite places -- hands down is - Takashimaya New York. 693 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10022. Go upstairs to the tea room. I have a citrus tea that I LOVE!!!!

Low Budget Eating on Long Island

I really like Pete's Pita in Island Park for Greek and really good is Chaba for Thai in Long Beach. As for resonable seafood, I like the clam bar in Pt. Lookout or Jordan's in Island Park

Where can I buy fresh Oysters in their shells in Nassau County?

Jordan's in island park. I have had their oysters and they are good. You can buy them whole and shuck them yourselves or they will do it for you and pack it in ice.

The place you mention is Phil's - right by A&S -- very good too. South Shore Fish market -- the person mention above, I hear has a great fish market but I was not impressed with the restaurant. For resh seafood, I always love Jordan's./

Looking for bon appetit recipe december 1998

I looked on Epicurous and I saw something from 11/98

Jan 05, 2009
sugakc69 in Home Cooking

Leftover bits of cheese?

I was going to reco that too -- I make it and all my friends go wild. Or, I make a mac and cheese with all my leftover cheese. you don't have to make M&C with just cheeder.

Dec 26, 2008
sugakc69 in Cheese

North Fork excursion - so many wineries! How to choose?

One of my faves -- Marcari -- beautiful setting and grest inexpensive wines -- their reds are outstanding. In particular -- Begen Road which is a blend. In reading the posts -- I must try the cheese place and the fondue sounds amazing.

Hempstead Chinese Supermarket Update

I just found this great find from my friends over the summer and I try to go as much as possible. We are all big cooks. I know my friends go very often. It is a little creepy at first but when you see all the finds -- it is amazing!! THey aslo love the carribean store near by so we go to both places.

waldbaums supermarkets on Long Island

walbaums is nothing like it was in the 70's or 80's. I remember when it was an independent chain -- was a little more expensive but did have a great deli and more which was important to my jewish mother. It actually cater to the jewish clientele. it is now a supermarket like them all. Fairway is still great but not close to me -- sad but true.

South Shore of L.I. for Brunch

Paddy McGee's in Island Park, NY has a very nice all you can eat brunch w/ brunch cocktail. Also, Corbin and Reynold in Long Beach, NYdid have a nice brunch but call to see if they still have it.

I noticed and was going to try over the holiday -- Coastal Grill in Long beach, NY has a wonderful menu for Brunch. Go online for addresses and to see if they have menus online

La Parma ...Any thoughts?

I really like the place -- only have been there 2x -- big portions. Much better with a group than 2 people.

5th Season Restaurant‎ In Greenport, LI

I was in Greenport this weekend and had a GREAT dinner at Scrimshaw. They are open for lunch too. It is right across Claudio's in the red building on main street

Help with seafood in/near Long Beach LI

A favorite for anyone is Jordan Lobster on Austin Blvd. Personally, I love the Pt. Lookout Clam Bar (right next to Fisherman Catch) in Point Lookout or what is new and great is the Buoy Bar -- now serves all types of fish. Point Lookout is great because it is right near the Meadowbrook which is where you need to go for Jones beach.

Island Park/Oceanside Area

I been to mitchell's once -- it was GROSS!! Thanks for the update on A Taberna -- I have not been there since the winter. I agree -- Love Caffe Laguna but you know what is OUTSTANDING too -- the new Thai place right by Gino's -- AMAZING and no very expensive. I love Duke F -- but have not been there in a bit.

Great Chinese in Boston -- Help?

thanks for everyone helpful comments. It really helped a lot. It is hard to pre-plan where you are going to go. We had a great trip and were only in town for a day and 1/2. We ended up having chinese with my family in Stoghton at a place called Chinatown the first night -- great prok slices and the shrimp w/ brown lobster sauce (you don't get this in NY). It was good and it was great to see family I have not seen in years -- probably not as good as the suggestions below. Then we when to Union House for an early lunch -- one of the oldest places in US -- it was good -- we had chowder and clams. Since we had this the day before -- I wish we would have went to the North End for lunch (next time). Then we were going to go to Neptune Oyster or Barking Crab (suggestion from 2 friends that are from Boston area) but we were full from eating 3 meals a day (not a norm for either of us) so we decided to get back on the road to go home. I think I want to take a trip with the boyfriend and his daughter. -- maybe soon and will use eveything below. Thanks again.

Aug 23, 2008
sugakc69 in Greater Boston Area

Island Park/Oceanside Area

Thanks for the Stuff and Bagels comment. My fave bagel place changed owners and it sucks.

I been to Artie's twice and both times I said I will never be back. Funny thing is I have heard from many people that love this place -- I keep scraching my head wondering why? Same holds for Peters too -- food is not good. If you really want good seafood -- which shocks me -- is Molly's in Long Beach -- OUTSTANDING!!!! I also really love A Taberna on 4135 Austin Blvd., Island Park, NY 11558-1726

Long Island foodies please help

The good news is it is Fall Harvest in the North Folk so there is a lot to do -- you will be in wine country. There are many farm stands on RT25 One place that I have not been to but I am dying as I have other friends that rave about this plave is is Frisky Oyster at 27 Front Street, Greenport, Ny I can't seem to get my other friends away from The Elbow room which is another Amazing place There are a bunch of them --

Right by Nassau Coliseum - there is not much but I do like The Bayou which is in Bellmore -- The Bayou -- this is very close to NC - about 10 mins away.

And for wineries -- Martha Claria is great and there is a picnic area and my faves(good wine and resonable) is Macari.

Huntington Farmers Market

we just got one in Long Beach -- so excited -- checking out tonight with a group of my train friends. We wish is was open longer because we come in from the city. I heard its kind of small but we know we need to support for it to get bigger and better.

Restaurants everyone loves--except you

i agree -- my fave place for oyster Hands down is Aqua Grill!!!!

Jul 10, 2008
sugakc69 in Manhattan

All American Drive-In (Massapequa)

funny you posted something. I was just thinking of the place -- All American is the BEST!!! Burgers are great, fries are the best ever. I am not a big milkshake person -- sorry.

It is worth the ride.

Farmer's Market in Long Beach, NY

A friend was just telling me that City Hall approved to have a farmer's market every Wed from now until Nov. 26 at City Hall. My first reaction was that this was going to be sponsored by Waldbaum's - just like the Fall Festival. From the looks of it, it is going to be local produce, seafood, etc. It starts this Wed, July 9th. I am going to check it out --thought those in LB would want to check it out too.

Here is the link from City of Long Beach website -

Restaurants near 38th and Madison Ave.

skip 2nd Ave Deli -- much, much overrated. Go to Sarges on 38/3rd. The best -- and is open 24hrs. Artisinal is a must, must. Dhjano is good too on 46th bet, 3rd and park.

Jul 05, 2008
sugakc69 in Manhattan

Hell's Kitchen Recommendations

Hell's Kitchen (the actual restaurant) -- amazing food and drinks -- never let me down. Same owners from the original Rocking horse.

47th and 9th!!

Jul 05, 2008
sugakc69 in Manhattan

Great Chinese in Boston -- Help?

thanks everyone for the great suggestions -- I really appeciate it and the posts are great. I am going to rephase my comment about NY Chinese. There are great places especially Woo Hop in Chinatown in NYC, Shin Lee & Chin Chin and a few places in LI -- YUM, YUM just thinking about it. I guess what I meant more was everyday Chinese and it is just different. I live in LI and there are great place just not in my immediate hood (but there are other great places -- not a worry). It is a comment everyone says here. I am putting all the suggestions in a list. Seeing where we are going to be and talk to my brother. I am leaning towards Neptune Oyster and a Chinese fave. Thanks again and will let you know about my trip -- keep the suggestions coming.

Jul 05, 2008
sugakc69 in Greater Boston Area

A Restaurant on the South Shore of Long Island

i always love catfish max's in seaford which is not that far of a drive Farminigville. great food, great special drinks -- highly recommend the pomargranet (sp?) martini and is on the water. We go to this plave by boat all the time.

For good seafood but no frills -- South Side in Lindenhurst which is close

I live by Jones beach so I don't have that many recos for you. However, from Robert Moses at the end at Captree Park, you can take Ocean Parkway which is the road (and seriously it is a road more so than a Parkway -- don't speed at nigth -- COPS that love to give tickets for speeding!!) that connects Robert Moses Beach and Jones Beach -- with all the local beaches in between. It is an amazing drive -- 12 mins from suffolk to nassau -- you can go to Fisherman's catch in Point Lookout which is right off the Loop Parkway -- go left and you are there. On the water, great seafood, nice place and after you can go next door to the Buey Bar for a drink and watch the sun set.

Good food near Nikon Theater at Jones Beach?

there is a ton in Long Beach or Point Lookout which is on the left after you come off the loop -- you got the clam bar which is a seafood take out stand -- amazing soups or fisherman's catch or Lazy pelican or Jo jo apples or olive oils (great italian

Good Wings in Nassau?

just about to say. They are HUGE!!!! Also, I love Billy's and The Saloon in Long Beach.