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Langer's VS Canter's

langers though its no katz's

Nov 26, 2007
illgastro in Los Angeles Area

Queens boy trying to re-experience childhood foods

singas pizza, ginos pizza, and johns pizza all in elmhurst check em out. all on broadway except johns on the other side of qns blvd where it turns into grand ave. even elmhurst famous which was spawned from singas! great bagels on 90 th and northern blvd everything bagels must eat!

May 11, 2007
illgastro in Outer Boroughs

Cutting boards

antique french? like what a butcher block? or those thick round things? make your own find a nice piece of wood and roll with it. if you are in a restaurant your supposed to have a seperate one by do u clean it if not with water? the way i ve learned is to put a about a 1/4 inch of kosher salt on it this helps to "cure" your cuting board by drawing out moisture which is what bacteria needs to thrive. also the kind of cutting boards used in most restaurant are not made of wood do to its porous nature.i dont know exactlly what material we use but ill find out for u

Mar 30, 2007
illgastro in Cookware

Best Mexican in Queens?

yo for a good taco check out a stand named el gallo girro. its located outside the 74 st and roosvelt train station under the 7 train. they open around 8 or 9 pm.dont go to the cart next to it its not as good and they close earlier. it s open till at least 3 am a must for cooks seeking late night eats.

Mar 30, 2007
illgastro in Outer Boroughs