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Best Hot Chocolate?

Thanks for all of your suggestions. Will try them all!

Best Hot Chocolate?

Weather's getting cooooooooooooold. Nothing's better than having a nice cup of hot chocolate in a cool windy day.

Starbucks used to have a super condensed chocolate drink called Chantico (I think it's made with dark chocolate + cream ----- super fatty but it's like WOW) but they're no longer making it. I don't think I can drink too much of those anyway given its super rich flavour.

Distillery District's Soma has quite a few nice HC selections, including ones added with cinnamon and spices. But it's too far for a North Yorker to travel all the way for it.

Any nice ones you'd like to share? :)

What foods, available in the U.S. and not in Toronto, do you covet? [moved from Ontario board]

SPAM in bacon flavour

Oct 06, 2007
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Nice Desserts in Restaurants?

Thanks for the suggestions.

As my login name suggests, I'm known for being picky and not afraid to say it. I find that most desserts available, store-bought or made in-house, are always a tad bit too sweet, not just for my taste, but for a few of my friends too.

So if you have tried desserts that are just right, or even not sweet enough, I'd like to give them a try. :)

Nice Desserts in Restaurants?

Got tired of going to Demetre and other places that serve only cakes and ice-cream sundaes.

Are there any restaurants you've been to that serve great desserts and you'd like to go back just for that?

Thanks for your input!

Chung King Garden Restaurant

No you don't have to pre-order the duck. But make sure that once you sit down you should order the duck immediately. It will take at least 1/2 hour. Then read through the menu and order other stuff. Most of the time the other dishes would arrive much quicker.

IMHO they make decent lobsters with ginger and scallions. Try their 'squirrel fish' (fried fish with sweet and sour sauce and pine nuts - sorry forgot its English name).

Mainland chinese On highway 7 (baview-woodbine)

Thanks for sharing Royaljelly!

Yes. Spicy food is definitely a killer - it's so addictive that once I had to order milk to cool down (not a 'cool' thing to do but believe me, it was necessary at the time).

I envy you to be able to eat out so many days a week ($$$). :P If you feel like cooking, there's this tiny little place on Willowdale and Sheppard where they sell frozen foods like meat dumplings, spring onion cakes, buns etc. My recommendation would be the meat dumplings for pan-frying (not the steamed or boiled types).

Chinese Banquet recommendations

Diamond Banquet Hall @ First Markham Place offers consistent dim sum and dinner. Call to see if the place is fully booked for wedding banquets though because that's a relatively newer and popular place for Chinese wedding banquets in recent years.

Peking Duck?

Go to Chung King Garden Restaurant @ Market Village (Kennedy & Steeles). The ducks they serve are of the biggest kinds I've seen amongst other restaurants i.e. more skin slices. The price is right too (about $35 for a 2-course Peking duck - sliced crispy skins with wrappers + pan-fried duck meat & iceberg lettuce OR duck soup (which is very light and tasty)).

Agree with teep that you better order this first thing once you sit down cuz it'll take 1/2 hour or so to prepare.

IMHO, the 8-person set dinner is the best deal in town - 8-9 dishes (including the 2-course duck, lobster, fish etc.) for under $200 and they give you enough food to feed 10. Call to ask.

Chung King Garden Restaurant
4394 Steeles Ave E Box 57, Markham, ON

Spice Room Sunday Brunch?

Has anyone tried the Sunday brunch at Greg Couillard's Spice Room at Hazelton Lanes? I walked by it one day and took a peek at the food - lots of cheese, fruits look fresh and they have a waffle and omelet station. For $25.95 per person I think it might be a better deal than other hotel brunches such as Fairmont's.

Mainland chinese On highway 7 (baview-woodbine)

Big Mouth Kee is definitely not a Mainland China style resto.

And as others suggested, there are tons of Mainland China food available, primarily divided by region.

Royaljelly: what kinds of eye-opening foods have you tried? :) Inspire us!

Fried Chicken Craving!

Will definitely try Mary Browns. Thanks a bunch. Now I'm just gonna try to finish up the leftover pieces from the Popeyes takeout in the fridge... :)

Fried Chicken Craving!

Thanks for the info. Haven't tried Korean fried chicken before. What's the difference between this kind and the traditional buttermilk kind?

Fried Chicken Craving!

I developed a serious craving for fried chicken after watching Bobby Flay's Throwdown last night. Went to Popeye's for a quick fix, but I'm sure there must be better fried chicken makers out there. Suggestions? Thanks.

Fine dining with children?

Try 5th Elementt on Bay and Wellesley. They're not 'fine dining' to the point where you have to dress up, but they do serve quality food there. They're also running a 2 for 1 prix fixe menu deal on weeknights. Worth trying.

Oliver and Bonicini's

Went there a month ago with 3 friends. Their fish and chips was okay but not great. Burger is quite nice. The special of the night was lamb shank and fettuccine and the pasta was way too salty. Their mushroom soup is good though. Bread is warm and fresh. But you could probably enjoy better food with a little bit more money at its sister restaurants.

Dim Sum for beginners

Just like any other cuisines, each Chinese restaurant has its own dim sum dishes that taste particularly better than others, and some worse than others.

The best way to approach dim sum is to find a bunch of friends or family to go with you. You may want to order 1-2 dishes per person. The more people you bring, the more dishes you can try. And please, drink tea. Since dim sum is mostly made of meat, tea is recommended to help cleanse your digestive system.

City Inn inside Markham Village has above average dim sum and a detailed English menu with pictures, but a bit on the pricey side.

If you want cheap and above average, try Sun Nga Restaurant (Finch & Victoria Park). No fancy decor, but you can safely order pretty much everything from the menu and they'll all taste good. Go there on weekends and you'll be able to try the specialty items like to-die-for egg tarts and shrimp dumplings.

T&T coming to downtown!!!! (Toronto)

The sushi at T&T is, at most, mediocre, if not unacceptable. The ratio of rice vs fish should never be like that. Their dim sum isn't impressive either. But yes, their seafood counter is impressive but usually a bit more pricey than other smaller Asian supermarkets.

Nice Place like Shore 71 + Lago in Toronto North?

I had a wonderful time at Shore 71 Lounge & Lago (adjacent to each other) in Port Credit last weekend. The martinis were great and dinner phenomenal (they just had a new menu). Most important of all, the server was very nice and attentive, and the place was packed when we left (9ish).

I'm looking for another place as cool as this one but closer to Toronto North. Is there such a place? Or I should just go downtown?

Looking for FRESH Ginseng Root

Galleria Supermarket in Thornhill (Yonge & north of Steeles at Doncaster) carries fresh ginseng pieces at their produce section.

Toronto's Best Chicken Wings

If you are tired of buffalo wings, honey garlic wings, hot wings, suicidal hot wings etc., why not try chicken wings made Asian style? Many Thai, Chinese, Vietnamese and even Japanese restaurants have chicken wings made in various ways and styles. One of my favourites would have to be lemon grass chicken wings. Some Chinese restaurants even have stuffed chicken wings if you're interested. Also I find Asian restaurants tend to serve larger chicken wings, and they are a lot juicier than smaller ones.

Need a Chinese food fix - dim sum, bread, noodles

Queen's Bakery on Dundas (somewhere between Ten Ren Tea Shop and Asia Legend Shanghainese Food) has egg tarts and Cantonese style buns. They also have nice cakes too, not too sweet.

Wasabi - ayce japanese buffet

I haven't tried its dinner so I can't tell you just yet. Sorry!

Wasabi - ayce japanese buffet

The Wasabi AYCE on Highway 7 and Leslie in Richmond Hill (where Paparazzi night club used to be) has several buffet stations for lunch services, so it's a much better deal if you want the food but avoid wrong orders and horrible service. The food selection is much better than the greasy stuff available at other Chinese buffets. If you want shrimp tempura, however, you might want to keep a close eye on when the staff brings them out... they're virtually gone by the time they're on the dish. Sushi selection is limited (no spider rolls or sashimi at lunch, for example) but still sometimes creates a long lineup. It's a popular place for office lunchers so better go earlier to avoid the peak crowd.

Memories of Japan

A Taste of Japan Restaurant at Woodbine & John, right next to Le Biftheque in Markham, has like 4 large teppanyaki tables that create a more interesting and fun atmosphere.

5th Elementt??

6 of us went there yesterday. The 2 for 1 prix fixe menu was still available (without coupon and recommended by the server). All of us had that and came to $30 per person with 1/2 bottle of wine.

The food was Mediterranean x Italian x Indian. The scallop wrapped in smoked salmon was good but there was only one scallop. You might want to skip the fish tempura (the fish was pink in colour (we suspect it was salmon) but it was so bland and the sauce was non-existent). The samosa and cheese was an 'interesting' combination and the portion was at least twice as big as the scallops.

The lobster tail in the lobster risotto was bland and tasted frozen. Risotto was seafoody and cheesy and a bit overcooked (not chewy). Lamb shank was good as it was very tender. The tandoor chicken breast was tender and juicy.

Agreed with culinarydelight that the creme brule was lumpy and powdery as if the mixture was poorly combined. Chocolate mousse was okay but not wow. Didn't try the third dessert.

Overall food wasn't bad for $30 for a 4 course meal. Service was great, and was surprised that this fine dining restaurant was child friendly. The place would probably be best for group gatherings because of its relaxed decor and layout.