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Houston Culinary Tours

Has anyone participated in the tours?
What did you think?

Jan 14, 2011
nibbleybits in Houston

Culebra Meat Market Counter

Culebra Meat Market is getting a bit of press.

Anyone made it to the new super store counter yet??

Jan 14, 2011
nibbleybits in Texas

Fried Pickle Spears

MyySharona -

I am heading to Carriere in a couple days. What is the name of the Catfish house who makes these pickles?

Jul 27, 2009
nibbleybits in Austin

Austin Restaurant Week – Reviewed

The sausage is his Sicilian grandfather's recipe.

Oct 28, 2008
nibbleybits in Austin

Counter Cafe

I had a similar experience yesterday, peps1. I stopped in for breakfast (10:30am) and ordered the 2 egg breakfast - over medium eggs and bacon. The bacon tasted like it was deep fried and not in a good way. It was over cooked with the predominate flavor being grease - hiding it's former bacon-y goodness. The eggs were extremely overcooked. Burnt around the edges, the yolks were completely dry and solid. With 5 other customers in the restaurant there was no need to turn the burners on high and cook it a searing pan! This was no steak! When i asked if I could switch to toast instead of a biscuit I was told that it would be an upcharge. I stuck with the biscuit and it was passable. When it was all said and done - I ate the bacon, half a biscuit and one egg then pushed the plate away in disgust. Will i be back - probably not. Hey Counter cafe - if you are going to serve breakfast all day it would do you good to perfect it - I offer you a quote from Pierre Marco White

"A perfectly cooked fried egg is quite beautiful. Apply the cook's brain and visualize that fried egg on the plate. Do you want it to be burned around the edges? Do you want to see the craters on the egg white? Should the yolk look as though you need a hammer to break into it? The answer to all these questions should be, no. Yet the majority of people still crack an egg and drop it into searingly hot oil or fat and continue to cook it on a high heat. You need to insert earplugs to reduce the horrific volume of the sizzle."

Amen Marco!

Oct 24, 2008
nibbleybits in Austin

Petit Fours in Austin, TX

Sweet Tempered

They had been working out of a commercial kitchen but, they are about to open a storefront within the week
4301 W William Cannon

Oct 06, 2008
nibbleybits in Austin


The camping department of Academy stocks Earl Campbell's Famous Sauce. However, they are discontinuing it and the sauce is now on clearance. Run down to the William Cannon location - I was told there was two bottles left.

Sep 17, 2008
nibbleybits in Austin

Who makes the best coconut cream pie in town?

If you feel like a drive, head to San Antonio and have a fine slice of pie at DeWese's Tip Top Cafe. Their coconut meringue pie is fantastic. Standing at 4-5" tall with meringue that is as light as a cloud, this is my favorite coconut pie to date. I recommend sitting at the lunch counter where you can’t help but make friends with the staff and other regulars. One time I split a slice of peanut butter pie (heavenly, as well) with a wonderful 85 year old woman who recounted stories San Antonio’s past.

Jul 25, 2008
nibbleybits in Austin

Custom-Decorated Cookies?

Try Sweet Tempered -

Their cookies are great!

Apr 02, 2008
nibbleybits in Austin

7 Deadly Sins Party

You can swing by tears of joy and carry a bottle of 'wraith' in your pocket all night long - use when needed!

Feb 13, 2008
nibbleybits in Austin

Where to buy Pork Bones?

You could also try Longhorn Meats -
2411 E MLK
(512) 476-5223
I get pig feet there -

Feb 06, 2008
nibbleybits in Austin

Cooking school in Guadalajara

Colin -

did you ever find a cooking school in guadalajara? I will be travelling there in Nov. and would like to find the same.

Oct 08, 2007
nibbleybits in Mexico

Blue Bell Ice Cream

I had noticed and commented to friends that Blue Bell's ice cream seemed 'icy' almost like 'diet' ice cream. I wondered if it was a change in the cream/milk ratio, but HFCS could be the culprit

Aug 22, 2007
nibbleybits in Austin

Traveling from Austin to Corsicana

Thanks for the kolache tip -
i'll check it out along with the other baked goods!
Any CFS or BBQ must haves? I'm also looking for a tasty pieshop, if possible???

Jul 31, 2007
nibbleybits in Texas

Traveling from Austin to Corsicana

Trying to decide my route -

Any awesome chow in Mexia, Groesbeck, Hearne, Hubbard or Hillsboro?

Open to anything ranging from nice to a back woods shack

Not afraid to off road it!

Jul 28, 2007
nibbleybits in Texas

austin soul food

Ray's BBQ is doing a Soul Food Thursday -
i have have not made it yet, however, i have been told that the main dish rotates out -
this week was meatloaf -
i will be waiting for the oxtail to make an appearance -
they will be driving to Houston just to acquire a decent batch

Apr 20, 2007
nibbleybits in Austin

Looking for good grilled burger in Austin

Deciding that I needed a nice juicy burger in my future -
I headed down to Artz -
Got the bacon cheese burger - mid rare -
Delicious -it was cooked perfectly
The juices were running down my hand -
The cheddar was thick sliced , fresh veg -
my only complaint - thin, ultra crisp bacon -
I would have preferred a thicker sliced, peppered bacon
All in all - excellent

Apr 09, 2007
nibbleybits in Austin