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Tinderbox (Cortland, SF); any reports?

read that article the other day and couldn't be more sad. my wife and I tried T-box just under a month ago and couldn't stop telling our friends how incredible our meal was, from the white wine vinegar butter-brewers yeast-fresh parsley popcorn opener, to the half pork belly-half beef hamburger, we enjoyed every bite. I hope this new approach isn't too far off from where they were. Tinderbox had something fresh going on that no one else could claim, lets hope the owners don't fall in line with the mainstream and give us something we already have.

sea salt on tables

I appreciate everyone's insight. I didn't know that salt was an anti-microbe environment, but I think in the future I will follow rfneid's practice by pouring into my hand then sprinkling.

Apr 18, 2008
snowrider04 in Not About Food

sea salt on tables

I recently ate at T-Rex in North Berkeley and noticed they put sea salt in little dishes on the table. I've noticed the trend over the last couple of years at a variety of restaurants but on this one occasion I felt weird using it. I'm not a germophobe but for some reason it grossed me out to use the same salt that other patrons may have stuck their sticky, licked fingers in. This trip also happened this winter when everyone and their mother was sick. Do the restaurants replace the salt with each table seating? I would think that the top chefs of the area have thought of this, have they??

I'm curious to know what other's think of this practice. If you've had a similar experience please share. Unless someone steers me otherwise, I have a feeling I won't be using the salt if it's not in a shaker.

Thanks for everyone's insight.


Apr 15, 2008
snowrider04 in Not About Food

Moderately priced food near SWIG in Tenderloin?

Some friends are heading out for a going away party and will be starting at SWIG for some after work cocktails. We plan on grabbing some dinner afterwards but don't want anything hyper expensive. We're looking to stay around the $10-12 entree range at the highest. Any suggestions of any type of good food in the area would be appreciated.