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Restaurant Eugene vs Baccanalia?

Thanks - I've done the tasting at Woodfire. It was ok. Food was okay, but nothing to write home about and the wine pairings were pretty blah. Service was outstanding, though, and I loved the atmosphere.

I was looking at ESS, too. But I didn't want to add more confusion to the mix! :)

Jul 18, 2013
Sharkbait in Atlanta

Restaurant Eugene vs Baccanalia?

I've done the research. I've read the boards. I've officially hit analysis-paralysis.

I'm taking someone very special to dinner for his birthday. Last year, we went to Alinea in Chicago. But this year, we'll be in Atlanta. I want something special with unique dishes, a tasting menu, and interesting wine pairings. This is for a Thursday night and I'm stumped -- because they seem so equally matched.

Help! What would you choose and why. We're staying downtown.


Jul 17, 2013
Sharkbait in Atlanta

Weekend Brunch in Orlando for 10-12 people

Thanks - I made a reservation there for dinner instead! Looks interesting! But, I'm still looking for a traditional-type brunch for this crowd. Some aren't the most adventurous, so I'm trying to please a few different palates at once.

Sep 17, 2012
Sharkbait in Florida

Dinner in Durham/CH, pulling all the stops

Like the above said....Clearly you missed the Forbes 5 star results and Newseeks Top 100 Places in the US to Eat, huh? It's the only Five Star/Five Diamond restaurant in the state. Not sure you need more "buzz" than that.

Sep 15, 2012
Sharkbait in Southeast

Weekend Brunch in Orlando for 10-12 people

A group of us will be in town for an event in November, and I'm searching hard for a nice brunch place near to the Universal Studios Entrance/Doubletree Hotel.

-Ideally, I'd love to be able to make a reservation
-Can be a short car ride away
-Alcohol is a must

I've searched these boards for Orlando brunch, but haven't see anything come up that looks interesting. Any thoughts?

Thanks so much!

Sep 15, 2012
Sharkbait in Florida

Downtown Silver Spring for 30 people?

I'm helping plan a group dinner from afar and I've landed on the Downtown Silver Spring area as the perfect location for our dinner, but I need a place that's decent, serves liquor and has a place to seat 30-35 people together? Any ideas?

This is the site I'm checking out, but narrowing it down by visiting each site and not knowing quality is proving difficult!

Any thoughts/recommendations?

Thanks so much!

Mother's Day Weekend with a non-Foodie. Help!

Well, it's going to be MK. I can get a table and it's the perfect balance of foodie and non foodie dishes! It's exactly what I was looking for and my mum is all about it. I'm stoked!

Thanks, nsxtasy!

Mar 27, 2009
Sharkbait in Chicago Area

Mother's Day Weekend with a non-Foodie. Help!

Yeah, I've been on their site and I'm hold with them now! They don't accept reservations for 2 people via Opentable. That sucks!! Fingers crossed. No dice....only 9:30p.

Right now, it's btwn Cafe des...and Table 52. I think we'll do Spiaggia for lunch, instead.

Mar 27, 2009
Sharkbait in Chicago Area

Mother's Day Weekend with a non-Foodie. Help!

Thanks. I called the hotel and got us booked for brunch there, so we're good.

Any thoughts on Table 52?

Mar 27, 2009
Sharkbait in Chicago Area

Mother's Day Weekend with a non-Foodie. Help!

My mum and I are going to be in Chicago 8 May- 10 May. I'm a foodie -- she's not. So, I'm having a hard time balancing our food selections. And, I've searched this board, and the options are just overwhelming...but again, finding a happy medium is difficult.

Hoping you can help!

We're looking for suggestions for:

-Friday night casual dinner ($10-15 pp)
-Saturday lunch ($10-15 pp)
-Saturday dinner (This can be $75+ - we're willing to go expensive here.)
-Sunday Brunch

Some info....

-We'll be staying at the Ritz downtown.
-We don't have a car, and would like to keep meals close by to our hotel.
-Basic, upscale American cuisine or some ethnic is welcome (Mexican, Italian, Sushi, Tapas or Indian). Remember, non foodie mum so Alinea and the lot are out. :(

Help! Thanks!!

Mar 25, 2009
Sharkbait in Chicago Area

Group Dining in Sterling, VA? Any ideas?

Hi There...I'm visiting from the NC board.

I'm planning a casual dinner at a restaurant for about 50 people in May in the Sterling, Virginia area. It doesn't have to be fancy, but I'd like the food and drinks to be good. I'm clueless as to what places are available and decently priced -- with good food -- in that area.

Most of the group will be staying in a hotel off the Cascades Pkwy, so that's gives you an idea of location.

(FWIW, We did Famous Dave's BBQ last year and it sucked.)


Herons, Fearrington or Magnolia Grill?

Ok - great. Thanks! That's totally doable. I'm in for 3/14 at 745! I'm so excited!

Then again, next to the Inn at Little Washington - everything looks cheap!! (4 of us for 2 dinners Fri-Sat and breakfasts came to $3200. SCARY, but totally worth it!)

Herons, Fearrington or Magnolia Grill?

I think Bonne Soiree is it! I'm going to call today.

Just out of curiosity - what's an average bill dinner for two, with starters, main course and dessert? (Maybe 2 glasses of wine.)

Herons, Fearrington or Magnolia Grill?

Thanks all!

Does Bonne Soiree have a website?

This is now a big contender!

Herons, Fearrington or Magnolia Grill?

Thanks everyone - we're a big fan of tasting menus - and do that every time we go to the Inn at Little Washington. I'd love to go someplace that does one. ( I know MagGrill doesn't, but I'd still go there, of course.)

Bonnie Soiree - I've never heard of it. Do they have a website or a tasting menu? I'm going to check it out!

Herons, Fearrington or Magnolia Grill?

I'm planning my husband and my birthday dinner (Are birthdays are back-to-back.) I was thinking of Magnolia Grill or Herons. We really appreciate great food, interesting menus and fabulous, but not stuffy service and these two popped to the top of the list. Also - what about Fearrington?

Any opinions?


Favorite Triangle-area bartenders

I love Rich at Champps at Southpoint. He's been bartending for over 13 years, but has been there for 5, I think. He's a pro, really great guy. What speaks the highest of him was when I watched him very professional "cut off" gentleman who he believed had had enough to drink. He handled it with such professionalism that the guest actually shook his hand and thanked him and complimented him.

He seems to understand that bartending is more than just drinks, but making people feel welcome at the bar and making them want to return.

I can get a gin and tonic anywhere - I go to Champps to see Rich!

And, naturally, he makes fabulous drinks!

Help! Lost in Cookware-land!

I attempting to purchase a cookware set. I've hit analysis paralysis with all the info out there. I've searched this site and have found much helpful info. I've finally landed on some parameters, and I'm hoping you folks can help me narrow it down to the right set. (I do want a set. I know I'm lazy, but I don't have the budget to buy piece by piece and, frankly, I just want to buy a set to start and build from there.)

I'm just getting into cooking seriously, and I would probably do more if I had the right tools. I have a flattop ceramic stove. I'm stuck between getting the best I can afford right now and settling for something less expensive and getting more. I also want to get good quality that will last, but not buy over my needs.

So, I've got it narrowed down to three sets. Help me pick!

All Clad Stainless Steel 7 piece set

Emerilware "All Clad" sets

Cuisinart Stainless Steel

Thanks a ton! My husband thanks you!

Mar 30, 2007
Sharkbait in Cookware