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Chow near The Homestead Resort / Hot Springs, Virginia

(re-posting from DC/Baltimore board with hopes I'll get a response here)

Heading to The Homestead for a couple of nights this weekend and have read less than stellar reviews of their on-site restaurants. We may try Sam Snaed's at the hotel one night but would love to try something else at least the other night (and if there are multiple good options we can forgo Sam's). Any recommendations?

Dec 15, 2011
KWynn in Mid-Atlantic

Restaurants in or near Hot Springs / The Homestead

Heading to The Homestead for a couple of nights next weekend and have read less than stellar reviews of their on-site restaurants. We may try Sam Snaed's at the hotel one night but would love to try something else at least he other night (and if there are multiple good options we can forgo Sam's). Any recommendations?

Ethiopian in Baltimore

We moved to Baltimore from DC about a year ago, and while my husband isn't a fan of Ethiopian cuisine, it's something I miss. In DC I really liked Etete and I found Dukem to be fine. I had also tried a place in Georgetown but it was mediocre and overpriced compared to the U Street places.
Baltimore is more limited in its Ethiopian options, although I know Dukem has an outpost there. On Friday I'm taking the day off work and thought I could enjoy a solo lunch of Ethiopian food somewhere in Dukem my best bet? Any reports on Azeb's or Tabor? Or other options?

1942 9th St NW, Washington, DC 20001

U Street Cafe
1301 U St NW, Washington, DC 20009

Casual Italian restaurant DC

For Italian I really liked Bibiana when I went twice several months ago. Read more about it in this recent post: It might be a bit pricey and higher end though for your request. Potenza is also great and really might fit the bill with your teenagers since it's more casual and a more moderate price point.

Oh, and regarding the suggestion of Komi, I do agree that it's one of DC's best restaurants, but unless your daughters are adventurous eaters, or if you're willing to let them do their own thing one night while you and your wife enjoy a delicious dinner out, it's probably not your best bet for this trip. Plus I think they don't take reservations for parties of more than 4 people.

1509 17th St NW Ste 1, Washington, DC 20036

1430 H Street, NW, Washington, DC 20005

1100 New York Avenue, NW, Washington, DC 20005

San Fran Suggestions for dinner to celebrate in-laws' 40th anniversary

Thanks for all the suggestions. We have a reservation at La Folie for that evening. I'll report back once I return from vacation!

La Folie
2316 Polk St., San Francisco, CA 94109

Jul 29, 2010
KWynn in San Francisco Bay Area

One night in DC with the in-laws

Right in the same building as the Newseum is The Source by Wolfgang Puck, but it is a higher end, pricier restaurant.

Is there any particular cuisine you'd like? Within walking distance is Co Co Sala (small plates with a focus on desserts), Zaytinya (Greek/Mediterranean Tapas), Jaleo (Spanish Tapas), Cafe Atlantico (Higher end Mexican), or Oyamel (Mexican street food, but in a nice atmosphere). Check their websites for more information. The last 4 of of these are Jose Andres restaurants, and all of the ones listed so far take reservations. Matchbox is more casual and might fit the bill but doesn't take reservations and can have a wait of 1 hour or more on a weekend, especially if there's something at the Verizon Center. If they like Asian I'd suggest Royal Thai or Kanlaya for Thai food, or Momiji for sushi and hibachi. For nicer Asian, Ten Penh is a few blocks down Pennsylvania Ave. And you can't go wrong with Central Michel Richard.

Hope this list helps give you a few options. We can help narrow down if you provide more guidance in terms of cuisine, atmosphere, and a bit more detail on price point and whether you will be drinking.

Cafe Atlantico
405 8th Street, NW, Washington, DC 20004

480 7th St. NW, Washington, DC 20004

713 H St NW, Washington, DC 20001

Kanlaya Thai Cuisine
740 6th St NW, Washington, DC 20001

Central Michel Richard
1001 Pennsylvania Ave., NW, Washington, DC 20004

Co Co Sala
929 F street NW, Washington, DC 20004

Oyamel Cocina Mexicana
401 7th Street N.W., Washington, DC 20004

The Source By Wolfgang Puck
575 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20001

701 9th St NW, Washington, DC 20001

Momiji Japanesse Restaurant
505 H St NW, Washington, DC 20001

1001 Pennsylvania Avenue Northwest, Washington, DC 20004

San Fran Suggestions for dinner to celebrate in-laws' 40th anniversary

Thanks for the additional Q's, BWS.

They tend to opt for asian fusion, but are really good for anything. If you're familiar with DC area restaurants they've enjoyed Ten Penh and Wolfgang Puck's The Source. I guess I'd say we shoudl avoid Italian since we're having that one of the nights while we're out there already (not sure which restaurant but it was my mother in law's friend's suggestion).

They'll have a drink or two. My MIL is a lightweight. She's happy with one mojito or a glass of wine, and then pretty much done for the night. My FIL, along with my husband, enjoys scotch or pinot noir, or would try a specialty cocktail if it is unique for the location. And I like specialty cocktails or a glass of wine.

We're not looking to drive to Napa or Oakland, if that's what you're asking. We'd consider a 20-ish minute drive but would probably prefer not too much further than that.

I did read some previous posts and Coi does look like a good option in that it seems unique, although a little higher than our initial budget. My only concern is that my MIL doesn't like spicy food and I'm not a huge fan of pork so given that it's a set menu should those be things to worry about?

Oh and I forgot to mention that my in laws have big appetites. So we can't do a place with tiny portions (unless it's multiple courses of tiny portions!)

Jul 23, 2010
KWynn in San Francisco Bay Area

San Fran Suggestions for dinner to celebrate in-laws' 40th anniversary

My husband and I will be in San Francisco the first week in August with my 60-something year old in-laws to celebrate their 40th anniversary. We're looking for suggestions for somewhere to go for dinner for the occasion. We'd like it to have atmosphere, delicious seasonal food, and maybe a unique experience of some kind. Would love somewhere that serves "California Cuisine" but that's not a mandatory requirement. Oh and it doesn't have to be somewhere overly formal (I don't think the men want to pack a dress jacket for the trip from the east coast).
So, given these guidelines, what are some of the top restaurants to celebrate such an occasion? Assume entrees in the $30-45-ish range, or a prix fixe around/under $100 (before alochol).
Some friends have suggested the following: Spruce, Chez Panisse, Masas, La Folie, Fifth Floor Restaurant, Farallon, and Jardiniere. Do you Chowhounders think any of these places would fit the bill? Do you have any other suggestions?
Oh and we're staying at the Westin St. Francis, but will have a rental car.
Thanks in advance for your suggestions.

450 Post Street, San Francisco, CA 94102

La Folie
2316 Polk St., San Francisco, CA 94109

Chez Panisse
1517 Shattuck Avenue, Berkeley, CA 94709

Masa's Restaurant
648 Bush Street, San Francisco, CA 94108

Fifth Floor Restaurant
12 Fourth St., San Francisco, CA 94103

Jul 23, 2010
KWynn in San Francisco Bay Area

Baltimore Delivery - Harbor East

Any more suggestions?

Baltimore Delivery - Harbor East

We just moved to Harbor East from downtown DC and are curious what delivery options we have. In DC we had plenty to choose from in terms of Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Pizza, and Mediterranean. What are our options now that we're up here?


Returning to Vancouver and Whistler late April/early May

Thanks, fmed. The Gastown crawl sounds like a great idea. I also noticed that Judas Goat and Salt's "brother" restaurant (Irish Heather/Shebeen) has an extensive scotch list--and my husband is a big fan of scotch so we may have to check that out as well!

Looking at a map it seems like we might be best off grabbing some dim sum in Richmond upon landing at YVR, en route to Whistler (even though it's slightly off course), since we'll have the rental car then anyways. Which restaurants in Richmond are reccomended for great dim sum, and how late do they serve lunch? Are any open all day straight through? We'll probably be able to get there around 2 or 2:30. Also, as far as dim sum goes, we're not so into the exotic items like chicken feet, etc. and prefer things like dumplings, gyoza, scallion pancakes, etc.

Apr 12, 2010
KWynn in B.C. (inc. Vancouver)

Returning to Vancouver and Whistler late April/early May

Also, forgot to mention that we'd love to try to spot prawns while we're there (I believe they'll be in season, right?)

Apr 11, 2010
KWynn in B.C. (inc. Vancouver)

Returning to Vancouver and Whistler late April/early May

Last summer I spent a little over a week with a friend in BC. We spent a couple of nights in Whistler, one night in Victoria, and 5 in Vancouver.

My husband and I (we're in our early 30's) are going back (well, I'm going back--he's making his first trip to BC) to cheer on my 25 year old sister in the Vancouver marathon. We will be there 4/27-5/5.

Our first two nights will be spent in Whistler. The day we arrive we'll be flying in from the east cost of the US, after waking up uber-early for our 7am flight + layover, etc. So we'd like suggestions for somewhere casual, reasonably priced, but delicious. Our second night I already made a reservation at Bearfoot Bistro as it was my favorite meal our entire trip (the caribou was to die for!). We'll also do breakfast at Ciao-Thyme one of the days as that was quite tasty last time as well. Would appreciate additional breakfast and lunch suggestions from local chowhounders.

The next 6 nights we're staying at the Westin Grand in Vancouver. We're already planning on hitting the Izakayas on Robson street one night (liked Hapa last time, wasn't impressed with Gyoza King, but didn't get to try Kingyo or Guu with Garlic, and would take other suggestions as well), dinner at Chambar, and would like to get back to Vij's as my husband loves Indian food. Last trip we went to Tojo's and while the fish was very fresh, I'm not sure I need to make a return visit as I still felt hungry after spending some decent money. Also liked Salt for an afternoon snack and would like to go back there. Didn't have any memorable breakfasts, but liked going to Granville Island for a picnic style lunch, and another favorite meal of the trip was One Fish Two Fish in Victoria, so will definitely grab lunch at Go Fish on Granville Island this time around. And hope to get back to Chinatown as well for some tasty dim sum...not sure which restaurant we went to last time but would take rec's in this department as well (don't want to go out to Richmond for this, although would consider stopping for great dim sum en route from YVR to Whistler, if this would make sense and as long as the places serve dim sum all day--our flight gets in at 1pm and we have to get baggage, go through customs, pick up the rental car, etc. So I guess share any of these suggestions as well).

What other suggestions do you have? In particular I'd like to make a reservation for dinner the day after the marathon somewhere that can take my sister, who really loves chicken and beef, but isn't a fan of seafood (she's pretty picky). My husband and I are more adventurous eaters and would gladly entertain other suggestions for meals. Would appreciate some more moderately-priced finds, or any other stand-outs that are must-trys.

As far as activities, we're planning on walking and/or biking through Stanley Park at least a couple of times (including visiting the aquarium), shopping on Robson and Granville Island, and potentially visiting Grouse and/or the Capilano bridge (two things I didn't do on the last trip). Other foodie-worthy destinations would be appreciated.

Sorry for the lengthy request, and thanks in advance for your suggestions!

Vij's Restaurant
1480 11th Ave W, Vancouver, BC V6H1L1, CA

838 Thurlow St, Vancouver, BC V6E1W2, CA

871 Denman St, Vancouver, BC V6G2L9, CA

Gyoza King
1508 Robson St, Vancouver, BC V6G1C2, CA

Apr 11, 2010
KWynn in B.C. (inc. Vancouver)

Central--Other than the Burger

I love their beef tartare, although I'm curious if you'd be interested since you order your burger medium. My husband and I have also tried the rabbit and really enjoyed it. Those are our go-to items when we dine at Central.

Farm to table restaurants in DC for late April early May event

Try Poste. Not sure how large your event will be, but they have some private space and the chef grows much of what he uses in the kitchen in the garden right outside the restaurant.

Recommendations for Saturday Brunch and Dinner in Harbor East

We're getting ready to move from DC to Baltimore in the next month or two and are spending Saturday looking at some apartment/condo rentals in Harbor East. We're planning on getting brunch upon arrival there, seeing some places, walking around the neighborhood, and probably grabbing an early dinner and maybe a drink before coming back to DC.

For brunch we prefer breakfast-y (rather than lunch-y) items, although ethnic variations on eggs and other classic brunch are certainly welcome recommendations.

Dinner suggestions that are casual, non-chain, and maybe have a neighborhood feel would be great. Perhaps something like a wine bar or tapas restaurant (again, not a chain though). We really want to get a feel for what living there might be like. I would say entrees in the $10-20 range would be great. And for cuisine we're really not picky, although we always enjoy a fun and trendy atmosphere.

We're certainly up for rec's outside of Harbor East, although certainly want at least one of the meals to be right there in the neighborhood.

Thanks in advance for your recommendations.

Truffle menus in the DC area?

Equinox usually has several truffle items on their menu, however they're closed for another few weeks.

Best bread pudding in DC?

Love the banana bread pudding at Oya and the white chocolate bread pudding at Busboys & Poets

Oya Restaurant & Lounge
777 9th St. NW, Washington, DC 20001

Busboys & Poets
2021 14th St NW, Washington, DC 20009

Busboys & Poets
1025 5th St NW, Washington, DC

Busboys & Poets
1390 V St NW, Washington, DC 20009

Between National Archives and Ave. H

I ordered in from this place and was not impressed. The meat was tough, and the bread was too thick and stale. When I order this type of food I expect pita bread.

Between National Archives and Ave. H

I think you mean Tony Chang's. There are two parts to Tony Chang's, the mongolian bbq downstairs and the chinese restaurant upstairs.

I find the mongolian BBQ offerings to be limited and overpriced.

I enjoy Tony Chang's chinese food ("seafood restaurant") upstairs, much moreso over Full Kee, although most people on this board will disagree with me. Tony Chang's chinese food is more Americanized. I've tried Full Kee several times, taken recommendations from individuals on this board, and still never enjoyed my meal. Their soups have an interesting aftertaste that I haven't been able to get used to and the meats are too fatty for me. I guess I just prefer more Americanized chinese food...anyways if you make it to Tony Chang's get their steamed pork dumplings as an appetizer...sometimes we end up getting two orders of those and another small dish to share.

A second Taylor Gourmet opening tomorrow!

I think the spicyness comes from the breading they use on the chicken cutlet since I believe it's the same that they use on the risotto balls and mozzarella sticks, which both have a little kick to them. I wouldn't call any of them overly spicy, but then again I don't mind a little spice. People who are spice-adverse might want to avoid the fried items (chicken sandwiches are available with grilled or fried chicken, however even though I tend to be healthier, I've had a heard time resisting the fried chicken cutlet!)

Any here's an article from Dwell a few months ago featuring both owners. Elyssa you might recognize the guys as every time I've been to the new location at least one of the owners is there:

Review: Masa 14

ha--yes, I had already read that!

A second Taylor Gourmet opening tomorrow!

I wrote a blog post on the pre-opening of Taylor that you can read here:

The real reason to go here is for the sandwiches since their bread is great, and couriered in daily from Philly. My favorite sandwich is the Spruce Street (turkey, proscuitto, roasted red peppers, and sharp provolone), but I also like the chicken cutlet sandwiches (although once I got one and it was a bit too greasy). Love their mozzarella sticks and friends like the risotto balls, although I'm not a fan of risotto balls in general. They do have some salads available, and I've never tried them so can't speak to that, although you can make it an entree by adding grilled chicken or turkey (I supposed you can add any meat but am not sure).

After visting the H street location a handful of times I was excited that a new one was opening in my 'hood. I've been to the new location twice so far: once for the pre-opening party and once for dinner this week. Dinner was early (6:30) and I waited behind one person. My chicken sandwich (the broad street: chicken, brocolli rabe, and sharp provolone) was ready in less than 5 minutes, and was delicious, as usual. I've walked by Taylor on a daily basis and each day I've noticed a longer line. Last night the line was to the door at about 8:30 pm. You can call ahead to order, and they also deliver (for a $2 fee).

Taylor Gourmet
Washington, DC, Washington, DC

Review: Masa 14

Any more reviews on Masa 14 yet? Heading there tonight and would love advice on menu items.

Dino For the High Holidays

I saw that Dino is doing Rosh Hashanah again this year. We're considering going on Friday night but I'm curious if anyone knows of any other restaurants offering a special menu for the holiday. We don't keep kosher or anything--just want to do something with some kind of traditional aspects.

Coming Soon: Ping Pong Dim Sum

Great, thanks for the info!

Coming Soon: Ping Pong Dim Sum

My guess is that pricing will be adjusted for the DC market...London is a VERY expensive city. But who knows, guess we'll have to wait a few months and see.

Coming Soon: Ping Pong Dim Sum

Ping Pong Dim Sum is coming soon on 7th Street NW just north of Eye (around the corner from PS7). Menus on their website look fun ( and it indicates that they have locations all over London (

Have any Chowhounders been do the overseas locations? Please share info. Looks like a cute place to grab a bite and I hope it's a nice addition to my neighborhood.

Semi-romantic dinner in northern Virginia/DC

I think Tabard Inn is a great idea. The price is reasonable and the separate rooms make it feel more romantic and intimate. We ate dinner there a few months ago (after only trying their brunch) and I would say dinner was even better than the brunch!

Taylor Gourmet?

Taylor is also opening at location in NW, at City Vista in the coming months (I've read various articles with dates ranging from Fall 2009 through early 2010).
Definitely worth the trip to H NE if you have the craving. The smoked provolone on their sandwiches is out of this world. The fried items (I've tried the mozerella and risotto balls) are tasty but have a bit of a kick to them.
Can't wait until they come to City Vista--all I'll have to do is run downstairs! It will be dangerous on my waistline but delicious in my mouth!