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Help my memory: tiny beer store in Williamsburg?

Thanks! That's the place-- my husband and I just stopped in one afternoon while waiting for a friend and had a few half pints. Great spot!

May 20, 2009
kelseyfrost in Outer Boroughs

Help my memory: tiny beer store in Williamsburg?

I'm trying to remember the name/location of a little beer store I went to in Williamsburg a few weeks ago. It had mix and match 6-packs, $2 half pints for drinking on the premises, and $10 growlers. Thanks for any help!!

May 20, 2009
kelseyfrost in Outer Boroughs

Winter party drinks

I'm planning on hosting a birthday/holiday party this coming weekend, and to avoid much recycling, we wanted to make some nice winter cocktails to supplement a keg of some sort. My drinking habits don't go much beyond beer, wine and a scotch or whiskey straight up. What are some of your favorite winter party drink recipes?

Dec 10, 2007
kelseyfrost in Spirits

Tourtiere, a Quebec specialty - Meat Pie (recipe)

My grandmother used to make this (she lived in central Maine and called it "toochie" pie) and would add about a cup of mashed potatoes to it. It's great in the winter- one of my favorites!

Aug 02, 2007
kelseyfrost in Home Cooking

Sparky's in Northampton

I'd been on a Sparky's hot dog kick for a couple of weeks, but I had a bacon cheeseburger last night and it was really great-- better than I had remembered from the first time around. They don't care how you want it cooked, so it ends up being pretty much medium-well, but it's a tasty burger.

Also: egg sandwiches. They have really good egg sandwiches for breakfast.

I was not, however, a fan of the grilled cheese and tomato soup.

(Yes, i do eat there all the time. I live *way too close* to Sparky's.)

Table & Vine, Northampton - Closing Sale?

I heard that same rumor-- and I think my husband has gotten some nice bottles of wine their for a slight discount-- but I don't think they're doing anything major or organized. I haven't stopped in, myself, so I don't know if it would be worth making a trip just for that or not...

Northampton without Green Street?

The Sierra Grille (in the old Baystate Hotel, downstairs) is really great- excellent food, not as pricey as other places, huge wine and beer menu, late night bar menu, and small & affordable desserts. It doesn't have the same, cozy and "fine" feeling that Green St and Circa have, but it's nice on the inside and the owner, O'Brien, is one of the nicest guys you'll meet.

It still has the front, bar area that the Baystate had, so it's also a nice place to go for drinks and snacks if you don't want the whole sit-down dinner-- but that certainly doesn't compromise the quality.

I hightly recommend the Belgian fries with duck gravy for any meal you might have!