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South Beach Deco Bars

Thanks for these suggestions too. We loved the National and did wander through the Fountainbleu and had drinks at the Ritz. Had never been in any of these places before and had a great time. Thanks for taking the time to reply.

South Beach Deco Bars

Thanks for the suggestion of the Martini Bar at the Raleigh. It was closed the first night we went but we had a great time by the pool with a bartender named Nate who mixed up some incredible cocktails. Went back the next time to the Martini Bar where Bobby did the same. Excellent suggestion. We tried the Spire Lounge too but it was closed. Next trip! Thanks again. WE have been trying to make the cocktails we go at the Raleigh at home with little success, guess we'll have to go back there too!

South Beach Deco Bars

Have been to South Beach many times and have many favorite places. Am going down though with friends who love Art Deco and want to show them some great old Deco places. We are drinkers who like retro cocktails and fun spaces. Any suggestions?

South Beach
777 Gulf Blvd, Boca Grande, FL 33921

Cheap Eats for Ann Arbor

I need a little memory jogging for cheap eats in Ann Arbor. I just started a big kitchen redo (which basically means I am broke and am going to have to eat out for weeks). I'm looking for places that I can go pick stuff up and come home and drink my own wine. I love places like Tios, Stars Cafe, Jerusalem Gardens, etc... Any help reminding me where else to go would be appreciated (any suggestions on what to order are also welcome).

Happy Hours in Ann Arbor

I don't know if you have tried the Quarter Bistro or not but it is worth checking out. They do 1/2 off appetizers as well as drink specials for their happy hour. The tapanade is a favorite of mine but they also have a number of good meat eater friendly appetizers that my husband likes. I don't know what they do for wine but they pour a pretty stiff drink! It isn't really near downtown but still might be worth checking out.

Need Niagara/St. Catherine Recs.

Thanks for all these suggestions. I am SO anxious to try some of them out. Have been in Niagara Fall/Clifton Hill for 4 days with a family reunion. I'm desperate for some good (even edible) food! The butcher is not kidding when he says don't eat here. I'm heading for St. Catherines and parts beyond tomorrow and appreciate the help.

Need Niagara/St. Catherine Recs.

Will be in Niagara, Niagara on the Lake and St. Catherines for 10 days and can't stand chain restaurants! Any suggestions of places where I could get good food at a reasonable price would be welcome. I like all types of food, including Middle Eastern, Mexican, Cuban, French, European, etc...and am not afraid of hole in the walls. Thanks.

Brunch in Ann Arbor?

If I never eat at the Gandy Dancer again it will be too soon! Right now all the foodies I know are talking about and enjoying the Sunday Brunch at the Quarter Bistro (on West Stadium where Stadium and Maple split). I have not had the pleasure of their brunch but eat here frequently and their food is delicious. Everyone says their brunch is fabulous with a huge selection of yummy stuff.

Ann Arbor Restaurants

Hi Elyssa, You have already gotten a lot of good suggestions. Definitely try the Turkish eggs at Cafe Zola! I would add Amadeus for fabulous Polish/European food and great ambience (plus live classical piano on many nights). I'd say it is in the mid to expensive range depending on what you order. I am also a huge fan of Kerrytown and Sparrow meats has actually started doing dinners there once a month. They clear out the space where the produce market is and set up tables. We went to the St. Patrick's Irish dinner and had a great time (there were 5 courses from smoked salmon to Irish lamb stew, etc...). They just did an Italian dinner last week and I know they have a Mexican themed dinner party coming up this month. They provide different courses of excellent food and you bring your own beer or wine. It is definitely worth checking out. Everyday Wines is also now doing lunch on the second floor of Kerrytown. I haven't checked it out yet but the menu looked pretty good.

Dinner in Ann Arbor

Another option is Amadeus. It is on Washington St. and serves Polish/European food. They have perogies for the vegetarian and plenty of delicious meat entrees for everyone else! The ambience is also very nice. Another option for seriously cheap and delicious eats for vegetarian and meat eaters alike is Jerusalem Garden. Their falafel is the best around. They don't have alcohol (Amadeus does) if that makes a difference.

Recs for North Oregon Coast

We just got back from a week on the Oregon coast and tried many of the restaurants that were recommended by everyone (all were good). I wanted to add 2 that are definitely worth a stop. The first one is in Astoria (on Commercial). It is called Drina Daisy and serves Bosnian food. They have roasted lamb, stuffed cabbage (veggie and meat), spinach pie, beef pastries, beef stew and beef ribs on their regular menu. My husband opted for the stew, which was fabulous (full of meat, flavored with paprika/rosemary, etc...) I had the spinach pie which was fresh, flaky and very large. I tried a salad too but it was just OK. Skip the salad and get an appetizer or a dessert. They also serve a powerful Turkish Coffee and a Bosnian Beer called "Happy" which was quite tasty. If you are in Astoria, give this place a try.

The second place I would recommend is in Manzanita. We thought we would stay in Cannon Beach but it was Spring Break and the town was too crazy for us so we wandered down to Manzanita. We found a great hotel on the beach but I was worried we wouldn't find much to eat. There were only 2 restaurants open (a Mexican place and a Pizza place) so we flipped a coin and ended up at Left Coast Siesta. It was a good flip! The food was delicious. You can order your burritos, tacos, etc... with a number of different, healthy options (or not) and at different heat levels. I ordered a burrito "hot" and the waiter tried to warn me off but I rarely get food that is hot enough and told him that. Let me just say it was HOT! Good thing they serve beer. It was so delicious. They actually put fresh jalepenos AND fresh slivers in habaneros in the burrito. I was in heaven.

One last recommendation. If you love Cuban food it is worth flying to Portland to eat at Pambiche!

Apr 25, 2007
Morebutter in Pacific Northwest

Mexican market near Ann Arbor

Don't know if you are still looking but there is a produce place, called Z Z's Produce, on Packard that might have what you want. It is close to the corner of Packard and Carpenter. They have a lot of spices and chilis out there, as well as a great deal of produce (beyond tomatillos). You sometimes have to sort through the produce to find the fresh stuff but the price is sure right. Hope this helps