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Tarpon Springs Greek?

Yup. Thought my son, who relocated to a suburb of Columbus, OH, was being petty when he kept asking me to bring him bagels whenever I visited but now I get it. Yes, rhnaut, it IS the water.

Jan 14, 2013
JoanieBalonie in Florida

Tarpon Springs Greek?

Moved to Tarpon Springs from just outside NYC this past fall and was surprised at how good the food was down here. Echo Rusty Bellies for great seafood, especially grouper which is freshly caught in the Gulf by the family-owned restaurant's own boat. Gulf shrimp is also amazing. Going to lunch at Hellas tomorrow - tried the Hellas bakery next door and it's amazing. Only bad thing down here is, surprisingly, the bread. But then again, I'm a spoiled New Yorker in that regard.

Jan 14, 2013
JoanieBalonie in Florida

How many people buy supermarket chicken and meat?

Sorry but food doesn't "create" diabetes - an imbalance in how the body produces insulin does. If this imbalance occurs, then foods you eat will affect glucose levels in the body. If it doesn't, then it won't. Healthy people can eat carbs, fats and proteins without fear if this insulin imbalance is not present in their bodies.

Feb 21, 2012
JoanieBalonie in General Topics

How many people buy supermarket chicken and meat?

Boy, you are RIGHT ON! I used to work in a nutrition lab and my boss used to preach two words: "Moderation and Variety." to me, it's always been the golden rule of eating. Occasionally, I'll splurge when Stew Leonard's has a sale on meat but otherwise buy from ShopRite. My dad used to be a butcher and I know what to look for. Can't say I ever got an inedible or even a bad piece of meat. Once, as a birthday gift for a special friend, I bought an 8-lb (not a typo - 8!!!) lobster at the ShopRite on Tuckahoe Road for under $50 and it was incredibly tender and wonderful. And it fed 6 ravenous adults! We had to take a hammer to it to get to the meat but we did it!

Feb 20, 2012
JoanieBalonie in General Topics

Food Splurges - What's Yours?

Decades ago, I invested in a small chocolate shop in Eastchester and we used to import chocolates from Belgium. I can almost still taste them. My favorite was Manon and I think you could buy them in NYC somewhere. If you're into chocolate, there's little better.

Feb 20, 2012
JoanieBalonie in General Topics

Ultimate Westchester Restaurants 2006

1) The Cookery, Dobbs Ferry (Have been trying to tolerate (like?) tripe for decades and Dave DiBari finally made a tripe dish I LOVED!)
2) Dolphin (Yonkers waterfront): Great cast iron bucket of mussels with white wine garlic sauce!
3) The Tap House, Tuckahoe
4) Tyrinda Thai, Sleepy Hollow
5) Chutney Masala, Irvington

The Tap House
16 Depot Square, Tuckahoe, NY 10707

Bakery in Lower Westchester -- Need a great birthday cake!

If you want a unique experience and willing to brave the neighborhood, La Pinata just outside of Getty Square off Nepperhan on New Main Street is an awesome bakery that does all its baking onsite. Especially great are their strawberry shortcakes. I know a lot of folks from the tonier villages make the trek there. And on New Main going south of Nepperhan is Orzo Bread Bakery. Also amazingly freshly on-site baked bread and rolls.

New Peruvian Restaurant on Central Ave, Yonkers?

Hi SweetPea914: Didn't get down the page to see your comment about the Costco chickens until after I posted the exact same comment. Great minds (and tummies) think alike.

New Peruvian Restaurant on Central Ave, Yonkers?

I'm a real foodie and unbelievably, the very best rotisserie chickens I've found (and many of my foodie friends will concur) are in COSTCO in Yonkers. Big, juicy with nicely browned skin and under $5!!! They're ready after 11AM and people line up waiting for them to be put out.

Great Burgers Lower Westchester?

One of the best burgers (or home-cooked comfort food for that matter) can be found at lunch (only) from Mon-Fri at the "T-house" in downtown Yonkers. Parking is not easy but it's worth the trip to the waterfront. Mary and Jimmy have been doing all the cooking in the world's smallest kitchen since the 1960s and you may find the Mayor having lunch there. They have daily specials including hard to find well cooked juicy lamb shanks on Thursdays and a sea food platter on Friday. The fries are very good but the star is Mary's home-made potato salad. Pub atmosphere so don't expect linens and silver. Say hi to John in the corner of the bar. Cheers!

Tyrone House
72 Main St, Yonkers, NY 10701

Worst restaurants in Westchester

Agree about Lotus King. Have been going there since it opened (I lived in Eastchester 1968-1989 then close by in east Yonkers until 2001) and always loved the food. Went about a week ago, taken by friends as a "thank you" for some work I did for them, for lunch on a Monday. The food came out COLD. Stone cold. When was the last time you had food cooked in a wok come out of the kitchen stone cold. We sent it back to be reheated but if I had been on my own and not their guest, I would have sent it back period. I ordered the beef with tea sauce and there was no sauce. One of the worst Chinese meals I've ever had.

Lotus King Restrnt
36 Mill Rd, Eastchester, NY 10709

Steak Night at JJ Mannions

Glad you had a good experience at Mannion's. Used to go there a lot but stopped when Jimmy sold it and it went through some "changes" - mostly negative. The best calamari I ever had was in American Bistro (before it moved from Tuckahoe to Crestwood). Friend but light as a feather and the dipping sauce was also light with a hint of jalapeno. Never had the like before or since. The steak au poivre sounds like it was made the way I love it, with a creamy cognac sauce. I'll have to check it out.
Also, for great food, amazingly reasonable prices (but, be warned, very noisy ambiance on busy dinner nights), give The Cookery in Dobbs Ferry a try.

Bat Mitz. in Yonkers, Riverdale or close by

Have you looked at Polonaise Cafe at the Polish Community Center. Two blocks from Riverdale Avenue so it's easy for your guests to come north on Riverdale Avenue (right on Nepperhan) to PCC. It's also got a big free parking lot and the management is great. I've been there for everything from political fund-raising breakfasts to Sweet 15 parties and you can custom-tailor the food and costs to your taste and budget.

Thai in Westchester - Rate Your Best

Had lunch recently at Tyrynda Thai (why do they choose such a difficult name to remember/spell?) and was very pleased with the food - wonderful soup, great noodle dish and basil friend rice. Nicely spiced and very generous portions for the $7.95 lunch special during the week. I do a lot of Thai cooking and do get my ingredients at the oriental supermarket in Scarsdale (Hartsdale?). They seem to do a heavy volume so everything is fresh.

Tyrynda Thai Restaurant - Has anyone been here yet?

My friend and I came here for lunch one cold crisp afternoon and were very pleasantly surprised with the ambiance of the restaurant, the friendliness and service, and most especially the lunch - priced at $7.95 (we are both retired so price matters!). The food was extraordinarily fresh and good and the portions more than generous, especially for a lunch special. I'm planning to go back with another friend for lunch this weekend.

Did we get ripped off? Standing rib roast question.

My dad was a butcher so I know my meat. And yes, your butcher did you a favor by removing the bones (for easier carving as other posters have noted) and tying them back on so they would cook along with the roast as some folks (my ex-husband being one of them) could just eat the meat from the bones. I also ordered a standing rib roast for Christmas Eve and had to specifically request that the bones not be cut. It's just SOP.

Jan 05, 2010
JoanieBalonie in General Topics

Have any Food Suggestions for a First time European Traveller?

Amsterdam: If you have the time on your trip to Amsterdam, try a rice table, which is from Indonesia, a former Dutch colony. You get a table full of small (sometimes as many as 20) dishes with everything from rice to peanuts to coconut to katsup, etc. and mix and match. Everything tastes great!

Help with Liege, Belgium?

Trust me, he won't have any problems finding good food anywhere in Belgium. It's my favorite food country. White asparagus, smoked ham (jambon), etc., are readily availably in little cafes all over the place. The best Asian food I ever had was a Kampuchean restaurant in Leuven! Almost every Belgian speaks a little English - it's a UN HQ city and anyone in the food/restaurant business speaks at least 5 languages. The beer is unbelievably varied and great - most places have beer menus starting with almost no alcohol childrens' beers to aperitif beers to abbey beers that will knock the socks off you! Grocery stores are around but it's pure joy shopping at little individual shops - bakeries, cheese stores, green grocers, butchers, etc. The hardest thing for me was the difference in weights and measures. I stupidly ordered 2 kg of jambon in a butcher shop without realizing how much that really was. In any event, it eventually got eaten. I'm sure he'll find the ubiquitous McD's and BKs but why bother when great fresh food is available!

Ultimate Westchester Restaurants 2006

1. Zuppa, Main St., Yonkers
2. Blue Hill - Pocantico Hills
3. Tum Raa (Thai), McClean Avenue, Yonkers (BYOB!!!!)
4. Guilio's, Park Hill Avenue, Yonkers (Warning: Cash only - but the best veal around!)
5. Lusitania, Lockwood Ave., Yonkers: Great Friday night all-you-can-eat Portuguese with music and dancing
5. Tres Chaves, Myrtle Street, Yonkers - another great unassuming Portuguese restaurant

How long can you preheat a Calph grill pan?

Nothing beats plain old cast iron for high heat stove-top grilling...

Mar 29, 2007
JoanieBalonie in Cookware

Do Dark Spirits Cause Worse Hangovers Than Clear Ones?

A hangover is caused primarily by dehydration from alcohol. No matter what you drink, if you drinks tons of water before you go to bed, you'll have less of a hangover the next morning. Darker liquors also tend to be higher in sugar, also contributing to the dehydration factor. I got this from a doctor I used to work for.

Mar 29, 2007
JoanieBalonie in Features