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Nice Brunch on Sat Morning

Thanks, I'm open but not much more than $40 per person. I'll basically go anywherer in midtown. Any ideas, I do not normally go to brunch in NYC.

Jun 14, 2010
jeffaggy in Manhattan

Nice Brunch on Sat Morning

I'm taking my wife into NY on Fri Night to see a show for our Anniversary and was looking for a nice brunch for Sat morning. I'm open to a nice Brunch Buffet or Sit Down in Midtown. Thanks!

Jun 14, 2010
jeffaggy in Manhattan

Happy Hour Bar/Restaurant with Decent Food in Midtown West

Looking for a good bar/restaurant to have drinks, burgers, etc in midtown west with my old college roommates, we're in our 30's, so nothing too wild. This is out of my normal zone as I am corporate lunch/taking wife out to nice restaurants guy. Thanks!

Jan 14, 2010
jeffaggy in Manhattan

*new* Szechuan Gourmet report

I tried it the week it opened and then again today, I think the new chef arrived as the food (Hot and Sour Soup in particular) was significantly better and more flavorful than the first time. They do seem very desparate to drum up business and they were very aggressive with giving me the take out menu again....

Jun 24, 2009
jeffaggy in Manhattan

Possible to find reasonably priced GOOD sushi in midtown area?

Aoki is pretty good, not exceptional. They have very nice lunch specials for around $10 that are worth the money. Dinner is more expensive, however, still a good value compared to other places in the area. Stick with the basics there and you will be fine.

May 18, 2009
jeffaggy in Manhattan

Pig Pen BBQ in New City

Wow, $10 is a good deal for that chicken, did the prices go back down again? I miss Bailey's and we will go back since it is no more expensive than the Pig Pen.

The other problem with the Pig Pen's menu is it is very limited. I think they have a BBQ Salmon dish and that's it. If you like meat platters and good sides, it is definitely worth a try.....

Pig Pen BBQ in New City

Anyone try it yet? I still on my Bailey's ban with the price gauging from 6 months ago, however, we tried Pig Pen last night and I would say their prices are the same as Bailey's new ones (doesn't anyone realize that the economy sucks....)

Anyway, while I have an issue paying $22 dollars for a rack of ribs (with nothing but 2 small sides included) we took the plunge yesterday. Went with 4 other people, so tried a few different things.

First, the ribs are average at best. Not very meaty (nowhere close to Bailey's) and a little saucy for my liking with a dry rub that didn't really stand out. Basically, Bailey's ribs are on a whole other level than Pig Pen's. Only choice was Spare Ribs (which I prefer anyway), but would be nice to have a Baby Back option as well.

The rest of the food was actually good and a better value. Our group had the brisket platter, pulled pork and chicken platters which all around $15 and worth it. Their meat platters are on par, if not slightly better than Baileys. I also think the sides at Pig Pen are a little more interesting than Bailey (fried corn balls, mashed sweet potatoes, good mac and cheese.)

Based on this visit, I am going to lift my Bailey's ban as I need good ribs and this is not the place. That being said, it is 2 mins from my house, nice atmosphere, so I'm sure I'll be back, just not for the ribs.

Better Luger Knockoff--Wolfgang's or Ben & Jacks?

Neither of them are Lugers. I had Wolfgang's last year, it was not awful, just not great. The bacon was on par with Lugers. Can't hurt to try it once to see what you think.

Mar 21, 2009
jeffaggy in Manhattan

Bailey's in Blauvelt

I know Bailey's has spoken on this board in a fairly good light and have enjoyed their food as well. While some said it was slipping and I would agree to some extent I still thought it was a good value and unique in that there are no good rib places in Rockland County.

While we normally dine in there, we do call in take out from time to time and when I called them today, they "warned" me that they raised the prices and people were complaining. I thought that was odd, I mean, how much could they raise things a dollar or two? I was told that the typical platter that order (which was normally $47) was raised to $60! The hostess was apologizing when she said the price and of course I hung up.

For Rocklanders who frequent this place, we should not go there, it is ridicilous. While the restaurant has been very popular and full, this is price gauging and complete stupidity from the BBQ master, Fink. Now I can see why his last 2 places closed.....


So I was very much looking forward to having my first meal at Wolfgang's. I'm a fairly seasoned steak person and have been to most of the best in NY and I heard from many that Wolfgang's was the best of the Luger's spinoffs.

We did dine at the Tribeca location, I heard now that might have made the difference. Honestly, I was shocked how terrible the meal was, it might have been the worst high end steak experience I have had in NY.

Starters - were solid steakhouse fare, nothing too creative. The bacon was very solid, the highlight of the night, not Lugers, but very good.

Steak - of course, we had the Porterhouse. I'm not sure if they were trying to imitate Ruth Chris, but the platter was too hot and took our medium rare to medium by the time it was served. Decent crust, but no seasoning at all, many of us reached for the steak sauce which is absurd. Big question is why is there any steak sauce at all for the table? Steak was certainly not aged well, very tough in certain areas and just lacked flavor.

Sides - again solid typical fare, creamed spinach was the star, definitely one of the better ones I have had. Onion Rings, Fries, Broccoli, all nothing special.

Did we go on an off night or is this typical?

Aug 20, 2008
jeffaggy in Manhattan

Old Homestead still any good?

We had the mac and cheese as one of their sides, I actually was not impressed, although better than their other sides. I tried the Mac and Cheese at Morton's this weekend and it was much better than OH.

Jun 24, 2008
jeffaggy in Manhattan

Old Homestead still any good?

I ate at the Old Homestead in Atlantic City last month, I would imagine the food would be pretty much the same. The Gotham Rib Steak was great and definitely in my top 5 best steaks. Unfortunately, the apps and sides were very lackluster, especially considering the prices of them were more than normal high end steakhouses.

If you are going, I would just get the rib steak (its huge) and maybe get a salad and you should be fine. Definitely go for it.

Jun 23, 2008
jeffaggy in Manhattan

McCormick & Schmick's

I'm a big fan on McCormick's, I would consider the following:

Shrimp and Crab Dip
Miso Black Cod - not Nobu quality, but very good for the price
Cashew Tilapia
Parmesan Sole
Wasabi Halibut
Go with the Upside Down Walnut Apple Pie for desert

Apr 15, 2008
jeffaggy in Chains

Restaurant X - I was disappointed with recent visit

I am normally a big fan of Restaurant X as I have been several times in the last 5 years. Unfortunately, I have not had the chance to go in the last year since we have a new baby and night out are at a premium.

We were very excited to go back this past weekend and I was actually surprised that the menu was very similar to our last visit (almost a year ago) as I have found the menu there changed somewhat frequently in the past.

My wife's meal was actually quite good, she had the Spaghetti Chittara (simple pasta with crab in butter/wine sauce) she has had it in the past and was quite happy. Nice amount of crab with presumably homemade pasta. She had the Beef Wellington for the main course, again, very solid, somewhat boring, but she is not an adventerous eater.

I was very disappointed with my meal. I have historically gotten one of the appetizer specials in the past, which were always excellent and I had high hopes for my Raw Yellowtail Ceviche appetizer. I will say it was terrible, the fish was fine and instead of being in a sweet/spicy Thai sauce, it tasted like typical lime Ceviche sauce. In addition, instead of being garnished with a rice cracker, it was with a potato one, quite weird and tasty like a normally boring ceviche.

My main course was the Pork Tenderloin in a Dried Cherry/Marsala sauce which was decent, nothing wonderful. However, the Mushroom Risotto that came with it was terrible, very heavy and almost toxic (like it was soaked in a heavy Port wine). The reason I got this dish was I had tried many other items on this current menu before and the specials were nothing extraordinary.

Desert was fairly solid, we have the Hot Apple Cranberry Cobler which was an upgrade over the Melting Chocolate Souffle we had last time. I have never been wowed by their deserts in the past, but this one was pretty good.

Overall, I am still a fan of Restaurant X and it probably remains at the best upscale restaurant in Rockland (that is not a tasting menu.) I just hope this one was one bad experience and not the beginning of the end. You wonder if they are still putting all of there resources in X2O and ignoring this past gem.

Good Drinks/Decent Bar Type Food - West 40/50's

Not normally my neck of the woods. Any good bar type places in the West 40's/50's on 8th or 9th with cheaper drinks and decent bar food to meet up with old college buds. Thanks!

Feb 08, 2008
jeffaggy in Manhattan



None of us had the RW Menu, as the choices weren't great as most lunch entrees there were in the mid teens anyway, so there wasn't much value from the RW Menu, especially since we didn't want dessert.

I agree the space is very nice and the service was good at the beginning and I as mentioned was non exisent towards the end. They seemed to not want to rush us, however, given most people were there for business lunches (as were we), we didn't want a 2 hour+ lunch either.

The food wasn't terrible, not noteworthy though. I had a Middle Eastern Chicken Skewer dish which was fine. Others had the Lamb Meatballs and Spicy Lamb Sandwich, no one was overwhelmed. I agree the place could have potential, however, they need much better execution.

Jan 31, 2008
jeffaggy in Manhattan


Its definitely more trendy than classic. Went for lunch yesterday, was fairly empty. Food was decent, service was very weak (e.g. the waiter disappeared after our entree and we never saw her again, another waiter got out check, etc) Prices for lunch were fair, however, the dinner prices looked much higher.

If you are already going, I wouldn't cancel, however, if you had the choice there are much better options.

Jan 31, 2008
jeffaggy in Manhattan

Brunch in Rockland County - More Upscale but have baby

Mt Fuji is in Hillburn right off of Exit 15 on the Thruway. I have been there once for dinner and it was good, but very pricey for a hibachi dinner. The place is very nice inside, has great views and very appopriate for a somewhat formal brunch.

The sushi was supringsly good, not your typical buffet sushi. They weren't too heavy on the rice with nice thick pieces of fish. You can always ask for sashimi (2 pieces per fish on each trip) which I had and they were very generous. The sushi was made to order and had a choice of salmon, tuna, crab, shrimp tempura nigri and calfornia rollls.

Brunch in Rockland County - More Upscale but have baby

As an update, we actually went to Mt Fuji and it was pretty good. A nice value for $24.95. They had over 60 dishes of all fairly good quality. The hightlights, were fresh made to order sushi (which was above average), nice large shrimp (already peeled), made to order omelette bar and several nice hot dishes (baby lamb chops, shrimp and steak dishes)

It certainly wasn't Restaurant X (I have never gone to brunch there, but have enjoyed several dinners there.) but for the nice setting and price, everyone enjoyed. I would go back again without hesistation.


While I'm not a big fan of The Palm, their King Crab Legs are actually very good, I think I got 1.5 lbs for $35 last month, excellent quality for that price.

Jan 21, 2008
jeffaggy in Manhattan

Brunch in Rockland County - More Upscale but have baby

Thanks, we had dinner once before at the Hudson House and I thought it was very mediocre.

Brunch in Rockland County - More Upscale but have baby

I am in charge of selecting a restaurant for Brunch next Sunday and would like somewhere nice but not too upscale (since we are bringing my 9 month old baby.)

I am a big fan of Restaurant X (been to dinner there many times) and would like to try their Brunch, however, I'm not sure if this is the right place .to bring him. Was also thinking of Mt Fuji in Hillburn (been there once for dinner and I thought it was average for the high prices,) however, their brunch seems nice and reasonably priced $24.95.

Any other ideas as this is to celebrate my father's 60th birthday with my whole family. Thanks!

Capital Grille

Its great, one of my top 3 favorite steakhouses in NY or any of their locations. Get the Porterhouse and the spicy calamari appetizer, you'll be set.

Jul 16, 2007
jeffaggy in Manhattan

Any good food near the outlets?

Gasho Japanese is about 2 miles past Woodbury. I believe it is the same one that is in Thornwood, food is pretty good if you like the Japanese Hibachi stuff.

Steakhouse offering Lobster Mashed Potatoes

China Grill has them, while not a steakhouse, still not a bad place if you can handle the noise.....

Jun 06, 2007
jeffaggy in Manhattan

inexpensive to moderate Asian near 43th/2nd Ave, United Nations

Chin Chin is very good Chinese on 49th and 3rd, maybe a little pricey for Chinese but not too excessive.

Apr 30, 2007
jeffaggy in Manhattan

The Melting Pot?

I might getting some heat for this one, however, this is one of my favorite restaurants. $100 for a nice meal for 2 in the NY/NJ area actually isn't bad maybe if I was in small state I would feel differently, however, I don't think the value is that bad.

I do think the individual locations make a huge difference. The one we go to in Westwood, NJ is very good much better than the one I went to in Florida a few years back. I'm sure the veggies, bread, etc are pre-cut and franchise wide, however, the meat is much..... better in the NJ location.

I do consider myself a foodie and eat at the best restaurants in NYC, the finest dining MP is not, but it is very good, fun and a nice long relaxing night for wife and I. We go at least 3-4 times a year and it can't be that bad, it nows take 3-4 weeks notice to get a reservation on a Fri/Sat night in our location.

Apr 30, 2007
jeffaggy in Chains

Joe's American Grill

Not sure if anyone has had experiences here, I believe it is mostly a chain in the Northeast. I have gone here recently and have gotten burgers, salads, basics, etc and was quite good.

Was nervous to try the steaks and other entrees, they look decent, albeit a little expensive for the presumed quality.

Any thoughts on their non-burger menu? Thanks.

Apr 30, 2007
jeffaggy in Chains

Need Restaurant near 42nd and 7th for Pre-Theatre

My wife is actually just recovering from a broken leg and still has trouble walking more than a few blocks. My in laws are taking us out to dinner pre-theatre and I need to find a reasonable priced restaurant ($40 or less per person) very close to 42nd and 7th. I would normally go with a Carmine or Tony DiNapoli based on the cost parameters but both are booked.

Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!

Apr 27, 2007
jeffaggy in Manhattan