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How Much to TIp Lazaro's Delivery?

I keep giving them big tips, because that's what I usually do for delivery guys, and then feeling as if I'm just giving the restaurant extra money because these aren't really delivery guys, they're just the guys who work there (plus they're already charging an extra buck for delivery). Anyone have any insight to help?? Thx.

Apr 09, 2011
lujoc in Philadelphia

Amped-up upselling at Babbo?

Had an awesome dinner at Babbo last night, but am I the only one who feels that they've really ramped up the upselling in recent months -- e.g., pushing people to order more appetizers and antipasti (the fennel salad would really go with the octopus, the duck egg would really go with the gnocchi, etc.), pushing 2 carafes of wine for different parts of the meal instead of one, etc. It makes it feel like they're defining themselves as a tourist/suburban experience more than as a great restaurant. Is this how things are now in the economic climate, or has it always been this way, and I'm just more sensitive to it?

Jan 05, 2009
lujoc in Manhattan

Great Experience at 555 in Portland -- and Amazing Child-Friendliness

It was this board that convinced me to go to 555 instead of Fore Street on our one post-Thanksgiving night in Portland, so I've got to post to let people know how great an experience it was. This was one of the best meals I've had in a restaurant in the last five years or so -- quite unexpectedly, to be honest -- and I've eaten at most of the great restaurants in the US. We started with a mussels small plate, then had lobster/truffle mac and cheese, irish salmon, and hanger steak, with cheese, an assortment of ice creams, and a nuts/apple cake with a raw milk/honey sorbet for dessert. Everything was great. What really made the experience special was the level of child-friendliness that was totally unexpected for a relatively elegant restaurant. We were there with our 5-year-old son, who kicked off the meal in the first 90 seconds by knocking his water glass over the entire table. While I seethed, they literally could not have been nicer. It wasn't possible to move us to another table (and I didn't want to anyway), so they first brought out napkins to soak everything up -- and then, having already done that, reset the entire table with all dry linens and new napkins and silverware, without so much as making us get up. They never for a minute made us feel bad for hauling an unruly child into a nice restaurant (which is what I was feeling enough on my own). In fact, as the evening went along and our son eagerly enjoyed all the fancy food, one waiter -- who had no connection to our service and whom we had never seen before -- came over to show our son a trick with a cork that he said his own parents had shown him when they used to drag him to restaurants as a child. That was a huge hit, and occupied him for quite some time, as he made the cork stand up more than 20 times. So talk about Thanksgiving -- an unexpectedly great experience of both food and non-snootiness. Recommended to all!

Nov 24, 2007
lujoc in All New England Archive